Vintage Marlene Dietrich Fashion Review

The Marlene Dietrich fashion – the unique style Of the Hollywood icon

The elegance, uniqueness, to cover the glamorous aura of a Marlene Dietrich in words, is nearly impossible. So much so, she takes people captivated, then as now.


Marlene Dietrich fashion

Narrow eyebrows, a heart-shaped the hallmarks of Marlene Dietrich fashion were made-up mouth with dark lips, an elegant and often boyish look.

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Vintage Jewelry Designs

Delicate Jewelry design for small magpie

Jessica Gerber is a young artist with attention to colors, shapes, details, and high-quality materials.

It produces very soft and feminine jewelry lovingly handmade. And if just not gold and silver working on their sweet illustrations are refined.

The goldsmith and Illustrator have his own Studio in the beautiful Thuringian town in which she devoted their creative work under the name of town Elster.

I got these chains on Jessica’s stand at the designers’ open discovered by 2015. How many of her works are very slender.

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Vintage Clothing and Makeup of Marlene Dietrich Style

Marlene Dietrich as Femme Fatale

Marlene Dietrich made her great breakthrough in 1930. The young Berliner played the lascivious Lola in Josef of Sternbergs film “The Blue Angel”. The screenplay was based on the novel “Professor junk” by Heinrich Mann. The teachers Emil Jannings falls in love with a vaudeville singer, played by Marlene Dietrich, and it perishes.

Marlene Dietrich - 副本

This role of the Femme Fatale was tailored on the body of Marlene. So she not more quite let go of this image of her life. She followed to Hollywood, where she made seven more films with him and eventually became the icon of the movie directed by von Sternberg.

Marlene Dietrich fashion Lola

Marlene Dietrich as Lola in “The Blue Angel”, 1930 via Wikimedia Commons.

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Vintage Headpieces (Vintage Fascinators )

Hot New Design Christmas Gift 100% Hand Made Necklace Headpiece Dual Purpose Wedding Bride Flower Wreath Hair Accessory 6PCS Hot New design Unique Christmas gift100% hand made necklace headpiece wedding Bride Flower Wreath Hair Accessory bride necklace

To the enchanting, delicate headpieces by Madame Louflée from Red Ribbon and rose hips I’m wearing my beloved Pearl Coat with faux fur, by Collectif.

For your vintage Christmas you can also find winter fascinators at sophisticated Lady Hairflowers. As the name implies, Maria has decided here on headdress in the form of flower, and that in a very artistic way. There are hair flowers.

In addition, you should know the talented Jazzafine here necessarily. You created a veritable works of art for the head. But warning, highly addictive! If you feel armed the, you should come by necessarily Internetages.

Vintage Froebel Star for Christmas

New Christmas Decoration Solid Color Five-Pointed Star Shape Pendant New Christmas Decoration Star Embellished Garland For Christmas Tree

For centuries is the Fröbelstern of one of the most popular craft objects around the Christmas season. Through its three-dimensional appearance he makes magical on the decorated coffee table, or even at the festive Christmas tree.

Fröbelstern crafting guide star

This delicate paper artwork has a very special meaning for me. The educator Friedrich Fröbel was the founder of the kindergarten. The first kindergarten was of him in from 1839 in my hometown, a small village in the heart of Thuringia, founded. So we Fröbel children have can build the star rock heimer in his sleep.

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