8 Shirts that Will Make You Wear a Sustainable Fashion

8 Shirts that Will Make You Wear a Sustainable Fashion
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Did you ever stop to wonder where your clothes come from? Perhaps your answer is “no”, but I know that a lot of people are reflecting on this issue.

That’s why the sustainable fashion, whose production has a low environmental impact, has been gaining so much space in the fashion market. After all, as we know, the clothing we wear is not just a matter of aesthetics—but also behavior. As if she talked to the world, silently, who we are and how we think.

In recent years, the brands began to pay more attention to sustainability. But some brands go even further and make this theme to your flag. In the case of sustainable fashion Tie.

Eco Fashion

The guys were born a few years ago, here in Brazil, thinking of making products with the lowest possible impact to the nature. They use materials that are recycled, organic or whose management doesn’t leave any residue behind.

OK, ok. The eco fashion is always nice in theory. But what in practice? Because it does not help much to brand have an ecological ideology and parts are expensive or out of style. Well, if that’s your concern, then relax.

The Shirts

The focus of the menswear collection of Tie are the t-shirts and the models have very good taste. It’s that kind of shirt you can’t go wrong in a casual look, you know? Simple and matador. Something that every man needs to be in the closet. The prices are also great: between R $79 and R $99.

Most of the shirts that are today on the website of the Cone are the collection elements, which brings a footprint connected with nature. But they are launching too slowly, the new journey to the center of the Earth focused more for vintage prints.

Both collections have basic modeling and are made of recycled raw materials, cotton and recycling of PET bottles. The result, in addition to style, it is also a super comfortable mesh t-shirt and who do not crumple or kneads.


You can use the Tie t-shirts in looks ranging from relaxed—type shorts and sneakers—up to other more serious, with matching jacket and twill trousers. But with pants or shorts, the cool thing is choose a basic template, so that the focus of the look gets into the prints, which are very artistic and they call enough attention.

In fact, a nice tip. They are having a mother’s day promotion in the air until 8 May. On purchases over R $300, you competes a and you can choose between three destinations: Pipa, beautiful or Porto de Galinhas. It’s a chance to meet the brand with products for you and your mother too.