About User Vintage Fashion – the Book of All Girl Dreams

Ich was, am, and will be getting a small book rat. There were earlier novels, which have drawn me in her spell, now I look more and more for books that teach me. When researching a book that dealt with vintage fashion, I stumbled upon “All about vintage fashion”.

What’s in the book?

The book can be divided into four parts. In the first part of the 20 up 80s will be assessed individually years. Each decade is illuminated socially. One looks in vain for the typical stock photos. The Publisher have themselves made the effort really scan vintage fashion and to investigate when really each piece of clothing: where is it? How was it worn? From what material is it? What is the special thing about it? Continue reading About User Vintage Fashion – the Book of All Girl Dreams

10 Reasons Why Vintage Fashion Is Fabulous

Nature, there are also good repro brands. But something wonderful is to have an original of that time or not? What do you think: repro or real vintage? I’m looking forward to your opinion.

Vintage fashion is high-quality

The clothing part lives for 60 or more years. This is really considerably, considering that a tshirt of the wholesale is today already ready for the dustbin to the part after three washes. At that time still produced clothing to be worn. And that over the years. Today, fashion is a disposable product. Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Vintage Fashion Is Fabulous

10 Vintage Christmas Movies That Get You in the Mood

To predict m, there will be this year no White Christmas, I must be really not a psychic. 10 degrees make it difficult me in December to get into the Christmas spirit. The mulled wine tastes, well, if it’s really cold. Not even, I must wear my winter coat on the way to work. As I still get into the Christmas spirit? With one of these 10 vintage Christmas films!

1938 A Christmas Carol

In the United States, this was the most popular film adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel a long time. The film came a year earlier in the cinemas as scheduled. He tells the story of a tough businessman who gets a visit from spirits and then reconsiders his life. Continue reading 10 Vintage Christmas Movies That Get You in the Mood

Your Top 10 Posts from the Year 2015

ND again, one year is over. I become older, it seems the faster time to vanish. Since March, I write here for you. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always with much pleasure and a lot of research. As a reward for you diligent readers, there is an overview here. What I reported, what article have you liked best?


Yes, in some ways we think just slightly different. We are passionate philistine. What heck! Supposed to laugh about us. Continue reading Your Top 10 Posts from the Year 2015

Sun Records in Memphis

In topic that is ever long overdue, but today – to celebrate of the day – really had a post. Here a small excursion into the history of music; for the record label Sun records in Memphis!

706 Union Avenue, Memphis

Country Nashville, jazz is to New Orleans, but the rock ´n´ roll, who hails from Memphis! Here, the 706 Union Avenue, was opened in the recording Studio 66 years ago, should emerge from the later once the Sun Records label. Samuel Cornelius Phillips was founder of the Studio called Sma Phillips. Continue reading Sun Records in Memphis

The Popcorn Story

Interzeit’s cinema time. And what cannot be missed there? The popcorn! Popcorn and movies belong together like Dick and stupid, Gin and tonic, Bettie and her bangs. Here an excerpt from the popcorn story

Popcorn home

The corn for popcorn comes from the good old america. How long, people use corn as a food, you don’t know. But even the native of Americans have enjoyed the treat. It was also worn as jewelry. Supposedly, you can read the future from the grains of Brown on. Continue reading The Popcorn Story

Are Tattoos Authentic?

Yes, with the tattoos, it is such a thing. Either you love it or you hate it. But, Tattoos are still authentic?

The art of tattoo looks back over millennia. Not is a phenomenon of modern times. However, tattoos are stung today mostly for optical reasons. Earlier, usually the religion was the reason. Did you know that even Otzi the ice was tattooed?

Today it’s nothing out of the ordinary long more, that many people wearing art on the body. Approximately 9 percent of Germans have somewhere on their body of tattoos. There are even 22 percent for people between 25 and 34. Continue reading Are Tattoos Authentic?

Previously, Everything Was Better – a Ruthless Review

A, I am fond of in the good old days. Also, if I know that not everything was better. Or yet? The book earlier, everything was better is a ruthless and really entertaining retrospective.

