Julien Fernandez [] Again Julien Fernandez Again

In this house of Bordeaux (France) living Marie, Pascal and their three children or at least there are three that appear in the photos… As in this other house that I taught a few days ago, photographer Julien Fernandez shows us spaces colorful, wit, imagination, life. A lived house, open to the enjoyment. A house to move out. But now, now. [] Once again, French photographer Julien Fernandez shows us an amazing, fun, lived home. This time this is the home for Marie, Pascal and Their 3 children – at Least I’ve counted only 3 in Bordeaux, France. I’m loving the witty ideas, the colors, the creativity that lies everywhere. Have you seen the kitchen, the working space? Wow.

11 Recommendations from The Trendy Wayuu Bags

The Wayuu tribe, located in Colombia, was most famous for its crafts, more specifically by the Wayuu bag, main source of income of the tribe.

As all the work of making handbags is 100% manual, so it is virtually impossible to have two bags the same, which makes the work even more unique and special.

Always very deprived, cheerful and colorful, the bags are making the head of the fashionistas on duty. Their success is so absurd that despite the price is nothing inviting, they run out quickly in websites and physical stores all the same.

Are already in love? I’m crazy for wanting one for myself, but I confess that I can’t bring myself to pay the actual price at around 600 R$! For those who are about to travel to there, in the “source” (Colombia) we find the most desired bags of the moment from 20 bucks! A fairer price, don’t you agree? Continue reading 11 Recommendations from The Trendy Wayuu Bags

A House to Enjoy in Orense [] a Perfect Holiday Retreat in Orense

We started the week at Vintage & Chic with an old farmhouse s. XIX in Orense, whose rehabilitation was undertaken by the interior design studio orensano Oito Interior, who by the way are their lucky owners… That mix of reclaimed furniture and brightly painted in the area of the living room, with travel souvenirs and furniture Current , exposed beams, stone walls originals, the paneled walls that bring a touch of warmth in the bedroom area, fireplace, porch glazed winter with its old cupboard, lounge with its perfect loft and reading area and work… do not tell me that is not an enviable place to unwind on weekends… I forgot: all the sculptures and paintings that decorate this house are the work of Javier Requejo, interior Oito and author of the blog Galicia Cool Magazine []Let’s start the week at Vintage & Chic with a 19th c. house in rural Spain , more Precisely in the province of Orense, Galicia. The remodeling project is signed by Orense based company Oito Interior WHO happen to be the Past owners of this house… I’m loving the old furniture painted in bright colors in the living and dining areas, but the stone walls Also the paneled walls in the bedrooms, the two-storey Living With the extra space for working or reading, the fireplace … The perfect home to spend weekends and holidays, do not you think? All the sculptures and wall art are from Javier Requejo, from Oito who’s Also the author of the blog Galicia Cool Magazine. Continue reading A House to Enjoy in Orense [] a Perfect Holiday Retreat in Orense

The Perfect Floor (No 29) • the Perfect Apartment (# 29)

Rarely it happens, but sometimes I have no choice but to begin to show you a house for the bathroom. And it is that bathrooms like this deserve a monument just for them. Or a couple of posts…. Today our perfect flat is in a building of 1914 and the reform has been undertaken by architect Borja Vázquez de Prada Puras. It is full of ingenious ideas, thoughtful mix of vintage, light. Enjoy it and happy week! All details will find them on the web imperative of the Spanish magazine New Style. [] I do not often use a photo of a bathroom to start a post of a perfect place but This Time I’m sure it deserves esta privilege. Just the tub deserves a post for itself. Well, this amazing, bright apartment is in a building from 1914 and the reformation project is signed by Spanish architect Borja Vázquez de Prada Puras. You can find all details in the website of Spanish magazine New Style Continue reading The Perfect Floor (No 29) • the Perfect Apartment (# 29)

The Perfect Floor (No. 28) • the Perfect Apartment (# 28)

Like the perfect house No. 27, the number 28 is also in Spain and has a large living room with original brick wall (okay, the 27 stone had them ). This Madrid 270m2 loft is home to Valeria Loewe and her husband. And those bricks from the wall, they discovered to make comprehensive reform of space, apparently the old pipes Canal Isabel II. A piece of history in the house, go. Moreover, this house can enjoy the bathroom mansard most impressive in the world. Already you tell me what you think … [] Once again, and as it Happened with The Perfect Apartment # 27, number 28 Also the original brick / stone walls in the living dining area. Besides, Both homes are in Spain. The thing is that these gorgeous brick walls are whos a piece of history, As They belong to the part of the Channel of Isabel II water. I almost forgot to tell you: In this Madrid loft Loewe Valeria lives (yes, from the Loewe family) and her husband. Lucky people indeed. Continue reading The Perfect Floor (No. 28) • the Perfect Apartment (# 28)

Of Coincidences, Magazines and Blogs • About Coincidences, Mags and Blogs

And today, following the wise counsel of Fran, I went to find his hand magazine Anthology. Wow. Quite a glut of inspiration, and that is only available online part of each of its four annual numbers. One per season. And there, as he watched and watched, giving almost frantic mouse, I found a photo that has just published just yesterday had been made ​​for this magazine (that of demitasse porcelain Courtney Apple ) or an apartment that is published somewhere between 1,700 posts Vintage & Chic. But the greatest chance, the photo that has ripped me a smile has been that you see above. Oh how I sound that great ornament on the wall.”… Wait … “Oh, how the face of the owner of this apartment, which also poses with his two bebetones in some photos it sounds.” But if a bride I published more than two years ago in {love notes}!! To find out what that motif, that sort of backdrop, only have to follow this link…) [] This morning, while following Fran’s Indications, I discovered the printed mag Anthology. Omg!! So much inspiration even though only a few pages of each issue are available online. Enough for me to find so many photos and Things That Were somehow familiar to me … A photo That I publised only yesterday from photographer Courtney Apple , an apartment That is somewhere Among the 1,700 posts published so far in Vintage & Chic. But the photo That made ​​me smile was the one morning esta above. “Well, I think I’ve seen esta big ornament on the wall before … I’d say I’ve seen give you the face of the smiling Woman Who poses With her ​​two babies. Now, wait … Is it her?? And on the wall that is it That?? “Wow. Continue reading Of Coincidences, Magazines and Blogs • About Coincidences, Mags and Blogs

