Sunglasses Spring Summer 2016

The arrival of the beautiful days, as soon as the first rays of Sun, we draw our sunglasses and we do our small craneuses. The solar, it is the essential mode of your summer accessory. Glasses effect mirror mounts flier through the round glasses, here’s 58 models that may please you!

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Kelly Wearstler

It is not the first and certainly will not be the last to tell you about the work of the American interior designer Kelly Wearstler. His designs are bold, fun, colorful, original and above always gives them a retro vintage pieces. So, my decorative paradise. I love everything that invents and I think it is high time for me autoregale his books. Today’s not going to make me an order at Amazon. Promise photos… [] This is not the first time I write here About Kelly Wearstler. Sure it will not be the last. I adore her unique, bold, fun, colorful, original, vintage mix style, so today I’ve DECIDED That I Could not live without her books. Promise when they arrive home photos…

The House of Antiques

I do not know you @ s, but I need my monthly dose of the magazine AD Spain and as the last two numbers are not exactly among my favorites, I threw homemade hemeroteca and I have started to reread some backward magazines. And in the April 2009 I have met again with the house of genius Lorenzo Castillo, home insurance will remember for this video. I’m in love with the kitchen full of textures and materials mixed (chrome, marble, polished steel, wood … ) and I learned how a good textile white and blue are able to “refresh” and give new life to the most sober and classic antiques, not those just entering my eye. And the dining room reminiscent of a Parisian bistro? With the great bench upholstered in blue run? Maybe you remember this video, featuring the madrilian home of one of our spanish top Interior Designers: Lorenzo Castillo. Now I show you some photos from His home that I found in the Spanish Edition AD magazine. Love the combination of textures and materials used in the kitchen, I adore the way mixes blue and white textiles With very “serious” antiques. That Resembles love his dining to French? Coffee. Love the whole of it.


Amy Butler Home

No I just believe that this house so sober, so bright colors as neutral and full of furniture mid-century, as “Scandinavian” at the end of the day, is the refuge of one of my designer textiles home favorite: Amy Butler. A woman playing with color and shapes masterfully able to illuminate any stay with just put on it a piece of its great prints. I do not know, I imagined a house full of cushions and chairs upholstered in a thousand ways… perhaps more feminine, but certainly much more stamped. But actually, to me this house I like it as is. And is that she feels great to live in a place like chapeau, alors! [] I’ve just come through these photos from the home of one of my favorite textile designers: Amy Butler. I must admit I’m quite surprised to see that there are really very few of her gorgeous print fabrics. I do not know, I imagined a house filled with colorful cushions, maybe more feminine. Anyway, I love her house and if it’s inspiring for her, then a great for all of us, admirers of her work. Continue reading Amy Butler Home

A Lovely Dream House with Amazing 50s Danish Outdoors

I never could have imagined such a garden in a Danish home. Of course, this is the perfect Danish house. And although it is true that I have not been there, I could not imagine such a welcoming exterior, so vivid. I’m totally in love with that little garden, covered porch, the outdoor fireplace, but first and foremost, of the house itself. A house with all the gusto to bring me 50 stone by stone to a good Spaniard prao overlooking the sea. I would put the centennial tree. · I’d never imagined in Danemark such cozy outdoors (though I must admit I’ve never been there so far). To me, this house is perfect: the outside chimney, the porch, the design itself. I’d bring it, stone by stone to Spain (I’d look for the tree!).

And above have these views. Who gives more? · And they have this views…

Theatrical Love

Theater. It is true. But the good … and Jordi Sergio live in Valencia and it seems that follow this blog (thanks, guys). His house liked it so much I could not help but share with you @ s some pictures. A fun decor, very studied, with many vintage pieces and great touch of sophistication. Anyway, I love it. But perhaps better it is Sergio who will tell it in the first person [] I love the Teatrical Sergio and Jordi Touch That Have Given To Their Valencia new home. They love the vintage furniture they’ve inherited from their families, the bold colors, the lovely details. And, can you believe that they’re Vintage & Chic followers? I’m so happy to have such inspiring readers… Continue reading Theatrical Love

Dining Room with Yellow Chairs

When via this room yesterday I found most attractive, and guess what makes it so are those fantastic chrome chairs upholstered in yellow. And then, noticing calmly, I realized that the lamp is almost identical to this that I have in the bazaar and that fascinates me … Have you left wanting more yellow? Desire to Inspire has an entire category called yellow. Enjoy it. I could not help posting this absolutely gorgeous dining room. I love the yellow chromed chairs but, above all, I love the vintage chandelier, I so similar to this one I have right now in the Bazaar. Fancy more yellow? Do not miss the link…

