Mad Men. and They Go 5 [] Season 5

As I remember if it was yesterday, and has already spent more than a year, my compulsive way of seeing, devour, the first four seasons of mad men. The fascination gave me , which I still produces – not only the character of Don Draper, but also the sets, the soundtrack, dialogue, costumes, in a word everything that surrounds this cult series. Okay, I admit: Don Draper, Don Draper and Don Draper…. [] I think I’ve Already Told you, but I saw the first 4 Mad Men seasons on a row, non stop -Well, almost- About a year ago. I was absolutely fascinated by the costumes, the decor in September, the cast, the script, the music, it is, about everything in the show. Well, yes, on top of That, acerca de Don Draper… Continue reading Mad Men. and They Go 5 [] Season 5

The Perfect Floor Lamp Antique Ceiling • Antique Chandeliers

Yes, you caught me. Before the beautiful ceiling lamps that illuminate every room, my eyes went straight to the sculpture that decorates the living room coffee table made ​​with several (I think 14) mechano chandeliers . If you follow V & C or if you have taken a look at Bazaar, and know that these pieces are a personal weakness that exist in a lot of models and no, not called mechano chandeliers :). This is simply a very descriptive name -funcionan as true Meccan that are stacked and sculptures that form your taste- that occurred to me a few years ago to name them all, given the variety of designs that manufacturers, mostly Germans, they launched back in the 70s But come, it’s okay to talk and chandeliers. This floor is so perfect that we can not stay alone with that detail. Pay attention to the moldings in white combined with black, blue and brown oil and candy colors. And what say you me the children’s room of the last picture … That child is going to complete hipster. · Although I’m absolutely in love of everything displayed in esta gorgeous white, bright apartment, and the chandeliers aresome of the most beautiful ones I can imagine it , the thing That really captured my attention today was the sculpture on top of the coffee table on the first image made ​​with vintage chromed candelabra. If you eat here or if you often have Already visited the V & C Bazaar, you probably Know That These are vintage candelabra Among my favorite pieces. They were a must in the 70s in Germany as country clubs, and There were produced in different designs and colors. That Said, I have to confess that I love this combination of white, high ceilings and white / dark colors of the Entire place. So elegant and classy.


The Perfect Floor Overlooking the Eiffel Tower • an Eiffel Tower Apartment Overlooking The

When you live in it a seller of furniture / treasure hunter and chief of Elle French Decoration editor and is located in a 1910 building, on the right bank of the Seine River in Paris, and from the bed you can see the Eiffel Tower, at least you can expect from an apartment is to be perfect. Then as the presumed perfection can be more or less to our liking. I do not know if I can explain … Well, yes, it turned out that not only the continent was, is, perfect (just think that this large apartment of 250 m2 was that the architect who imagined, chose to live with his family ), but the content is, at least to my taste. Wonderful as little. You do not have but to see the bathroom of the photo below! Unique furniture and lamps, experts selected by 4 eyes, coexist in harmony. Très chic. Très, très chic. (At the end I have left some ideas Bazar Vintage & Chic I see certainly in a place like … modest that is;)) · If we say Paris, an old building from 1910 by the river Seine , to 2,700 sq feet apartment with views over the Eiffel Tower ownedby a couple of people enjoying great taste for anything decor, everything is then a possible, but it will be perfect. That’s a fact. And not only is it perfect, it is Also beautiful, bright, amazing. All the details in the link below. (He is a furniture dealer; she is the director of Elle editor Decoration France). I have nothing else to add… Continue reading The Perfect Floor Overlooking the Eiffel Tower • an Eiffel Tower Apartment Overlooking The

An Apartment in Paris Closed for 70 Years • Madame De Florian Apartment in Paris Untouched

When not one but three habitual readers of the blog that put me on the track of the same story is because it has to be special and interesting muy and yes, ‘has thus been!

