Fossil Handbags Collection Spring 2013

Colorful stems the new spring collection of fossil handbags. For example the Austin collection, it convinces with its classical forms and their simplicity. She reminds of models from the 60s. Fresh contemporary design and streaks in the Navy look, it has been adapted nowadays.

Other creations are outfitted with its execution in patent leather with partly refined fittings. Young ladies the fossil’s collection certainly good pockets. As always, so even with the latest collection have known designer in the in-house team, her fingers in the game. The 1984 based label was the first American company that convinced a new audience with stylish and affordable offers. Today, fossil still among the avant garde. Continue reading Fossil Handbags Collection Spring 2013

BLAENK Fashion Week Berlin Show January 2013

Silke Geib and Nadine Mollenkamp have 2011 Blaenk founded the fashion label and belong to the newcomers of the Berlin fashion week 2013. The young label is already successful, 2013, they won the “Start your fashion business” award of the Vogue and Salon have been invited by Christiane Arp to the VOGUE editor in Chief. The two local young ladies so that have captured her heart, and many more will follow.

Silke Geib and Nadine Mollenkamp have studied very successfully both fashion design and already have a large experience, they worked over the past years in renowned fashion houses. Both attracted as much attention with their theses were presented the fashion collections at festivals. Met the two designers in Amsterdam, today they operate stores in Berlin and Amsterdam, live and work in both cities. Continue reading BLAENK Fashion Week Berlin Show January 2013

H & M: Vanessa Paradis for the Conscious Collection 2013

In recent years, the awareness of where fashion comes from and how it is produced, has sharpened luckily some. Unfortunately one is in this development only at the beginning, so that the area eco fashion for many large companies is mainly a marketing tool. How much “good” is the Consciuos collection by H & M, do we let out, at this point and focus that the beautiful Vanessa Paradis is the new face of H & M conscious collection 2013.

She stressed that carefully selects, for which products and brands she model. Therefore she opted for the fashion made of organic cotton from H & M. Fair clothing is very important to you, and generally she love vintage style, because she buy environmentally friendly and likes to wiederverwende old clothes. Continue reading H & M: Vanessa Paradis for the Conscious Collection 2013

Sneaker Trends for Men for Summer 2013

We look up the sneaker trends for men for the summer 2013 one might think the 90s were there again. The manufacturers come up with brightly colored sneakers with all possible applications. Men can wear sneakers next summer to the suit or in everyday life in all colors and shapes. Has always been fashionable changes in the otherwise very conservative range of men’s fashion are accepted only if they are – especially down like the new sneaker trends. Continue reading Sneaker Trends for Men for Summer 2013

Leather Bags in Surprising Diversity

The dream Pearl in Cologne welcomes visitors to your Web site with a great selection of lovely models of the latest generation of pocket in triplicate: a perky couple in green and pink, three natural representatives of leather bags of different size and is equal to four mischievous pickpockets. You are notable for their resourcefulness, as for color, form and applications. Sometimes the shopping bag similar to, sometimes as a supple College pencil cases, times the bag hangs loosely on the shoulder. Overall a wide variety alluring diversity, also in strident colours and distinctive design in the sale. Man bags show up rather restrained, dignified and restrained, women can wear right at once several.

Continue reading Leather Bags in Surprising Diversity

The New SuperDry T-Shirt Collection

Superdry T-Shirts are unique, no other T-Shirt combines Japanese graphics with the intentionally washed-out look of American shirts of the 60’s and 70’s manufacturer. Superdry puts emphasis on soft, almost silky-looking fabrics, cotton, manufactured to the standards of English tailoring. This gives rise to casual streetwear of high quality and with a very comfortable to wear. No wonder that even stars such as Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio belong to the fan community of Superdry. Continue reading The New SuperDry T-Shirt Collection

Slow Watches Celebrate the Slow Lifestyle

Slow-a new life concept
Four founders of Hamburg not more to make every minute in the daily race and celebrate the slowness with the slow watches. The slow watches designed to fundamentally change the perception of the present time. The word slow to not go to a speed but to a way of life and an attitude to life, because many people have nowadays often forgotten in the hectic everyday life to live how they want it. The slow watches do not alter a life setting from one moment to the other, but they can remember when you once again don’t know what should be done first, that you can decide what you want to do. To be or not, whether or not stress or to enjoy every moment and have no time pressure. Continue reading Slow Watches Celebrate the Slow Lifestyle

Sell Used Clothing on the Internet

It does a lot on the subject of trade in second-hand goods on the Internet themselves. Who second hand clothing would like to sell online, surely know platforms such as our site, but also the specialized platforms like second hand, where you can even free offered his garments.

