International Fashion Bloggers: Fred Vielcanet from “Easy Fashion Paris”

While in this country only progressively more influential fashion bloggers, this is done more in other major cities. We last but not least we are interested in from this reason what so the fashion bloggers, in other cities and countries. For this reason, we have been bombarding them with our interview requests and present in this way from immediately interesting blogs from international fashion capitals.

Fred Vielcanet makes with his blog full of French chic starters:

What’s your name, where do you live and what is the name of your blog?
I’m Fred easy fashion Paris and I live in… Paris! (hard to believe, or?) Continue reading International Fashion Bloggers: Fred Vielcanet from “Easy Fashion Paris”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Is the New ASOS Cover Model of the July Issue

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the new cover model of the ASOs magazine. The 27 year-old actress follows Palermo or the young Elizabeth Olsen already on celebrities such as actress Shailen Woodley, it-girl Olivia and output of the ASOS was photographed exclusively by Jason Nocito for the July magazine exclusively in Los Angeles. Continue reading Mary Elizabeth Winstead Is the New ASOS Cover Model of the July Issue

Up Store in Munich for the Oktoberfest Opens up Pop Lena Hoschek 2012

A jaunty piece of Austria in Munich. Hardly a piece of clothing flatters the female silhouette more than a Dirndl. Whether bold understatement or noble pimped for the VIP tent at the Oktoberfest, are traditional elements en vogue and the synonym for high quality. Lena Hoschek, internationally known for her vintage label, reflects their passion for traditional crafts, precious materials and nostalgic patterns in their Dirndls line “Lena Hoschek tradition”.

Who wants to share Lena’s passion for traditional on the occasion of the Oktoberfest Beer Festival, is pop from 30 August until 22 September 2012 now in the Lena Hoschek up store at the Munich Viktualienmarkt where women RT 18 finest pieces, the heart beat an extensive collection of Dirndl and busts later let it rest. Continue reading Up Store in Munich for the Oktoberfest Opens up Pop Lena Hoschek 2012

Bonnie Strange Opened the Shit Shop in Berlin

It girl, model and designer Bonnie strange is now founded her own fashion label THE SHIT and opened the 9 July 2012 the concept store THE SHIT with Tattoo Artist Laura Cherrygrove Monday, SHOP in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. In the Greifenhagener Strabe 64, he then officially opens its doors.

Like the style of Bonnie strange as is the shop colorful, flashy and glamorous, with much 80 – years vintage chic, rhinestones and Accessories. Each piece of the dresses, shorts, jackets and sweaters is selected before personally by Bonnie on shopping tours through Paris and London. Continue reading Bonnie Strange Opened the Shit Shop in Berlin

The Bread and Butter Summer 2012

During the Berlin fashion week, the bread and butter is always my secret favorite; anywhere else, fashion is so relaxed, casual, international, and celebrated with a lot of entertainment factor.

Feels like a summer camp as a fashion fair especially out there more.

After a great opening party was BBB on day 1 also to the bread and butter, short. Although were missing this time unfortunately large labels like Levi’s or diesel (where last year there was the fantastic diesel island with sand and coconut trees) – still plenty was available again: Continue reading The Bread and Butter Summer 2012

The New Collection by La Perla

La Perla, one of the leading manufacturers worldwide in terms of lingerie, underwear and swimwear inspires the ladies of world with playful and subtly lovely pieces, high quality materials and fine fabrics. The new collection of fashion manufacturer is a mixed bag, and is divided into several categories.

Pret a-Porter line

In this product line elegant alternate bustiers and tops with figure hugging evening dresses, which are ideal for upscale occasions such as dinner or cocktail parties and gala dinners. The pieces with subtle transparency and semi-transparency and silk gloss playful lace patterns, for example, at neckline or back will be upgraded. A classic trench coat made of cotton, is represented by an elaborate embroidery on the buttons and the collar to the real eye catcher is the highlight. Classically are the prevailing colors of this product line of black and white. Continue reading The New Collection by La Perla

Attack of the Fluffy Parkas – the Autumn Winter Collection by Marlino

Already very early, the fashion trends for the late season (fall, winter) are set in the year. It is given the opportunity so the fashion-conscious people, in time his public appearance during the colder season to tune in to, although the summer is not yet properly started.

