6.5.: Dress Exchange Party in Berlin

6.5.: Dress Exchange Party in Berlin
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If you on the 6.5 in Berlin are still nix are you going, and are in the mood for shopping, common vintage clothes swap party be laid at the heart, this time with a touch 20 years. That’s the way Exchange: you can bring 3-10 parts (also shoes and bags) IN very good condition. For that, you get Exchange dollars you can redeem from 17:00 at the Boutique of Exchange against other things.

With the parts are high quality, the more dollars there. Things that are too old or not so nice, you can donate or take back. The facts:

Dress acceptance from 15.00 – 16.15, raffle to 16:30, opening the Exchange boutique at 17:00. From 15.00 – 16.30 you can get this style in the 20s look and photograph, with original costumes, feather boas and hair accessories.

The entrance fee is 10 euro, there are participation in the photo contest, a glass of sparkling wine, a little surprise and lots of dresses. Felix of Futurebags there are hand made leather bags, Svenja shows handmade jewelry and miniature monsters, “Mad in Berlin” motif shirts and jute bags from moment, Philipp from “Bonnie and dress” in the Gneisenaustraße has 20 years dream dresses, hair and feather boas for the photo contest.

Also, the makers mix a few designer pieces under the clothes. In the evening, then free admission to the bathhouse is Jam Session on Sunday evening.