Decorating with Hoses

Yes, I already said it: I’m obsessed with pelín desk lamps and reading lamps of all types and condition, large type and architect, as these images today, or small and colorful, like here and here. And it is that these pieces have long left our offices, offices and study tables to occupy the most unexpected corners of our homes, from the kitchen to the living room. It seems to me that are perfect as a point of reading beside the bed- and I dare not say on the nightstand, that there are also changes the most inspiring and shows buttons- or welcoming in the hall of the house. Here are a few images … [] As I Told you a few days ago, I’m quite Obsessed with vintage desk lamps. I love all types, from the bigger “type architecture” or the smaller, colorful and desk lamps midcentury styled like the ones I posted here and here. It’s been a while since they’ve left office and home working places to live everywhere, from our kitchens to living rooms. They think I fit perfectly on top of a table side bed (or whatever kind of furniture you place by your bed) and welcoming your guests in the hallway. Here it goes some inspiration…


Tea Time

Closing and my chronic Madrid mini (by the way, I wanted to congratulate effusively from here to Ester and Silvia for having been the two bloggers chosen to attend the big party of awards T Fashion Telva), today I wanted to close the week in the most candy. Right next to the restaurant Tartan, in the same Street General Pardiñas, and before going to the snack Telva, I stopped to take a cold tea in a place that turned out to be the tearoom more flirtatious he had seen in a while … here I have some photos and if you live in Madrid, perhaps you querráis pasaros to check with your own eyes. Happy weekend! [] This is maybe one of the coziest Tea shops I’ve ever been to. It’s located in Madrid, very close to the restaurant Tartan (I told you about it a few days ago) and it’s worth a visit if you happen to be visiting the city. Have a great weekend!


Vintage and Color in London

This colorful corner is in great London house of Christine d’Ornano, Sisley executive signature. The truth is that such concentration and beautiful mix of things- the Louis XVI chair upholstered in yellow skin on a pickled white base, chester and that magnificent celestial lamp foot Italian 50- year are a declaration of principles. [] This colorful little corner belongs to the home of Christine d’Ornano from Sisley. I adore the mix of All These treasures: the Louis XVI white chair with its yellow leather upholstery, the sky blue chester sofa and the gorgeous Italian standing lamp from the 50s. Wow. Continue reading Vintage and Color in London

The House of Juan Gatti

When I get older, besides being an astronaut, I have a living room-study as the first 5 photos. So, without removing or put anything. I better with all these sculptures Curtis Jeré by here and there, some pieces of -Icons design, we are realists mid-s. XX, a space split over several floors, wood, metal, leather, marble and brick and light … Anyway, I am absolutely fascinated by the house of Juan Gatti in Madrid that appears in the latest issue of the magazine AD. The last two pictures are from the first floor of his house, where white queen. [] When I grow up, becoming an astronaut Besides, I want to live in a house like this. I want this very dining-living-working area, with the Curtis Jeré wall sculptures, the mid-century icons, the two-level floor, the leather, wood, marble, metal and brick walls. I’m absolutely fascinated by the madrilean home of Juan Gatti That I came across in the last issue of AD Spain. The last two images belong to the first floor of His home.


An Unclassifiable (and Great) House

There could also be called this entry The house Allee Willis” but I probably would have sounded so Chinese like me right? The fact is that this woman is a multifaceted artist if ever there (musician, composer and a thousand and more things that you see on their website), but what really caught my attention is the lack of aesthetic prejudices -well by she – and the number of pieces of pop vintage or retro air that has at his home in Los Angeles. Within home and garden. Surely that corner in pink for Sunday breakfast or for precise calmly mail is more than most. Of-the-more. []This is the LA home of artist Allee Willis (I promise you I’ve never heard of her before;)). I’m loving the pops of color, the mid-century style, the unexpected vintage pieces inside and Also Placed in the garden. Kind of Kitsch, But Also Wow.



