Paglia Milano Fashion

Clothes from the Sixties silhouette, wool coats and dresses from soft volumes with lighted prints: a collection autumn-winter 2014-15 but fresh retro allure for Paglia Milano.

Margherita, Francesca and Giulia Straw present for the 2014-2015 autumn-winter collection in a fresh and youthful traits retro. A retro modernized which is the basis of their design, minimal design that is to focus on fabrics, however, about the cuts and details.

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Retro Vintage Interview Vadalizm Universe

After a gabfest with pin-ups like Cherry DollFace (YouTuber), Micheline Pitt (pin-up model and fashion designer) and Miss Rockwell (organizer of the biggest pin-up contest), it’s time to talk with one of the most recognizable models of vintage culture currently: Jasmin Rodriguez, best known comoVintage Vandalizm. Puerto Rican with a unique style, the pin-up is full of curves and what makes a good kitty eyeliner marked as no one, including your registered trademark. Continue reading Retro Vintage Interview Vadalizm Universe

Meet the Voodoo Shop Dedicated to Retro Fashion/Kustom

The Vudu is a store dedicated to the retrothread. Founded in 2008, the brand creates products inspired by old school tattoos, rock ‘n roll and the most varied elements involving the vintage theme. As one of the brands that most supports projects aimed at culture fifties, the store is a partner of the Party Rocket, event in celebration of the launch of the Retro Universe. Continue reading Meet the Voodoo Shop Dedicated to Retro Fashion/Kustom

10 Fashion Trends Summer

Fashion is renewed each season and other models of clothes come for success. Summer is the trend of the moment and everything revolves around this station. The pictures are beautiful and some pieces that you probably already have in your closet can also be used this summer. Parts for the summer are manufactured to facilitate your life on this are so you can make the most of all the riches that the summer has to transmit. That’s why we have selected below 10 fashion trends summer 2017. Continue reading 10 Fashion Trends Summer

“A Fresh Take on Bridal”~Bridal Dress Collection

We love Grace loves lace! Finally follows more of the label that has found great appeal to us. After you have already given a foretaste with the bridal dress of the Week “Loren White”, I would like to show you even more dresses from the current collection. The label stands out–Yippee!–with his models of the “typical princess dresses”. Continue reading “A Fresh Take on Bridal”~Bridal Dress Collection

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends

What will be the trends of the winter season 2013/2014? It will play all about contrasts and one of the muses of designers is the celluloid.

From the collections of Paris and New York, with a mandatory stop in London and Milan, it is clear that the next autumn-winter season is played throughout the contrasts: the ambiguity between male and female, between strength and fragility, opulence and grunge, past and this. Contrasts that reflect the many facets of the twenty-first century woman, and above all celebrate her unique personal style. What are some recurring trends of the winter season 2013-2014? A tip to the girls: take a look at the wardrobe of your fathers or boyfriends: you could find some really interesting item of clothing! Oversized dimensions, tomboy-style pinstripe fabric… these are some of the trends for next season.

Once again, the film was a major source of inspiration for designers. Many collections evoke the charm of the past (culture, fashion, lifestyle) that movies like the Great Gatsby, based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, have brought to the big screen. And again, movies like Noir, known for a highly dramatic film iconography and stylized, but also for the protagonists characters costumes, inspired a particularly refined style, reflected in proposals from real femme fatale. From celluloid directly on the catwalk!

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How to Decorate a Sideboard

The sideboards are wildcard objects in home decor. In addition to being mobile support, they can embellish an environment and provide a new space of functionality and organization.

They are more common in living rooms, but you can use them in almost every room in the house, even the little ones. Just invest in a strategic environment site and choose a model that has adequate size.

We’ve put different sideboards together in this guide and bring some tips to help you put them in your decor.

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Metallic Accessories: How to Get Inside of this Trend

Today We Will Talk About A Super Trend That’s Making A Success In Frances Jewelry:Metal Accessories. They Are Beautiful, Practical And Super Trendy. I Separated Some Models For You And Together We Will See How They Look Amazing In Any Visual. And If You Want To See More Trends For This Summer, See Here. Gold […] Continue reading Metallic Accessories: How to Get Inside of this Trend