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10 Vintage Christmas Movies That Get You in the Mood

To predict m, there will be this year no White Christmas, I must be really not a psychic. 10 degrees make it difficult me in December to get into the Christmas spirit. The mulled wine tastes, well, if it’s really cold. Not even, I must wear my winter coat on the way to work. As I still get into the Christmas spirit? With one of these 10 vintage Christmas films!

1938 A Christmas Carol

In the United States, this was the most popular film adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel a long time. The film came a year earlier in the cinemas as scheduled. He tells the story of a tough businessman who gets a visit from spirits and then reconsiders his life.

1946 – life is not beautiful

Today marketed the film as one of the best of all time. It was a financial failure. The film tells of a citizen who loses his courage in the run-up to Christmas and wants to jump off a bridge. An Angel saved him from the errors and shows how his city without him would look like.

1947 miracle on 34th Street

Every year in the TV running the version of 1994. Many do not know that there is an even older version of 1947. Here, again, the story is about a man who works in a department store and claiming to be the real Santa Claus. On the basis of this statement, he must even in court and WINS.

1952 – five beads

The five beads are five short stories for the Christmas season. In Germany, only four of them were aired. The episodes are called: the Vagabond and the justice, old guilt, the last sheet, the ransom of Red Chief, the gift of love

1955 Sissi

Tied thematically not at Christmas, but a classic this time of year is Sissi. The film about the life of the young Empress receives not only praise and is definitely a romanticized version of the real life.

1964 Rudolph the red nose

I’m sure knows her Rudolph, but not in this version. Differently than in 1998 is motion film in this version to a stop. Very extensive and very simply made. The story is based on a poem and has slight changes compared to the today’s Rudolph.

1973 – three nuts for Cinderella

The cult film comes from the GDR and shows beautiful landscapes and a love story that is second to none. The film music, I have directly in the ear, when I write only about the movie is unique.

1984 Charles Dickens Christmas Carol

This version is certainly better known than the version from 1938. Who like something modern, but by Dickens would not renounce to the classic, can’t go wrong with this movie.

1990 Edward Scissorhands

A wonderful movie! The story is told by an elderly lady who was at the time a young girl and fell in love with a very special boy. This boy is also the reason why it’s snowing in the village.

2005 Merry Christmas

The film is about the year 1914 and the first world war. A description meets the plot very well: in the inhumanity of human.


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