A Very Retro Home

It is in Buenos Aires and I think that is full of charm and personality. The owners decorated it inherited based furniture grandmother of one of them and finds at flea markets and thrift stores. And what do you think of the tub in the garden? A great example of recycling … [] This beautiful home in Buenos Aires has – been decorated by the owners With flea market finds and furniture Also inherited from the grandma of one of them. Have you seen the tub in the garden? Such a great recycling idea to…



A Holiday Home in Cabo De Gata

Today I bring the palpable proof that “holiday” need not be equal to “renounce the comfort and design.” This house, located in the small town of El Pozo de los Frailes, in the heart of Natural Park Cabo de Gata, has dazzled me by its light, the color, the pieces recovered by the owners who manage to give an air mid-century so attractive … [] This beautiful house in the south of Spain (more Precisely in the small village of Pozo de los Frailes in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park) is the clear example that “holiday retreat” can Also be “holiday design and mid -Century paradise “. Continue reading A Holiday Home in Cabo De Gata

Classic Beauty

And I do not just mean the pictures of the sculptures. Classic and very suggestive is also the combination of black and white, and classic – vintage, as I like to say to me – the lamp glass ceiling and desktop lamps. An office for people with very clear ideas. [] And when I say that I’m not the only referring to the photo gallery sculptures in. I’m talking about the combo black & white and the classic vintage- saying -I prefer glass chandelier and the small table lamps. A bold office only suitable for People Who Know What They Want.

The Before and After a Table

Today I wanted to bring one of those transformations of furniture that let you to ojiplática. And look what has happened to me the day brush in hand, steel wool in hand, but is that Eddie Ross has a very special, unique something, to give new life to things that seems no longer overstretched. What want to tell you, I hallucinate with this man. [] Again. Eddie Ross has done it again. I have an eye for everything “restoration”, “renovation”, “thrift-goes-chic”. I am simply amazing. Just have a look at this table makeover and see it for yourself. Continue reading The Before and After a Table

More is More

If yours are minimal air spaces and little overloaded…. try your luck tomorrow;). Today the blog is dressed in pure and maximalism, an ode to collectibles and vintage. To me passionate about this type of rest rooms or large dormitories. If I had a big house, I would not mind having a space to hang my memories, create my small collections on the wall. A place to lie down to read or dream directly. By the way, I’ve taken these pictures of the latest issue of the online magazine Lonny Mag (it is in English but worth strolling through its pages) [] If you’re a lover of minimal spaces, come back tomorrow;). Today, the blog is an ode to maximalism, to collections hanging on the walls, to vintage. If I had a huge house, I’d love having a room like this for myself, a place to keep my favorite objects, to start collections, to read and to dream… Check the last issue of LonnyMag to discover more amazing interiors.


Aboard! Train Station Styled Hallway

I loved the air vintage train, a former railway station that Lucia has given the driveway with the clock, the old trunk and also one of the racks of Bazaar from a German train. [] I’m loving Lucia’s hallway. It looks like an old train station thanks to the clock, the old trunk vintage wall And Also the clothes rack from a German train That She Purchased in my Bazaar… So staff and cozy.

Continue reading Aboard! Train Station Styled Hallway

Perfect Blend

You are right. This house is the perfect recipe resulting from mixing, do not shake, two of my favorite ingredients in decoration: furniture pure and flawless design lines, which pass over fashions and styles and function as perfect wildcards in any space, and lots of vintage objects, some inherited and others found in traces, vintage or antique shops which provide the right amount of personality and charm. Continue reading Perfect Blend

A Full House of Inspiration

Good inspiration for decorating with color, with vintage and fun and unexpected touches. I keep hanging lounge chair, play area and painting the kitchen ceiling. Cozy and perfect for a family with children no do you think? I found me in the latest issue of the magazine Lonny. [] Lots of inspiration for using colored and vintage pieces for a playful result. I specially love the hanging ball chair, the playroom and the stenciled ceiling in the kitchen. A cozy home for a family with children. I’ve found it in the last issue of Lonny magazine.

California Meets Rias Baixas

When I saw this article at number 49 of the magazine AD Spain, it was love at first sight. But as was noticing more in the thousand and one details that inhabit this house, like the mirror sun room, a lamp retro air, wall sculpture signed Curtis Jere parts Murano glass lamps Tom Dixon or invasion of corals, I realized that I would not mind living in a place like that, silly me. A holiday home that could well be on the coast of California, in the Hamptons or Miami, ‘but which faces the Atlantic Ocean in the Rias Baixas! Nothing surprising if we consider that their owners are a couple formed by a Galician and an American. And this house came to my hair today, I find I travel that way Galician paradise finally enjoy my mini-vacation;). Continue reading California Meets Rias Baixas