Dark Lipstick for Fall 2015

Make up for autumn 2015, dark lipsticks are back but the effect mat won’t be the only one that you can show off! The typical colors of autumn become glossy and satin, to give light to the face and fullness to the lips, not to mention lipstick must have par excellence: the red.

Fall and winter bring the colors of the dark tones and dark trick of nature itself and the most prestigious brands seek to innovate this tradition of make up always adding a detail that makes their unique collections. The new makeup of the autumn 2015 covers a staple, perhaps, make up related to the cold season, which is the matte effect; lipsticks that leave the lips without light, filled with colors without facets are those that we have always seen and also used, but this year the trend is changing and, alongside the nuances come the mat satin flares and lips glossy or shiny effect. Continue reading Dark Lipstick for Fall 2015

Ethnic Style Table Lamps

Hints far and landscapes of amber lands are combined with gentle lighting offering rays of timeless style that spread to the House a magical atmosphere. Ethnic table lamps are the emblem of a smart key. Let yourself be guided by the advice of Dalani and make your home even more beautiful. Love your home! Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

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Vintage Spring Outfits

In Italy, if you go into a boutique of vintage chic, you’ll notice probably that clothes highlighted are the chicest outfits, those who once wore ladies for special occasions. Although this gorgeous garments that have a great interest in tailoring, like say … I haven’t seen you wear them in everyday life!

The vintage is not just a collection of evening gowns. I wear vintage garments combined with modern clothes every day and believe me, they are not disguised and nobody looks bad for the road. Lately, several readers have asked me how to dress vintage but contemporary today and decided to offer five outfit for five occasions. Continue reading Vintage Spring Outfits

Beehive Vintage Clothing

Heaven of cute dresses and vintage accessories, is Beehive, an American e-shop where everything is absolutely hot and at affordable prices!

You love the vintage, cute accessories, and dresses of Jessica Day? Sit comfortably and hold on to your pants because it is likely to crack because of this evil e-shop.

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Vintage 1960s Hairstyles

And ‘rock and irresistible style of winter cuts 2014 2015 Jean Louis David, one of the trademarks of hairstyle most loved in the world, which for this season with cuts short Unisex hair and moves and rebels blaring.

Season after season we learned about the style of the French company Jean Louis David, who has bewitched us during the summer with its proposals Girly Style, flash hairstyles trendy salon to do in just 15 minutes, and with the proposals of fashion haircuts Jean Louis David’s most elegant.

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Bathroom Ideas Modern Vintage

The modern bathroom vintage is to mix styles to combine the old and the contemporary stylishly. We tell you how to do through our images of inspiration!

A modern bathroom as a small cabinet of curiosities

In his house to extraordinary proportions and designed by designer Patricia Urquiola, Patrizia Morozo experimenting and testing prototypes of the new pieces of furniture that she will certainly edit. Each room is littered with furniture design signed the biggest creators, Ron Arad to Tord Boontje through Patrizia Urquiola and Tokujin Yoshioka of course, mixed exotic atmospheres and bold colours. The bathroom

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Christian Dior Vintage Bags

If I think of the it bag signed Christian Dioris one of all, the one that immediately comes to mind, perhaps because they’ve worn women more beautiful, charming and powerful in the world, Lady Diana, perhaps because the have even dedicated a staff, or perhaps because his testimonial for years is one of the most magnetic and sensual actresses of the silver screen , I’m clearly speaking of the legendary Lady Dior and his passionate love affair with Marion Cotillard. The Lady Dior has always been the Queen of Dior bags, one of the iconic models more beautiful, and even more so if it’s vintage. This Queen just like all the rest, is very vain and is renewed every year in thousands of looks, is keen to be trendy but is always classy, plus one-time collaborates with big names for phenomenal capsule collection. Very classy and a classic a icon bag that although aging is very difficult to be put aside, even as all lady with personality and charisma, the risk is just that it becomes more precious and chic. I mean would envy.

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Vintage Chanel Bags

Chanel bags are stunning and timeless, bring style and elegance to any outfit, here are the vintage models in circulation and their prices.

The Chanel bags are a symbol of style and elegance, the French fashion house doesn’t miss a beat in terms of leather goods and accessories. Chanel vintage models are able to take us back in time, remembering the style icons that have taken place in recent decades.

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Tips for Vintage Decorating

Like the authentic interior and full of charms? Opt for a bedroom decor vintage and bohemian, for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Did you know ? The vintage bohemian style and blend to perfection for a relaxing room, which will make you forget your everyday worries. Let yourself be seduced by the few decorative ideas following.

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Vintage Fashion Lookbook

The Prato Textile Museum presents another interesting exhibition, which leads us to take the story of great Italian brands. After admiring the creations of the exhibition dedicated to Enrico Coveri from museums of the Tuscan city, this time we talk about vintage style, with a whole host of famous names of the local landscape.

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