Vintage Halloween Makeup

Being a woman means being conceited. As emancipated, decisive and authoritative, the temptation of the mirror does not leave us indifferent. But it’s not just as simple vanity, in the sense of rimirarci the mirror in contemplation of our appearance. The female vanity is something much more complex: it includes a set of rituals and especially of products, without which we could not survive! 

Between the amount of cosmetics that crowd our cabinets, the trick starts to be our companion in adventure already in ‘adolescence. Who does not remember the first lipstick, or the first time that we have tried to put the pencil on the eyes, or even the choice of blush (because that was the name until a few years ago) on time of a wrong color?

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Mens Leather Jackets Flight

Flight jackets leather men can be worn by anyone, not just the drivers. They are available in a variety of styles and gives you an advantage cold every time you wear one!

Wear Leather Jackets

Flight jackets are also called bombers and has been used for decades. American pilots before they wore during World War II, and since then has been a staple in the military. Men also love to take them because of the feeling of nostalgia, as well as the look they deliver. Seen in stars like John Wayne in the Flying Tigers and Tom Cruise in Top Gun, flight jackets were made popular because of exposure to the big screen.

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Star Necklace Tiffany

Star Tiffany necklace show that special someone how much you care. A gift from Tiffany & Co. is something I will never forget and will make a lasting impression.

About Tiffany Necklace

Tiffany & Co. is known for its distinctive styles and high quality jewelry. It is coveted by many and seen as a symbol of status. Tiffany & Co is one of the leading jewelers in the world, and the little blue box that jewelry will be immediately recognized. Tiffany has its main store in New York City and other stores in cities across the US and around the world.

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What Length Jacket should I Wear

Jacket Length, the Rules

The first commandment of the jacket? Good length showcases a partner at the right cut: it is to sublimate you, not to hide! The length of a jacket is inseparable from matter or details, affecting everyone on the silhouette of the model. For example? Plus a jacket is, the more it must be adjusted to avoid the effect bag … Similarly, the more it is, the less a zipper is recommended: it tends to tug.

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Vintage Puppets

Three young creative realize wonderful softies from original ideas, but with common materials: reusing old vintage fabrics, pieces upholsterer or even clothing itself uninteresting like socks, give life to creations full of color and poetry.

Podobis. A world of fun!

The young Italian photographer Virginia Vittozzi realizes fun hand puppets giving new life to socks! His wonderful characters, brand Podobis, tell a dream and dazed universe, where even the most curious forms become pure beauty and joy! Virginia so he describes his creative idea: “I always had a thing for socks! Wear a pair of socks that I know is one of those things that puts me in a good mood to start the day.”

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Which Hat Fits Me?

Winter time is hat time! But even before the first flakes fall and we go for long walks and snowballing into Winter Wonderland, it’s time to arm our main on stylish and warm way for the cold season! Caps are in the fall and winter our favorite accessories, because they not only care that we nice to be warm, they see the possibility still great! Rain, wind, snow or freezing cold: Trendy cap styles are available for all weather conditions and every style.

Both cool beanies in boarders look, knitted winter hats and winter-proof hat variants are just waiting to be carried out by us – and in any weather! But Stylish caps have not only practical use, they crown your winter look with cozy variety! Perfect “guarded” not you go then get out: Whether on a Sunday stroll through autumnal foliage or winter snowscape, while strolling through the city for Christmas Buy, mulled wine drinking at the Christmas market or on fast descents on the slopes: Hats are the trend Accessory for the cold season, the functionality and style matches!

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LED Table Lamp

No, they are not jam jars but LED lamps for ambient lighting that exploit the technology and the nuances of the colored gel. It is the first result of the Project Jellylamp of Semiki, aka Laura Menichelli and Gianluca Ruocco Guadagno duo of young Venetian designer who believe in an independent design and accessible and combine product design skills and home lighting.

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How to Make Cycling Safer

Vest that can make cycling safer. It was created by two students from Mexico. Their invention was inspired by everyday traffic, which Megacities was painfully known. Throng traffic is routine in which 20 million people are trying to move more quickly as possible. More and more are residents of the capital who rely on bicycles and their own strength to get to work, school or home. But the safety of cyclists in Mexico is a serious problem. Especially when the people of the wheel are difficult to see. The two students decided to make cyclists most visible on the road. The result is a “smart vest” for bikers. Besides being seen from afar, it beeps and incidents.

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Pallet Table Decorating Ideas

For those who like to reuse materials and are creative, there are a wide variety of things we can do without having to spend too much and you have a fantastic result in the decoration of the house.

One of these things are the wooden pallets (or pallets, as you prefer), of which we have already spoken here in the in other materials, and that can become very practical furniture to your home.

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Vintage Backpacks

There are new from niederändischen Online Store ” I Love Vintage “: under the New Arrivals are next to shoes and clothes also plenty of great vintage bags. Whether leather or, rather friendly, fabric, or leather imitation if colorful printed bags or brown shoulder bags, it definitely falls hard to pick out a favorite among all the different vintage backpacks.

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What is Vintage Fashion Style

The word “vintage” enter rapidly in recent years both in the world and in the Bulgarian vernacular. Vintage clothing, vintage style, furniture, hairstyles, parties and whatnot is categorized as “vintage”. And if early word sounded original and exotic, it now has become something overexposed and mostly wrongly used.

So, let’s educate ourselves!

Given that the word has several meanings and actually occupied the field of winemaking, we will focus mainly on its importance in relation to the fashion world.

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Caskets Makeup and Palette for Christmas

Undecided for Christmas gifts? Discover what are the caskets most beautiful makeup and must-have palette of the moment. Your friends will thank!

What’s better than giving a trick box or a palette to a passionate make-up for Christmas?Who is a fan of the genre knows… it is one of the most appreciated gifts! Not to mention that for the Christmas season all offer compelling new brand, colors and textures haunting and especially packaging that enchant.

New releases in the coming months are so many, let us see some examples and some ideas for a welcome Christmas gift.

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From Cardigan is a Sweater

After you have a few weeks ago my cardigan in the West look showed, I show you today the sweater, which are actually incurred nähmäßig and head excessively. Because this Cardigan was the beginning and the proof that I can tinker a dress cut with a good template cope me even.

The template was again the  from creative laboratory Berlin*. But actually I have changed so much at the intersection, which is actually no longer recognizes him. But I promise, armholes and sleeves are definitely from the cut.  Although, the sleeves I have also vigorously extended … haha.

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