Pipistrello, Gae Aulenti

Today I bring images of one of those pieces already converted design icons of the last century: the lamp Pipistrello (bat, in Italian), designed in 1965 by the great architect, industrial designer and scenography Up! Gae Aulenti. From the first moment I saw her, long ago, I found this beautiful lamp with a futuristic touch most attractive. And since then, whenever I find her in a magazine, web or blog, I keep images to look at them again and again (well, that actually happens to me with many lamps). [] One of my favorite table lamps ever has – been, since the very moment I saw it, the scenography lamp, designed in 1965 by Italian architect industrial designer and scenography Gae Aulenti. An outstanding woman, I would give you add. And since I’m addicted to save images of lamps that I like, let me share with you just a few of the Pipistrello, treats including the top One with her. Continue reading Pipistrello, Gae Aulenti

Corner with Map

I would not mind having a little spot like this at home. The perfect place to have a coffee with a laptop that I have while I fantasize I’m in a bar American road, on the Route 66 before returning to the convertible in which we are going through the United States from coast to coast… Go place, you I leave, I have to wear sunglasses and scarf… [] I would not mind Having a small place like this where to sit at home with my daily morning coffee and a laptop, and pretend that I’m sitting in a coffee in the middle of the Route 66 and whos That I Have to go back to my convertible and follow my trip across the United States… and the fact is That I do not even Have a laptop!!!


About Chairs

A couple of days ago I was tidying the file “chairs” and I found a lot of great ideas. I begin with this beautiful old, worn and full of history, used as a bedside table chair. We also have a chair on one side of the bed and although we could not put a vase, it seems to have magnet to attract all kinds of things;) [] I’ve been searching in my “chair” files two days ago, trying to tidy up a little bit (too many images saved!). So today I’d like to post a few thoughts I’ve found there. Let’s start by esta gorgeous old blue chair used as a sidebed table. Also we have one in our bedroom, though ours is upholstered and we would not give you Placing a vase on it! Continue reading About Chairs

Little, Red & Chic

Buenos Aires. 30m2. Two floors and red walls framing an incredible collection of vintage pieces from different eras. A lesson in how to get maximum style in minimal space. But, hey, it’s easy to understand when you hear that the owner of this apartment is Gabriel del Campo, a renowned antiquarian Buenos Aires. Oh, that trunk vintage Vuitton (I close sigh…) [] Buenos Aires. About 323 sq. feet. Two levels and red all around. The perfect frame to display All These vintage treasures (have you noticed the old Vuitton trunk???). A lesson of great style in a tiny space. No wonder if I tell you that here lives one of the MOST popular antique dealers from Argentina, Gabriel del Campo.


Christmas Table with Vintage Taste

I know, I’m a heavy, but understand me… When I discovered the existence of such metal candelabra-mechano some time, the crush was instant. Ever since I had in my hands, and I started decorating my house with the ways that I myself was able to create with these modules, the idyll was in crescendo. And now I finally start to see them in decorating magazines (and not any; yesterday my beloved in AD!) Will understand having to shout to the four winds… ;). So, heavy or not, here are a couple of pictures of one of the most beautiful Christmas tables as I can remember. And, ahem, there are a lot of identical or similar in the chandeliers Bazaar (gold, chrome, copper …), to make a structure like this…. Or even a couple! (Oh, and do not forget to click on the images to see them in all their glory) Continue reading Christmas Table with Vintage Taste

Jordi Canosa. and a House on the Island of Re

Friday, the eve of a long bridge, I want to share with you a fantastic story by Spanish photographer Jordi Canosa, habitual decorating magazines as Habitania, Coté Sud, Casa Viva, Interior… And after cruising around for his web, it has captivated me the charm of this beautiful French house in St. Martin de Ré?. Notice the chandeliers, ceiling chandeliers, linen tablecloths, large draperies, antique bathtub… pure bliss. [] I’d like to wish you a happy weekend with these gorgeous images by the Spanish photographer Jordi Canosa. It Seems they’ve been taken in French little village of St. Martin de Re. Please notice love the vintage chandeliers, the crystal candelabra, the table clothes, the old tub… amazing.