60s Fashion Women’s Clothing

60s Fashion Women’s Clothing
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Nostalgic 60s brought the wardrobe pieces immortalized. Married women wore the famous chemise dresses, which had its peak even in 70s, but it was born originally in the 60s. Meet the fashion clothing of the 60s!

In fact, it’s no big deal. It’s a French word that means shirt or blouse. It is straight cutting, with sports collar, and may have long or short sleeves. The chemise is used until today, so remodeled.

Another creation of the 60s was the miniskirt, which caused scandals to appear in many traditional families because the dresses of the time for the girls were supported, with dresses skirts rounds, but with buttons that closed at least until the next-to-last.

The devotees of the mini-skirts were given, and it usually looks with judgments, especially if the girl was part of a family with a different core, i.e. parents separated.

At the time, all the girls wanted the miniskirts, when outside of the field of view of the parents, school uniform skirt wrapped to be shorter.

The truth is that fashion took part today in all youth and adolescents cabinets. After that, jeans are the most common part that exists, in various models and it is always in transformation.

Another fashion that brought by 60s and exists until today is the bikini thong, used primarily in Rio de Janeiro. Today, the vast majority of dental floss bikinis are, like most of the lingerie.


The clothes that dominated the scene in the 60s can be considered even innocent, however, it took a different direction after 65, when they started to emerge rebel movements demanding freedom of speech and that would continue more strong in the 70s.

As fashion is just the picture of the existing society, in the 60s there was a creative explosion, which hit the world.

With the birth of Bleatles and the Rolling Stones, the music scene completely changes. Because the birth of rock and roll here in Brazilian lands, the young guard with their singers wore boots, short skirts and scooters. Meanwhile, in the US, the Hells Angels motorcycle group, who was born in 1948, had its heyday in the 60s and 70s.

The fashion is going through great changes, following what would be the years’ rebels.


To tell the story of this fashion took 60 years, with the hippie movement, it would be necessary to go back in history at least 200 years. As it would give a huge matter, let’s focus on the years 60, which was the culmination of this style, consecrated by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, baptizing his creation sets Bohemia, which is an amalgamation of various ethnicities.


Fluid fabrics, prints on pants, shirts, dresses. The flowers in the light fabric. The high-top boots complete the visual image, almost always of dresses, short or long.

The moment are twill pants, shirts stamped fabric fluid good trim, almost all cropped, long skirts, with normal and high waist. The mini skirts are also popular in thicker fabric for winter with very long boots, above the knees.

The jeans were also repaginated and come back with the high waist, making success with sneakers, boots of all kinds.

The barred dresses also returned. In straight cut, it was used with barred belt, plunges bald and long sleeves.

Another trend of 60s back, is the gowns with elastic bands at the elbow and right large under elbows. And it is present in dresses, kimonos and details of clothes. The order is to customize.


The dresses at any time of the day go with short boots and night with short or long barrel boots.

The fabrics can be interpreted as symbols of freedom and comfort. The boho, for people who lives on the coast, is something so instinctive that is used without that people are aware of this trend.

In the autumn-winter, the boho continues popular with large coats which refer to the comfort.

The most iconic trendy Boho artist was without a doubt, the lead singer of the band Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks. All shows and clips recorded by her and she appears dancing amid a sea of fabrics and textures that there’s no way to separate the boho and her.