8 Tips for the Perfect Vintage Mexican Style

Vielen think that is our style does not change. Finally, there is no new 30s, 40s, or 50s years. But if you look very closely, then can be in our little world of fashion trends. Last year was the tropical style it with pineapple and Flamingo, this year seems the vintage Mexican style to enforce. Here are my 10 tips for the perfect vintage Mexican style:


Although not all parts of the Vintage Voyage collection are online, but the behind the scene pictures of the shooting can be one, but just curious. After the Mexican-inspired clothing items there will appear. I am particularly pleased on the shirt Letty! Continue reading 8 Tips for the Perfect Vintage Mexican Style

Old World Meets New World – Retro Fallout Merch

Perceive is weird, but so: I like playing Xbox and this not only since yesterday. Somehow games makes me more fun than watching passively in the TV. What sounds like pepped stuff, provides but also surprises for vintage fans . The most beautiful adventure for past fanatics, who not only value a good game, but also a pretty graphic, is fallout 4.

Fallout 4

Fallout is long no longer a secret tip. And since here probably no one expects to read a full review of the game, I want to give you just a brief overview of the game. Continue reading Old World Meets New World – Retro Fallout Merch

Vintage Treasures to Buy – the Auction House 2.0

Not everything used to be better. But the quality of the furniture, I must confess: A modern furniture store can record it with my Junk finds and flea market treasures auctioned antiques! Because at that time, clothes, furniture and decorations were still produced for a whole life and had to keep not only up to the next trend. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to get to the true treasures.

Often disappointed the selection at the flea market and on the popular online platforms you are looking for is dumb and stupid until you ware has worked off the filthy furniture of modern times and the normal 2nd hand and ends up rarities for true vintage. To save time and nerves, a solution had to be found. And so I am pushed auctionet. Continue reading Vintage Treasures to Buy – the Auction House 2.0

How, a Vintage Hairstyles Book Captured My Heart

Ich stay not far from vintage hairstyles books. This is one reason that my patience and my hair is too short for elaborate hairstyles. On the other hand, I believe that a YouTube tutorial explains the most hairstyles easier as a photo gallery. But then I got a vintage hairstyles book in hands that completely convinced me.

First the motivation, then the work

Normally I skip introductions by how to books because they are self-beweihraeuchernd and too long. But here I make an exception, because the love Sarah Wing writes so personally, so honest and so positive, that I actually get pleasure, to test the hairstyles. Continue reading How, a Vintage Hairstyles Book Captured My Heart

The G Star Jeans 2012 There Are Trends for Men

The new men’s Jeans don’t stay star for the year 2012 models of G expectations back, which go hand in hand with the company name. Male, naughty and unconventional, top notch in the choice of materials and fabrics. Without fail, with courageous and innovative processing, G star is a company that does not follow the trends, but puts it.

3301 program of g of Star jeans for men we go fit fits in the coming year with slim and straight. Especially the raw Essentials 3301 straight, 100% treated cotton, through an intense blue-black tone out stands. The “raw Essentials” – line brings the best denim of brand G-star on the market. Each of which a special cut of the best Japanese and Italian denim. The jeans are best hand work in the authentic cuts on contemporary influences meet and are processed into new products. Continue reading The G Star Jeans 2012 There Are Trends for Men

L ‘ Affairs by Lancel: Bag to the 135th Anniversary

Believe it or not, but the Lancel company celebrates currently its whopping 135th anniversary! On this occasion it has come up with very special: a bag, the creativity and inventiveness of the founder of Angèle Lancel celebrates.

Founded in 1876 Angèle Lancel the first company for high-quality leather items in the world. Its first boutiques in Paris soon became a magnet of for women of the city. Their famous bags celebrated womanhood and set new standards by creative accents. So she built, for example, like small “compartments” in the pockets, where women could hide their letters or their smoking accessories. Also a mirror was like hidden in the bags. Continue reading L ‘ Affairs by Lancel: Bag to the 135th Anniversary

Skinny Pants: The Extraschmal Look for Men

Tight-fitting men’s trousers are characterized mainly through its straight-cut and hugging leg. These pants are nestled almost to the foot of the wearer and provide a fashionable and easy androgynous-looking look. These jeans and trousers in tubular form in almost every activity and every occasion be used for fashion-conscious men.

Skinny pants are also in men’s

For several years, the look with tight-fitting pants, oversize cardigans and matching tailored shirts or shirts is totally said. Men show more courage to the fashionable styling and access exciting and sometimes gaudy colors therefore also like to stir. That’s why the man pants world by pants in Orange, red or even neon yellow. Finally, gone are the days of boring and monotonous men’s trousers. With partially even to long pants legs, an automatic compression of the material created in the ankle area. Together with boots that are put together but only to the half, this look is only really good. Continue reading Skinny Pants: The Extraschmal Look for Men

Bonnie Strange for 7trends at Fashion Week Fever

Bonnie strange, model, photographer, fashion victim, it girl and friend of Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, 2012 really takes off. hardly an event where Bonnie is not Frolics.

