A Finde Like No Other

A Finde Like No Other
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Ideas to try new things, learn, discover, enjoy. This weekend begins the 34/2016 is like no other in your life. · Let’s make weekend number 34 like no other.

Deco idea
Contarte something luminously presented on the headboard of the bed. Whatever. · Write something (preferably with lights) on the wall of the bedroom Photo · Photo: Simon Upton via ElleDecor

has long taught you how to cover hangers with fabric. If you fancy a little beautify your wardrobe. · Feeling like giving an additional dose of beauty to your wardrobe? Here you have a tutorial to line some hangers.

Coup de coeur
This jersey Asturian Ewan firm. Total catch: it’s mine :). · This cotton striped pullover. It’s already mine! Ewan

Music · Music
is put James Blunt on Spotify and enter loop. Especially this theme, your sun on sunday. Temazo · Once I start it’s really hard for me to stop listening James Blunt’s music. Specially his sun on sunday.

Peli · Movie
No news, I know, but if you have not seen The Danish Girl do not know what you’re expecting. · I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to recommend you to see The Danish Girl movie, but trust me, you should give it a try!

Location · Place
This weekend my city, Gijón, be donning the green bottle … of cider. A festival around our drink and apple. If you are in Asturias sale. · During the whole weekend, my hometown, Gijón, will have the taste of apples and cider.