Diy: Picture with Colored Glass Letters

This is a simple idea to create your own message with colored glass and hang it on the wall of your house. And if you have even gift thought for Mother’s Day … you’re still in time to do something unique and personal in half hour! An easy DIY to create your own messages, designs and patterns with little colored glasses. I’ve been picking them all with the help of my daughter Adriana These pasts months (years!), But it was time to do something With them. I have not translated the step-by-step but it’s so easy I’m sure That you can perfectly manage without it!

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When to Wear What Tie

A little History of the Tie for Men

Where does this strip of fabric? From my general knowledge (Wikipedia), the tie comes from  “Croatian”. Indeed, late seventeenth century, a special Hussars – Croatian – our army had scarves around the neck (and the soldiers were differentiated). “Tie” would therefore be a distortion of the word “Croat”. However, as you can imagine, we wanted to go further in Bw-Yw. So we imagined the scenario that could justify such a distortion.

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The New Store Online Lovethesign. Be cool. Stay Home

When a few days ago I was invited to meet the online store of furniture and decoration LOVEThESIGN with the idea that I could talk to her Vintage & Chic * I confess that I was absolutely fascinated by the amount of household items they have in their catalog, especially its vast collection of furniture of all kinds with a very modern touch, that many call regularly as “design”, from sofas, beds, dressers, bookcases to dining tables, center, outdoor furniture … and they also have a wide variety of lamps and decorative items for almost every taste and all, or nearly all, with that touch made ​​in Italy that I like. Continue reading The New Store Online Lovethesign. Be cool. Stay Home

Oscars Best and Worst Dresses

Oscars: the best and worst outfits of the stars. The most coveted gold statuette to stardom has happened in the hands of the most beautiful actresses in the world, on the occasion of the Oscars have worn often dreamlike creations signed by top fashion houses the most prestigious worldwide. But going back over the years you will find that the clothes are not always chosen for the occasion were the height, the idea of fashion and that is fashion evolves with time, but in some cases the stars of the red carpet of the Oscars They were also in bad taste queens. Continue reading Oscars Best and Worst Dresses

The New Boutique Jewelry Suarez in Oviedo (Overdose Nice Jewelry)

I’m a big fan of Jewelry Suarez, which I love gemstones and jewelry, and I love to see the process of creating these unique pieces, just to follow this blog or my wedding blog, you know that. I had the lucky Jewelry Suarez has invited me to see their collections of jewelry for brides along with other bloggers on several occasions, the first and 3 years, you have to see how time passes, and every visit to Madrid and around her hand I keep absolutely great memories. So when I was invited to meet her this Tuesday new boutique in the English Court of Uría street Oviedo, there I went camera in hand not to lose detail and can tell you , if not, it is not the same. These pictures are just a small summary and for a change, I’m on several of them! I hope you like it. This past Tuesday I was invited to know the brand new Oviedo boutique of the well-known spanish brand jewelry suarez. And I could not help but taking a lot of photos to share them here with you! Continue reading The New Boutique Jewelry Suarez in Oviedo (Overdose Nice Jewelry)

90s Comeback Fashion Style

Remember with nostalgia the fantastic 90 years? Pull out of the closet high-waisted jeans, crop tops and flannel shirts because 2016 will be the year of the great return of the fashion that you loved so much! Make no mistake, follow our advice and look at the outfits of our favorite stars.

Remember the mini dresses and floral sported by Donna, the jeans waist high for Kelly and wide flannel shirts to Brenda? Yes, we are talking about Beverly Hills 90210 because it seems to return the fashionable 90s, and who better than the beloved TV series characters represented in the fashion habits of those years? Some clothing and accessories did not feel certain lack, and reviewing  photos of the past, we would have preferred to put a lid on it on some outfits do not own highly successful.

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My 12 July 2016 Arrows July 2016

You know what? Julio ends. And you know what else? I’ve noticed that I see so many beautiful things every day, I discover many new features in the dozens (hundreds) of press releases and newsletters that reach my hands every week, in catalogs of online stores I visit often in emails receipt here and there, from my readings and walks around the world have thought that a monthly summary to share 12 are not a bad idea. Here are my 12 arrows (objects of desire, coups de coeur, whims, discoveries or call it X) of this July 2016 · I’ve Decided to share with you 12 Things That I’ve seen and I’ve loved in a monthly basis. Here you have my wish list July 2016 Continue reading My 12 July 2016 Arrows July 2016

A Superhero in Decoration (They are Not Just Child’s Play)

