A Flat in Vienna (or Decorating Furniture with History) [] a Beautiful Apartment in Vienna

A Flat in Vienna (or Decorating Furniture with History) [] a Beautiful Apartment in Vienna
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I just run into this beautiful Viennese floor in the blog Decor8 (how? Why did not you know? Because id honking …) and I found a perfect example of how to decorate a home – based pieces with history, recovered and collected here and there. It is the house of Verena Stummer, artistic director of screenagers (if you have a little time, please do not miss your website. It’s in German, English subtitled and is a breath of fresh air). And on top I find this lamp presiding overthis beautiful corner in the living room … [] I’ve just found this apartment in always inspiring blog Decor8 (what? You do not know it? Run there!) and I think this is the perfect example of how decorating your home with vintage finds. Its owner, Verena Stummer Also is the art director of screenagers (if you have some time, Please visit the website. It’s in german, but subtitled in Inglés. So refreshing!). And well, I must say I’ve had some identical glass ball light fixtures like the one above in my shop (including this one!).

and a thought that I had already implemented one of my orchids… [] And This notion of using a soup turee n as a flower pot is not new to me …

And then there is this simple and practical idea to place the ceiling lamp in the place you prefer, if you are not where you want it. Not valid for all lamps (which have a bar inside the cable are more complicated to hide) but of course here has become a decorative element would not you think? [] And then a esta is this smart concept for Placing a chandelier wherever you need it.

I invite you to know the rest of this lovely apartment in the blog Decor8. [] Let me recommend you to see more photos of this beautiful apartment in Decor8 blog.