Have long held the pre fall collections in New York and the current direction of this year’s autumn / winter fashion given a rough framework that may not quite go to the southern German fashion company Marlino or overlooked and would like to. It’s the orientation of the world’s largest labels and to Postmodernism. Assuming that the inspirational basis of this trend in the exhibition of “Postmodernism” in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum is found, in which among other things the fashion trends were presented from the beginning of the 1970s combined years up to the early 90s.
But the renowned Munich label “Marlino” scores yet as usual with a standalone fashion and an unmistakably individual and at the same time practical style. Continue reading Attack of the Fluffy Parkas – the Autumn Winter Collection by Marlino

Designer Scouts and Skyy Vodka Swap Market in Berlin

The third year in a row there is now the SKYY VODKA SWAP MARKET: Friday, August 24, 2012, in the. HBC on Alexanderplatz.
Good music and tasty drinks, you can exchange there old vintage treasures at your whim. Of course, there will be also new Designer pieces to erswappen.

If you want mitswappen can browse ever his wardrobe after high-quality vintage parts, of which you want to split. From 9 to 23 August, SPOT in the Poplar Ahornallee 69 for a swap voucher can be redeemed your treasures in the SKYY SWAP. Continue reading Designer Scouts and Skyy Vodka Swap Market in Berlin

Trends in the Bridal Jewelry

When it comes to the day of the wedding, then most couples worry also to preparations. Everything should be perfect and especially women take most the time after a beautiful dress and the matching accessories to look for. Only jewelry and attention to detail in outfit complete and leave a shine. In recent years a lot has happened in the market and this is not least because that more and more companies and designers want to reach customers and offer a range of garments and jewelry for sale. Continue reading Trends in the Bridal Jewelry

Complete Look with Style and Sophistication: the Winter 2012 Collection of Yerse

The key topics are “Luxe grunge” in the autumn / winter 2012 at the Spanish label Yerse and “Country Style”. The typical for the brand vintage style, which has convinced the last seasons with its naturalness, is retained, it is however accentuated by strong, dynamic colors. For the first time also Lurexfaden used for knitting parts, that metallic shine, and give a certain glamour to the looks. Continue reading Complete Look with Style and Sophistication: the Winter 2012 Collection of Yerse

Noa Noa Autumn 2012: “Nostalgic Memories”

Veronica, who is Lenz, ah, now but rather the autumn;): drum now also the most labels show already their H/W Collections. Noa Noa, known for nostalgic, romantic looks, now provides a look into a closet filled with memories and multicultural influences.

Cultural objects of distant countries, times past and a breeze of wistful romance reflected here. This season the Scandinavian woman label lines divided Soiree and Atelier in three sub lines, which would stress the beauty of every woman with classic collection parts, elegant evening gown and extravagant designs classic. Continue reading Noa Noa Autumn 2012: “Nostalgic Memories”

Children’s Clothing by Adidas – Footwear and Children Clothes

Adidas has become known worldwide as a manufacturer of adult fashion and sportswear. Through continuous innovation over the past decades, adidas has taken a pioneering role in sports clothing and above all in the field of sports shoes. For some time, adidas produces now children’s fashion. This of course also as high as the large counterparts stay adidas products. In particular, the adidas kids shoes enjoy great popularity because they optimally support the younger generation when developing a sustainable foot muscles. Such children’s shoes you very cheap at our site can order sports. Continue reading Children’s Clothing by Adidas – Footwear and Children Clothes

Running Shoes Adidas Find Popular Not Only Among the Professional Athletes

Shoes must meet some criteria. That applies especially to sports shoes, as in sports, the foot is exposed to high physical loads. A manufacturer that does very well, is adidas. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany has committed itself since its founding in 1949 of the production of high-quality and above all functional sportswear. Adidas running shoes are good for sports our site sports shipping, which is popular not only among professional athletes.

The latest adidas running shoe models feature unique CLIMACOOL technology, which the company are patented. Continue reading Running Shoes Adidas Find Popular Not Only Among the Professional Athletes

MUSTANG Designed with the BossHoss

The German denim MUSTANG and Cowboys from the BossHoss designed together a collection: the MUSTANG BLACK EDITION BY THE BOSSHOSS. “We think it’s simply cool the BossHoss, they are authentic and not to bend. “As well as the BossHoss we ask ourselves the right, rough denim- carrier, Mustang urban Cowboys before.” so MUSTANG CEO Dietmar axe.

The German traditional denim MUSTANG had so many musical projects in its history: beginning with the founding of an own record label Jupiter records at the end of the 70s, a sponsorship deal with the Scorpions, the JAM-jeans and music-concept with VIVA, the sponsorship of Rock am ring and Rock im Park in the 90s and Koops with natural and fury in the slaughterhouse. Continue reading MUSTANG Designed with the BossHoss