If I get to say years ago that I would be sharing with you ideas for decorating your home and your days with super heroes, surely would have broken my laughter… But reality is always stranger than fiction, today Vintage & Chic we get the cape and mask and we’re going to save the world, and damsels in distress and kittens mozalbetes on rooftops…;). Happy Friday and you know, smiles, please. Some ideas to decorate your home and your Days with some superheroes stuff. Surprisingly, they’re not for kids, at least, not only for them. Have a greet weekend and do not forget to smile! Continue reading A Superhero in Decoration (They are Not Just Child’s Play)

60’S Eye Makeup Tutorial

If what you want to have a face unmistakably reminiscent of the 1960s, the first thing to do to bet on the eyes. In the make up of the sixties the actresses and famous women to inspire you are Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot.

First of all what you need are some lashes, you’ll find in any perfumery and also at the supermarket.
If you are not familiar with the application of false eyelashes, then it is best not to use them.Thanks to the many mascara on the market, you can still get an effect 60 years in style, like that of the beautiful Brigitte Bardot, as you can see in the picture. Continue reading 60’S Eye Makeup Tutorial

Diy Painted Floors and Some False Carpet

Alisa Burke is a young designer, mom, artist, teacher and blogger with a creative American bombproof. Simply click on this link to your portfolio or take a cursory glance at his blog to check. It was also evident when he came grab brushes and paint and get to paint a fake flower carpet in the hallway of his house. At first tones were roasted and blue, but later, and very pregnant 7 months, she returned to the old ways (rather sit – ins) to give a color change to this false carpet. People with talent talent and guts leave me speechless, but I wonder not remove anyone. · Alisa Burke is a young and creative mom, artist, teacher and blogger from the US With an incredible talent. Just have a look to this floor completely hand painted by her. The first time she painted it the color, palette used was a mix of earth tones combined with blue but when she was 7 months pregnant! She decided to give it a punch of color, and fake colorful new rug esta came to life. I’m so amazed by esta thought and the way she’s performed it! Do not miss her portfolio and her complete blog. A must read for lovers of beautiful things. Continue reading Diy Painted Floors and Some False Carpet

Good Reasons to Wear Heels

British doctors recommend that older women to wear high heels to improve balance and reduce the danger of falling announced. “Daily Mail” quoted by BTA.

The largest share of deaths from accidents for people over 75 years due to the fall. Older people often fall startling. This happens every third person over 65 years. Especially dangerous is the fall for women because two-thirds of them have osteoporosis. The deterioration of the balance begins before the age of 40 years because of reduced communication between muscles and the brain. Another risk factor for the drop is the reduction of muscle mass and a number of diseases.

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The Citizen M (or a Great Hotel in New York)

This is one of those hotels that will not leave anyone indifferent; of those spaces that give back to clichés and pre -established concepts. Just inside the glass door facing the street is clear that this is not a hotel “heap”: no more to see that space check-in or receiving circularly in the middle of the hall, the full giant shelves objects or the upper terrace. And as this week goes color, I think this is one of the most colorful 2,700 entries I’ve posted on this blog (counter says this today will post 2,726 *. Almost nothing). This hotel, the Citizen M is located in Times Square, in the heart of the most bustling Manhattan, and although it may seem a hotel unachievable prices, just checked on its website that tonight for two people does not reach € 200 (US $ 201). And if you’re planning a trip to New York City, I recommend this blog to overflowing with ideas and plans in the Big Apple and surroundings. · The Citizen M, located in Times Square. Manhattan, is one of These hotels That leaves nobody indifferent: from the lobby (have you noticed esta Circular check-in space?) To the upper terrace, from the cube bedrooms to the giant shelves filled with clocks, books and bits of this and that. Continue reading The Citizen M (or a Great Hotel in New York)

Wearing 50s Sunglasses


Only after 1945, the sunglasses of pure utility was removed and developed finally to a fashionable accessory. With the end of World War II, especially the Americans were responsible for the Salon ability of sunglasses and its status as a small harbinger of the economic miracle. In particular, the “Aviator”-now probably the world’s most successful model of sunglasses -was the prototype of the “American way of life” and stand as a symbol of freedom, independence and the coolness of the Americans. With its famous ergonomic teardrop shape it was initially designed for the pilots units of the US Army and should allow them a slight glance at the dashboard. The timeless design of the Aviator has survived to this day as the original model of all sunglasses on the highest echelons of popularity. As a fully mirrored “Cop Shades” the famous piece of casual, American Police Officer is no longer indispensable.

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