17 Interesting and Creative Women Who We Have Found on The Net

17 Interesting and Creative Women Who We Have Found on The Net
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Its extensive quarry of ideas or their creativity without limits turn them into a source of inspiration for our day to day.

They are women who We illuminate every day through social networks and show us that to reach the goal is enough to not lose the illusion.

The expert in bodypaint, Anna Cartes make-up artist

A photo published by Anna Cartes (@annacartesmakeup) 29 Oct 2016 (s) 8:58 PDT

Anna is the responsible for the incredible transformations sounds like your face contestants. Capable of converting you into the character you need or start from scratch to create trends. Teaches courses in make-up and recycling (here you can find more information), teaches them new techniques and textures and ultimately goes beyond the looks that are most demanded.

The restless chef, Bárbara Buenache

A picture published by Pambao (@pambao) 24 Nov, 2016 (s) 9:19 PST

It is the executive chef (i.e. thinking head) on the chain bread Bao and Sushimore. In addition, it is responsible for its particularly creative offering. Restless and always busy, as we can see in his Twitter account, Barbara is the first woman to It has managed to become President of the Association of cooks and confectioners of Madrid (ACYRE) and very supportive.

Photographer storyteller, Mercedes Pérez

A photo published by Mercedes Pérez (@galletasdeante) 27 Oct 2016 (s) 8:26 PDT

He began working for brands such as H & M, Diesel, Desigual, or Converse, also for big media, but today Barbara has discovered his passion for love with shift and we are beginning to see more images of couples and weddings in and on their website.

Weddings, Mónica Roldán professional

A photo published by • M O N I C A R O L D A N (@_monicaroldan) 1 • 2016 (s) Nov 11:38 PDT

In your personal website and we can witness every day of this make-up artist and professional hairdresser, an expert in working with brides and make them feel beautiful the most important day of their lives. But he also works in the fashion world and celebrities of the stature of Sara Carbonero.

The Illustrator with a great sense of humor, Ana Oncina

A photo published by Ana Oncina (@ana_oncina) 22 Nov, 2016 (s) 1:21 PST

Your blog or your Instagram are a great everyday (and as necessary as vitamin C and vitamin D) dose of good humor, irony and a little slap in the face of reality. Because being a woman in the 21st century it is hard We need more creative as Ana Oncina reflections to cope with the best of humors.

The singer with a retro point, Lady Cherry

A photo published by Lady Cherry (@soyladycherry) 22 Jun, 2016 (s) 4:01 PDT

It is singer, DJ, model vintage and also dares with his own collection of retro style and to live life as a pin-up girl. Something that reflects every day .

The designer retailer, Cristina Piña

A photo published by Cristina Pina (@cristina_pina) 21 Oct 2016 (s) 2:08 PDT

Take care of every last detail It is the obsession of Cristina, a restless fashion designer that we first hooked on Twitter and now has made us addicted and videos coming up and that are more special.

Fashion blogger and journalist who never stops running, Gema Paya

A photo published by Miss Leggings Run by Gema Payá (@missleggingsrun) 20 Nov, 2016 (s) 1:30 PST

His blog is a wonderful mix of fashion, lifestyle and his love to run. And as a dose of energy and good vibes, really inspiring.

The photographer with a cinematic vision, Martina Hache

A photo published by Martina Hache. (@martina_hache) 25 Oct 2016 (s) 7:32 PDT

Not for: he studied cinematography of cinema and works of booker Model Talking and Super 8, one of the last video store in the country, but also makes short films, photo shoots and anything that can prove his talent. is a constant feed of images powerful and full of stories.

The Illustrator too young but ready, Alba González

A photo posted by @albaricoque_agc on 26 Oct 2016 (s) 11:12 PDT

A journey anticipate us that this young Illustrator has a lot to have their works and many inexhaustible resources. Oh, and a legion of fans.

The wedding planner-organizadisima, Eva Colorín

A photo published by weddings Colorín Colorado (@evacolorin) 24 Oct 2016 (s) 10:42 PDT

This wedding Organizer is that All weddings have an end of story. Perhaps that is the reason why your company is called weddings Colorín Colorado, but you can also follow your work inspire you .

The daring gown, Maria Sánchez

A photo published by Maria (@floresenelcolumpio) 20 Oct 2016 (s) 1:22 PDT

It is the creative that is hidden behind flowers on the swing, a company expert in elaborate centerpieces, bridal bouquets, decoration and anything that needed flowers. And of course, colors. Consult your website or its is impossible without sigh.

The painter, Mercedes Bellido

A photo published by Mercedes Bellido (@mercedesbellido) 1 Nov, 2016 (s) 7:01 PDT

Illustrator and painter and collaborator in the art direction and graphic design of the mark Kling, He is preparing his first solo exhibition for the year that comes and leaves no Meanwhile dreaming devote himself fully to the illustration and painting. And we don’t stop to follow in his footsteps .

The essential tattoo, Marla Moon

A photo posted by @marla_moon on 30 Sep 2016 (s) 3:51 PDT

Delicate, elegant, detailed and unique. The catalogue of images of is really interesting and special by the combination of the traditional profiling and stippling that characterizes the dotwork.

Designer wedding dresses, Alicia Rueda

A photo published by Alicia wheel Couture (@aliciaruedaatelier) 21 Nov, 2016 (s) 7:43 PST

His spectacular designs and the details of their wedding dresses get more that inspire us, invite us to dream. Wander is opening the doors to a paradise of lace and tulle.

The romantic Illustrator, Esther Gili

A photo published by Esther Gili (@esthergili) 17 Oct 2016 to (s) 12:07 PDT

Its is a succession of beautiful illustrations, full of sweet colors and exquisite feelings. After publishing Encantadas with Lumen Publishing House we hope to also be abreast of all upcoming projects on its website.

The specialist in decorating our home, Veronica de Arriba

A photo published by recordings (@_depeapa) 23 Nov, 2016 (s) 12:32 PST

Veronica is the designer and Illustrator of recordings, a brand of precious objects for our home to We can not look or on your website. But not content with wasting creativity and ingenuity in all types of add-ins, also designs for all types of projects, such as public library of Groningen trays, wedding invitations or covers of international publications such as Milk.

The photographer who gives us hunger, Carolina Ferrer

A photo published by the kitchen of Carolina (@carolina_ferrer_) 21 Nov, 2016 (s) 12:22 PST

There are accounts of Instagram which is best avoided if you’re diet or if you are missing much still to eat because they will make you drool and sigh of hunger… and love. He is one of them and on their website in addition you can find wonderful recipes and inspiration for travel.

The designer with its own language, Maria Simun

2-2016 (s) Oct 1:27 PDT

Just over twenty years and already designed garments for Airam Sacul brand and he has his head full of career aspirations. Dreaming of travelling and that their designs to become a reference in Japan. you will find daily pills