But also a new marketplace on the Internet offers the possibility to buy trendy, barely registered, luxury apparel and accessories of trendy brands and sell lovers of well-maintained designer fashion: girl flea market is an online portal, every day presents the latest designer pieces and fashion must-haves. The pre-loved clothing is up to 70% cheaper than the Virgin. Girl flea market is a wonderful chance to be kept only favorite pieces in the wardrobe. Continue reading Sell Used Clothing on the Internet

The New J brand F / S Collection 2013

It has finally come. The new J brand collection is here! The classically elegant collection “A Study in White” is the kick-off.
As the name suggests, convince the pieces with white paint and discreet applications. The predominantly-wide cuts adapt ideally to the female figure and appear nevertheless elegant and sexy. The Elizabeth-top falls into soft lines that harmonise perfectly with a white stretch jeans. Also the Fontaine pants is widely noticeable, available in many sizes and very sporty and yet classy.

Of course, “A study in white” line and several other jeans in fashionable styles and colors available are apart from the. For the ladies, narrow tube, 7/8 cut and designs with impact are provided. These vary the materials between cotton and real leather. Continue reading The New J brand F / S Collection 2013

With Slow Jo a Relaxed Look at the Passage of Time

Does time slow? With a look at the new collection of slow watches, one could almost get this impression. A single pointer indicates the cycle in a 24-hour interval, plane symmetry, there is. There’s no frills, no playful detail, only simple elegance. Entirely in black, with Italian calf leather strap and the timer in the army look or all of stainless steel, brushed, the range of expressions is wide gold on Brown or silver with black background -, the concept of the same. Continue reading With Slow Jo a Relaxed Look at the Passage of Time

The Scent of California – Get Collector “SoCal”

For years, the surfer line “Hollister” from the trendy fashion label is Abercrombie & Fitch in the United States a box-office hit. Now has the fashion here with a vengeance in Germany – and hence the perfume, that all visitors of the Hollister stores it will receive, as soon as entering one of the shops.

Because all Hollister stores after “SoCal” smell the typical scent of the brand. He stands for the lifestyle of Southern California and is suitable for the image of loading, which backed the scent with matching surfer music. Customers feel transported to California beaches. The flowery scent smells initially struggled and sweet cherries. Then comes a wooden touch to wearing, smelling more easily and exudes a breath of fresh air. This tart note is the special fragrance.
As the brand Hollister itself also “SoCal” for young people is suitable, because the scent is inspired by the identity of this generation. It’s a scent for surfers, which is well suited for the summer. The sweet note doesn’t bother it. Many people find the scent as very pleasant. Now many stores put on special will be offered in trade as well as in different online stores, such as in the room fragrance shop. Many premises are parfumisiert in LifeStyle and luxury brands. Continue reading The Scent of California – Get Collector “SoCal”

Fashion & Fashion News in April 2013

And Wham! Since he is already again past April. And so it is for us again together with you surprise a look at our statistics to throw and us to let what themes probably best arrived at you.

Clearly on number one of the most popular article in April our competition was of course, where’s a mega Samsung 9 series laptop to win. With more than 500 participants in a contest, it was one of the most popular contests of all time on the fashion Insider. Let’s see whether we can soon get Samsung as partner in the boat. Continue reading Fashion & Fashion News in April 2013

Hotsunday Combines Classic T-Shirts with Photo Art Prints

The classic T-Shirt in the 1950s and current photo design brings together the new label Hotsunday. With actors such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, the White T-Shirt in the movie – and culture scene surfaced at that time and became a kind of revolutionary statement for an unconventional life style in the 1960s with T-Shirts in the fashion spread and established at the same time. The T-Shirt no longer is named after the T-shape of his cut from the fashion industry and various variations in all fashion collections with present.

The German label Hotsunday has now made the original version of the 1950s back to the Center and with contemporary photography to a piece of fashion design. The photographer Chris Tille of label owner and also for international magazine has worked with the photographer Marija Strajnic, John Kilar, Tania Shcheglova, Roman Noven and Lukasz Wierzbowski, and fashion labels work, catered for the footage, which is applied as a handmade silkscreen prints on the white cotton fabric of T shirt classic. Continue reading Hotsunday Combines Classic T-Shirts with Photo Art Prints


Khbeis is a new boutique in Barranquilla, Colombia, which offers a classic and essential style for women, the pleasure in the fashion, but didn’t on the changes in the trends.

There is a new option of complements, the accessories combined with a touch of Oriental and vintage style, offers.

To found lines are pieces of jewelry in silver and bronze by Rose Khbeis and leather goods by Fadia Khbeis.

Behind this are two designers have been inspired by her father, who in 1981 the family business started, which specializes in the design and manufacture of fine jewelry. Every single creation of Khbeis was inspired by the Oriental spirit, to balance the balance of evolution between the classic and the modern, and characterized by a careful attention in terms of the quality of the pieces and excellent customer service. Continue reading Khbeis