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How to Wear Vintage Fashion

The best advice to dress vintage when you’re an age a little vintage. What is that vintage? It’s the retro. There are several periods: the pre-war and post-war period, 1940-1950, style the style sixties Courrèges, Cardin style are 50-60 years… What is most suited to the female morphology is undoubtedly the 40-50 style. Why? Because it is flattering regardless […]

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Vintage Fishing Equipment

Fly fishing is considered to be the sportiest way to fish. Insects or fish as food is “noble” fish such as trout are simulated with aerobatics. Fly fishing is easier than the usual single thought, just throw one might find difficult.You can train yourself or teach in an experienced fly fishers. Another possibility is viewed by a […]

Retro Clothes

Vintage Style Sunglasses

Historical In 1752 the first tinted eyeglass lenses appear with the English scientist James Ayscough. He did not think create the first sunglasses, but was convinced that blue or green allowed to treat ametropia. It was not until 1929 that Sam Foster sold the first sunglasses in the world in his shop located near the beaches of Atlantic City (New Jersey, […]

Retro Clothes

Vintage Tribal Print Clothing

The girl in roller is the new Fashionista to follow. Zoom on a cool sportswear trend to adopt without delay! The new girl ‘in’ in terms of fashion done more pilates or fitness… she moves in roller vintage! Cool in gasoline as one of these blondes running around on the beach in Los Angeles, roller girl gives […]

Vintage Home Decor

Affordable Vintage Furniture

Very fashionable, vintage furniture saw his side climb and stirs the adrenalin bargain hunters. Yet it is still possible to buy beautiful pieces cheaply. Vintage, an alternative to the supermarkets Vintage furniture seduces because it creates a style and customize an interior. At a time when the furniture is produced in the chain, all identical and of a very […]

Retro Clothes

How to Wear Retro Style

Who can wear the retro mini? Victorian inspirations would go with your line? Julia Andor, coach-Council, reveals how to wear a line of retro and modern at the same time. What kind of women are models of Victorian or Napoleonic inspiration? Side style, Victorian parts – ballonnantes, jumper, the ruffly sleeves – correspond to women with a […]

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Difference between Retro and Vintage

A very thin line marks the difference between retro and vintage, but both terms are often intermingled. My intention is to draw that line of short, clear and concise manner, so that it will easy to distinguish. Ateniéndome my own definition of what is retro, it is objects that evoke the past, but that do not necessarily belong to him, […]

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Sports Water Bottles

Sinus can become clogged due to allergies or the common cold. A Neti pot clears your sinuses with saline. Rather than spend money to buy a neti pot or leave the house to get when you do not feel well, you can make a neti pot at home from a water bottle. Within minutes, nasal congestion usually clear […]

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Buying Guide for Sleeping Bag

The different forms of sleeping bag and use Generally, there are three types of sleeping bags: The sleeping bag “cover” The sleeping bag shaped egg The mummy sleeping bag The sleeping bag “cover” The sleeping bag “coverage” usually offers a very decent sleeping space and is thought to summer temperatures. It opens fully and rectangular shape […]