Photography: Apple Courtney

A true glut of inspiration, intense colors, beautiful things. This is the portfolio of the photographer Courtney Apple, habitual of those wonderful decoration and lifestyle magazines online that much, so much like me and photographer header firms and designers that I follow the track for some time. You have only to go to his blog to discover his latest collaborations. [] A feast of inspiration, color and beautiful things. This is exactly the way that photographer Courntey Apple’s portfolio is. Wow, so inspiring. To keep up to date with her last collaborations, just check her blog.


The Perfect House (No. 27) • the Perfect House (# 27)

The perfect house today is a true reflection of one of my dreams to fulfill: to find an old house (the older the better), with stone walls (the wider the better), bring it down (well, the walls unclear) and on the blank canvas decide where every stone, every beam, every chair, every picture, every plant leaves. Start from scratch but on a base full of history. Who knows, maybe someday find a home so by the Asturian east that within my economy … put Majorcan house of S. XVIII that was once oil mill, is the dream fulfilled ‘Well, I suspect that was also a dream for the wonderful result- architect Durval Dias Junior. For what envy … [] Today’s perfect house is located in the island of Majorca (Spain).An old house from the 18th. c. That once was an oil mill, Among other past use, and today is the home of architect become Durval Dias Junior WHO Also the whole project signs. You know, to find such a house and being reliable to transform it from zero to wonderful, it would be a dream also to me, though I’ll Have to wait. Still a long time, I’m afraid… Continue reading The Perfect House (No. 27) • the Perfect House (# 27)

The Perfect Floor (# 26) • the Perfect Apartment (# 26)

Surely it is not the first time you see these photos. I have to confess that I have come across this vast floor of 300 m2, owned by business man Jaime Lacasa, at least half a dozen blogs in the world, but it is not surprising, because so much color, many pieces with history, so light and certainly deserve such harmony be broadcast everything you can … so here goes again. I hope you enjoy it as much as me… and half blogosphere! [] It is very likely that you’ve Already seen before in Original photos as this amazing 300 sq. Where meter apartment Spanish designer Jaime Lacasa lives, has – been featured in a large number of blogs all around the world… I’ve seen it published at Least 6 times… Now, it’s my turn. Hope you enjoy and get inspired by it!


Vintage Fashion Saturday: Atelier Mayer [] Vintage Fashion Saturday: Atelier Mayer

More than a year that came to my mailbox an email in which I had the vintage fashion shop based in London makes Atelier Mayer, whose career began in 2009. A shop with an impressive virtual storefront. In that mail me also announced that Vintage & Chic was part of her Little Black Book, in the section of blogs and e-zines. An honor, as you can imagine … The fact is that fascinate me not only their clothes and accessories, many of them from ateliers of some of the most famous couturiers of the last century, but also the way they present each of these little gems. Some absolutely inspiring collages that want to print, frame and hang on the wall. Here you have several of them. By the way, receiving them is as easy as subscribing to your newsletter. Continue reading Vintage Fashion Saturday: Atelier Mayer [] Vintage Fashion Saturday: Atelier Mayer

The Perfect House (No. 24) • the Perfect Home (# 24)

Today is the perfect house in Galicia and is the refuge of the Galician designer Jorge Vazquez. I found me in the latest issue of the magazine New Style (remember your pocket version costs only € 1.80 and is pure inspiration), but also is also available on its website. In any case, returning to this gem stone and wood, although I have been in love with each of its up to stays abroad – perhaps what they liked most I have been upholstered benches and that big stone bath, wood and glass. And the kitchen. Well, and double height living room. Okay, I’ll shut up now. Continue reading The Perfect House (No. 24) • the Perfect Home (# 24)

The New York Loft of Gerard Butler [] Gerard Butler’s Nyc Loft

Not in a million years had successful who lives in this two – story loft in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Along with Pitt, Clooney, McConaughey or Eckhart one of the most attractive players in the current movie screens, those that make me literally sighing: my beloved Gerard Butler. I’ve lost count of the times I seen PS: I love you, and that I do not like to repeat books or movies, but anyway … -. Beginning with an impressive chandelier in the kitchen ceiling and furniture made ​​from old wood slats reused. [] I never guessed That Would Have one of my favorite actors esta lives in two-story loft in Chelsea, Manhattan: Gerard Butler. Starting by esta gorgeous kitchen, with cabinetery made ​​with repurposed wood flooring and the beautiful chandelier. I must admit I do not know how many times I’ve seen the film PS: I love you… Continue reading The New York Loft of Gerard Butler [] Gerard Butler’s Nyc Loft

Chez Courtney Love

In the house there Courntey Love -dedicadas ballet slippers, yes- hanging from the windows, antique white lace dresses decorating the staircase landing, dazzling chandeliers and antique ceiling everywhere a dusty blue air, romantic and female completely breaks with the image one might have of her. At least the image I had until a short time. [] Chez Courtney Love there are ballerina shoes hanging signed from the windows, ancient delicate embroidered white dresses in the staircase, chandeliers gorgeous old here and there and a soft blue romantic atmosphere invading all the place. I must admit these photos have changed the way I look at her. Her home is so different from what I’d have expected. Continue reading Chez Courtney Love