Continue reading An Apartment in Paris Closed for 70 Years • Madame De Florian Apartment in Paris Untouched

The Ideal Bedroom for Two Little Girls • an Ideal Place for Little Girls Shared Room

A few days ago I showed you some photos of baby animals, ideal for decorating children’s bedrooms, which today is as nice as that post but multiplied by 100. A shared by two (most of 3 and the small little girls bedroom has not yet complied year), the daughter of Joni, the author of the blog incredibly inspiring Lay Baby Lay. The bedroom has been completely decorated by it, using parts that were already in the house (comfortable black, white dresser changer mode, both ancient), reusing some, using simple things like arrows to decorate. I’m dying to those framed drawings, ceiling lamp, soft mint color of the walls … everything is special and reflects the exquisite taste of Joni. And the best part is that this shared bedroom is not even at home, but it is the girls ‘ dormitory at the grandparents ‘ house (or I imagine want your home) and Joni share all links and some tutorials on your, and for me, essential blog. Do not miss it!! · If you’re pregnant, willing to be, or you’re Already a happy mom, I’m sure you’ll love this shared bedroom. I came across This beautiful space in an absolutely amazing blog, Lay Baby Lay, written by Joni, Present WHO did everything you see on the pictures and the mother of the two little girls WHO sleep and play here. You have all the details and more photos on her blog, but let me just tell you That I’m blown away by her creativity and good taste to put together Such a girly girly room wihout being. To die for.


From Dressers, Cobblers and Vintage Curiosities • New and Old Dressing Room Inspiration

Today I come with a post of those messy, because I gather several things I like: the vintage (as I understand the vintage: objects with history, not new), clothes, toilets and locker rooms. So, as this is a messy post, there goes that which, starting with the pictures of a dressing-showroom impressive and some loose ideas that I have collected in my folder inspiration and closing with a magazine clippings, possibly the 20 or 30 years where we can see some wonderful dressers -and a lingerie to to run away 😉 -. · A few thoughts of some gorgeous walk-in closets followed by a few thoughts from the 20s or 30s (I Never Have enough of These old magazines and ads). All them beautiful pieces of furniture Including (and what about the lingerie in the last photo?)

Today I’m going to Barcelona and tomorrow will spend all day Saturday with a group of bloggers Top notch hand the firm Fuji. After a week in the workshop encerradita, oh, how I long now! · I’ll be spending this weekend in Barcelona with a group of wonderful bloggers, invited by Fuji. Looking forward to it!

The House of an Artist in London • an Artist Home in London

This London townhouse has completely fascinated me. It is full of dimples, antique furniture, recycled parts, precious lamps (some of them true icons of design) and natural light, which for London is nothing but bad. Yes, personally remove taxidermy I see in some photos and do not want to think that the rabbit (which apparently is a hare) of the third image rather than a living pet, is a stuffed animal, but from what I’ve read in this interview, I’m afraid so. Anyway … Otherwise, I would move to live there now. Ah, I forgot, it is the home of artist Rory Dobner. It is worth taking a look at his work, which includes what I could see, the interior of his house and his London store. · This London house, a perfect mix of antiques, tufted seatings, icon design lighting, some up cycled furniture and Natural light is the place Where artist Rory Dobner lives and as I Could read in His website, I Also was the One Who decorated it . I love it all, except for the stuffed animals (I hope That the White Hare on the 3rd photo is whos a living pet, Although I’m not sure …). As for rest, I love love this eclectic space.  Continue reading The House of an Artist in London • an Artist Home in London