Previously, everything was better – a ruthless review

The book is intended not only for vintage lovers. I think that every history-interested person takes his pleasure. It is ideal for in between, because it is sorted alphabetically. Explanations can be found for each letter. From Adenauer on F as Miss to z like cigarette holder you can read interesting facts and amusing in small bodies. Continue reading Previously, Everything Was Better – a Ruthless Review

The Biggest Gangster of the History Part 3 – John Dillinger

Without Dillinger – who had incidentally, German roots – was the first enemy of the State of the United States. He died with early 30s, after him the Lady in red had revealed to officials. But now again from scratch!

John Dillinger

In the photos, naughty he grins me. According to the motto: you get eh not me! John Dillinger was a really clever. His work in a factory unterforderte him. He drove around and stole the first car. What was he so: he stole even chickens! First of all he stole seemingly out of pure boredom. Continue reading The Biggest Gangster of the History Part 3 – John Dillinger

Stylish Riad – the V8 Hotel

EI I me the current weather often dream in a warmer place. But holiday? That isn’t in there right now. At least not tomorrow or day after tomorrow today. But a prolonged weekend trip… that would be but a nice alternative! All that it will it take in the Stuttgart area, can now cancel with the planning, because I found the ideal hotel for you! The V8 vintage Hotel in Boblingen.

Vintage Hotel – V8 hotel

Unfortunately I still never have can stay. But the pictures are not very promising? The motto “Oldtimer” continues even to the bathroom. The rooms are themed. I especially like the drive-in themed rooms! The spray starry sky, the cinema seats… I made really cute! Even the Carwash room has lots of charm. For US fans, there is a route 66 room by her style in the camping stay. There’s a reconstructed workshop with all sorts of gadgets for screwdrivers. Continue reading Stylish Riad – the V8 Hotel

Lottery Treasure Hunt in the Wollarium

Rgendwie are we all treasure! We are looking for treasures of bygone days, rummage flea markets and auction lovers pieces on our site. This is time-consuming and risky, because not always the old pieces have the hoped-for State. For all treasure hunters among you, here’s a tip: the Wollarium of Emma.

Emma – Dolly, fan classic screwball comedies and volume on Dreherin the Andrew sisters – lives with her family on the outskirts of Berlin. Like us, she has a fondness for old: whether it’s fashion, design and furniture. And with this passion she has founded the Wollarium in each vintage lovers comes at his own expense. Continue reading Lottery Treasure Hunt in the Wollarium

10 Vintage Bargain, the Current in the Winter Sale

Whereas that good intent throbs “Money saving” still in my head, my eyes see only one “sale!”. And everywhere! No matter whether for men, for women, for also for Authentiker… It seems everyone could just really save money when vintage shopping. The best vintage bargain I have you gathered here. Have fun shopping!

For all pin up girls

The dress in candy colors is sweet as sugar! Unfortunately only in size L in stock, but thanks to the vertical stripes and the belt at the waist it conjures up madness curves for only € 41,95 determined.
Save: 51% Continue reading 10 Vintage Bargain, the Current in the Winter Sale

The 10 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin

I’m back! My hometown of Hamburg has me after three days fashion week Berlin. In the luggage, I have lots of images and feet that are quite flat from running. Berlin is now times but a number larger than the Hanseatic City.

So that you have something from my short trip in our capital city, there are the 10 best vintage shops Berlin here for you! Added: I’ve only just discovered not all shops. Many I have known for years and browse there again if I am in the capital. Continue reading The 10 Best Vintage Shops in Berlin

Goodie Bag of Fashion Week Sweepstakes

last week it was quite quiet, because I was in Berlin at the fashion week. In addition to the many great images and impressions, I brought a little surprise you: A goodie bag of Vive Maria!

A day at the fair can be long. Eating and drinking is rare and the feet ache at the latest in Hall 3. As well, that I could recover me in the lounge and by Daniela Nastrovje Potsdam got down this goodie bag in hand. The content is namely a revival package for weary visitors. Continue reading Goodie Bag of Fashion Week Sweepstakes