The new year started for them right with many model jobs; so run Couture at the Berlin fashion week, short MBFW, for lever, rotates several videos on the topic of “what should I wear for the fashion week”, and modeling for 7trends.

Also here is the topic of fashion week – Bonnie, who styles himself, here shows their MBFW 2012 looks (are we so live can admire). Miss like strange’s colorful and extravagant; She loves the 80’s and vintage looks. Continue reading Bonnie Strange for 7trends at Fashion Week Fever

Fashion Fair: The Bread and Butter of 2012

Today on the last day of this wonderful show still the bread and butter, short BBB, was on (it and Floris van Bommel had loaded Levi) – tradinionell a highlight during fashion week.

Maker Karl Heinz Müller knows just how to keep the fashion people at whim; an awesome mixed exhibition, much for the eye and a colourful programme of fashion fun is finished. Many other fashion week events could orientate it… Continue reading Fashion Fair: The Bread and Butter of 2012

Flat Boots Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Flats is the trend this winter. What sounds postmodern and out of touch, is well-known and easily the anglicism for flat boots. These are the women not just as a figure-flattering favorite pieces in memory, but the new collections are decorated with lots of retro charm at simultaneous innovation.

Conspicuous by their hole patterns are Oxford, masculine, usually Brown or black leather shoes, which make perfect the turquoise. Whether to skirt or trousers, casual or chic, Oxford can be combined with almost anything.
The Budapest are as stylish and even more masculine. The former men’s shoes have now found their way to the women’s feet and not get bad there. The best look for slacks and blouse. You complete the str boar look with bun and Horn-rimmed glasses. Continue reading Flat Boots Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Charlize Theron: Red Carpet Look for Millions

The VIPs have it good; on the red carpet she may wear the most beautiful and most glamorous dresses and the most expensive jewelry – buy they have nothing like this but, all the designers borrow their stylists. Sometimes they are not even paid; Stylist Phillip Bloch about says: “I think Salma Hayek has paid yet never a dollar, we were also good friends”.

the trouble, time to figure out what can cost an A-list-VIP on the red carpet to see Globes 2012, here the example of Charlize Theron at the Golden made nymag himself now. She wore a vintage hair band by Cartier from 1920 worth 2.5 million dollars (!), make up the value of the product of 251 dollars plus stylist: 1500 dollars, her hair was made by Enzo Angileri, with products for $79, he got 400 for it; Continue reading Charlize Theron: Red Carpet Look for Millions

The New Spring 2012 “Cut & Paste” Is Collection of Gsus Sindustries

In the spring of 2012, gsus expanded its limits and shows an authentic collection for the urban audience. The theme of the collection is called “cut and paste” and is reflected in contrasting styles, where dreams meet reality on logic and creativity. “Due to the mix of different puzzle pieces on details, such as bags and other clothing components, I intuitively came on the theme of the new collection”, explains Jan Schrijver, design director at gsus. This creative approach brought unexpected colour and fabric combinations, and was the basis for a new look of gsus. Continue reading The New Spring 2012 “Cut & Paste” Is Collection of Gsus Sindustries

25 Years Kipling – Kipling Is Artistic and Plays with His Pockets

The accessories brand Kipling celebrates this year its 25.Geburtstag. To kick off the year of birth, Kipling has tumbled together eight international artists to launch an imaginative and surprising at the same time product Remix project in life together. Under the motto “Play with Bags”, the hand-picked creative minds have the Kipling’ designed and reinterpreted the classic collection.

In this project, provided a small reissue, the most famous vintage models Kipling’s were with the spirit of the age. The selected artists have sewn, tailored, turned or reshaped and thus added to their own pieces of art to Kipling’s ultra-light, iconic, crinkled nylon bags and photographically staged it. The results are eight compelling, surprising and unique visuals. Continue reading 25 Years Kipling – Kipling Is Artistic and Plays with His Pockets

Are the Watches & Jewelry Trends from the Inhorgenta Fair

In Munich over 1,100 exhibitors from 37 countries presented the latest trends in jewelry and watches. The inhorgenta fair was held for the 39th time and attracted about 30,000 trade visitors from all over the world in Bavaria’s state capital. Each year, exhibitors present their latest collections and buyers order the trends for the coming season.

This time clear lines and oversized design, a sporty interpretation of retro and vintage looks were the clear favorite. For watches, this means that the dials are larger and thus again be watches to offbeat accessories that you may like to show. Ceramic remains announced as trend material. Technically, there are interesting new features: neo luxury Kraftworxs presented a new substance. The crystals store light, so that the display in the dark without phosphorus and Radium can be illuminated constantly. Continue reading Are the Watches & Jewelry Trends from the Inhorgenta Fair