A Workshop in an Old Mill House • a French Home in an Old Mill

Finish off the week Vintage & Chic home of an artist and designer, Frenchman of Lebanese origin Mitri Hourani, who from and admire for their personal style and that has adopted the credo of recovering and giving new life to objects from the past which have fallen into disuse. With a fascinating theatrical aftertaste and a more than evident puntito “diogenes syndrome”, this house / workshop located in an old mill in Marseille I do not think leave anyone indifferent. I must confess that someday, when very old lady, I see myself living in a place, surrounded by junk. (Yes, xon accumulation and recovery under control and husband more than chastened, that gives me that will not be very keen).Although who knows, as Mitri himself says, it may be only a matter of stages. I loved this reasoning the artist in which he explains why the floor, walls and shelves are overflowing with objects “Save things in closets is useless. No avail them. I prefer to see them. I like to show them, show them to me … / … When I get tired of seeing them, and I keep ready “ In the end you have a video that teaches us Mitri own home. Highly recommended! · This is the home for french of lebanese origins artist and designer Mitri Hourani. As you see, this home will not leave anybody indiferent. A mix of old thrifted objetcs, textiles from different periods and origins, personal belongings side by side With upcycled pieces … all that and much more. I have to say. I admire the way I’ve created a home with all that, giving a cozy and theatrical atmosphere to His home in Marseille, France. And I completely agree With Him When He says something like “To keep my things in cupboards has no sense to me. I prefer showing them for others and for myself…. / … When I’m tired to see them, I just put them back in the cupboards”. So true. Do not miss the video at the end of the post, Where have shows us His home.


Another Perfect House More • Another Perfect Home

A house where the toilet has a garden fountain embedded in a wall of antique mirrors (please, unusual eye to “sink”); a house where, to open the fridge, you have to pull an old doorknob French bronze, and in whose kitchen, refrigerators for wine and dishwasher are hidden behind curtains of linen hanging from a brass bars, just beside a stone sink those in which even I I’m in for washing dishes; a house with that “living clay” (literally the mudroom , designed to leave boot space, raincoats and stuff every time you enter and leave the garden), home of the blue dressing and sofas blue velvet … that house is this house . I published a few days ago a picture of her already promised, but today I leave some more. More photos on this link. · This is this kind of home where details speak for themselves: from the garden urn and the Pan fountain in the podwer room (? How cute is that) to the bird French antique bronze knobs in the kitchen (notice the refrigerator); the linen curtains, the blue dressing room and the cozy mudroom. The home of the blue velvet coachs. Oh my. More photos here.



Hairdresser the Room. Albacete (Could Live in It!) • the Room Hair Salon. Albacete (I Could Live There!)

Sorry I’m late for my appointment today, but I still have “hangover” of 1,672 kilometers, or in other words, 15 hours and 33 minutes non-stop driving solo marqué I Friday and Saturday to attend a couple of unmissable. Yes, I’m so glad I did, for the wonders and people who have been able to live / see / know, I’m here with a lot of pictures of the first destination of my trip: Hairdressing The Room in the city of Albacete. When Ruth and contacted me months ago to tell me the idea I had in my head, I found it great. And is that, although in principle The Room was to be a hairdresser setin the “salons smoking” Englishmen, when Ana Study Esc, signing the interior design project put Ruth on the trail of a hairdresser I had published in Vintage & Chic few days before the crush was instant, so both got down to work to give you this hint … (here need help define the style) … as “Ruth” to space, because although the idea is based on the design of the hairdresser who saw the blog, the final itself space, and the personal touches provided by the furniture, lighting and art exhibition of paintings and wall of the entrance give a unique feel to the business. · After a trip of 1,672 kilometers from north to Spain crossing southeast past Friday and Saturday in Original (i went alone so I have to drive more than 15 hours, counting non-stop), I’m back home with my camera Filled With photos and things to share with you. So let’s get started with this amazing hair salon in Albacete featuring some vintage pieces of furniture restored by me in the V & C atelier and inspired in esta hair salon in Toronto That I published here a few months ago … Continue reading Hairdresser the Room. Albacete (Could Live in It!) • the Room Hair Salon. Albacete (I Could Live There!)

Vintage Marketing (Cheap, Cheap, Hear)

Too cool not to share with you @ s. This morning while thoroughly inspecting an old wooden console in the studio, I discovered this sheet glued at the bottom of the cabinet, hidden from view. Enter the phone number 24-12 (how many years will this piece ??), the lack of punctuation, the improbable usefulness of this paper where it was placed, together with the almost defiant tone of who wrote, make for me a of those gems that worth preserving and even framing. Does anyone know how I can remove the paper without damaging it? For that matter does anyone trade name sounds Cores House, opposite the gardens of spring;)? “They are not better than others. Nor they are worse than others. They are the same as those of others”. Making and marketing vintage · I’ve just found this little gem This Morning at the atelier while restoring an old piece of furniture. I love to find this type of things. The telephone number is only 24 to 12, how old console can this be?



Kara Rosenlund & Travelling Wares

I found the photographer, stylist and virtual tendera and offline Kara Rosenlund few days ago (sorry, I do not remember where!). Nothing else see the photo above knew I had to read more about the entrepreneurial “hidden” behind the idea. And it turned out to be a young woman with an enviable talent. Of course I declare absolute fan of your blog, their photos and their “traveling caravan” a small caravan loaded to the top of tableware and vintage decorations selected by herself and with which travels around the Australian geography for sale. Ay, ay, who had time / a caravan so charmingly / wanting to get into more trouble;). · I came across esta top photo a few days ago (sorry, can not remember where) and Since Then I’ve been following Kara Rosenlund’s blog and website. They’re so Filled With inspiration. This young Australian photographer, stylist and shop owner (whos owner of the most charming caravan one can imagine) travels her country offering her vintage finds from the Travelling Wares. How smart is that?

Here you have some pictures of the caravan, his “traveling wares” (nit goods), the Kara and his own house, recently published in the magazine Inside Out, cover included. · Her home has – been recently featured on Inside Out magazine, cover included…


A Ranch in California • Portia De Rossi and Ellen Degeneres’ Ranch

You know those moments when you see a house (let’s be frank, a ranch with 26 acres of land in the Hidden Californian Valley looking at the Santa Monica Mountains) and you die of envy for not having 100,000 million dollars in the bank for buy it from? That’s it. Just that happened to me last night when I came across these pictures that fill the pages of Elle Decor US April or May and are available on its website. Do your lucky owners? The known Portia de Rossi (okay, just remember in Ally McBeal) and Ellen Degeneres. If we look for labels, you may fit in a “rustic glam”, but as I do that to label as I was not doing anything, I would say rather that it is a paradise of living wood and old leather, rustic antique furniture, design everywhere (Prouvé, Jacobsen, Henningsen and others), nice stuff and cozy spaces where you receive your friends and completely de- stress … they say at Elle decor that the architect of the decor is Ellen own – all an expert in materials using Jay Holman interior designers and Cliff Fong. Wow. · Well, I think today the photos speak for Themselves, a paradise (a 26 acre ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains, California) owned by celeb couple Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres, featured in the last Elle Decor issue and that you ‘ can enjoy in their website too. A paradise, as I Said, Built with ancient wood, old leather, white, some antiques and really good taste. Decorated by Ellen herself with the help of Interior Designers Jay Holman and Cliff Fong. All details in this link … Continue reading A Ranch in California • Portia De Rossi and Ellen Degeneres’ Ranch

The Perfect Floor • the Perfect Apartment (by Noel Marichalar)

We started the week at Vintage & Chic with beautiful Madrid duplex, home of interior designer Isabel Taboada and his small family, a wonderful space with high ceilings and moldings, full of antique pieces combined with mastery and exquisite taste for Isabel, although I am very sure he is counting on many occasions with the help of his mother, the renowned interior designer Noel Marichalar who shares a passion for study and decoration. I’ve been fascinated with the mixture, the color palette, light, pieces … with all. If you want to know all the details, I will say that this house is the protagonist of the decoration section Telva this March. And besides, I’m especially happy that one of my “girls” of Bazar Vintage & Chic, a German apply 50s, illuminate your bedroom dresser. You can see in the last picture. Anyway, do not tell me that is not an absolutely brilliant floor … · Today’s perfect apartment is the home for interior designer Isabel Taboada and her little family. A duplex in the heart of Madrid vintage and antique finds Where are masterly combined With contemporary pieces; a calm and airy space filled with white and neutral palette. A home to live and enjoy. I’m pretty sure you count That Isabel on the help of her mother, the well-known interior designer Noel Marichalar with Whom she shares her job and passion for decoration. This home has – been featured in the last (March) issue of spanish magazine Telva fashion printed, so you can see all details there. I’m really happy to tell you That one piece from my Bazaar, 50’s vintage german wall sconce is now on top of her vanity (see last photo). Am I a lucky girl …;)