A Transformation Queen Makeup Tips

A Transformation Queen Makeup Tips
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An incredible change: only she can give makeup tips! For Kandee Johnson manages to transform makeup & co use in all stars. There is little difference is usually to determine.

The Californian Kandee Johnson is a miracle of transformation. All make up tips , it creates the young woman, to style itself, so that it resembles another famous personalities such as an egg. On Instagram, the cosmetics Queen post their transformations.

Makeup Tips To Look Like Angelina Jolie

Johnson has their craft in the blood: you work as a Make-Up artist for magazines such as “Cosmopolitan” and “Elle” according to the news site 20min.ch. Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, or Barbie are some of the famous figures in which she already turned. There, no expensive beauty-OP is more necessary to look like his big Idol.

Makeup Tips On Youtube

According to makeupnecessities, there are the young beauty of  vintage makeup tips, how exactly does the transformation in a star on their YouTube channel. In tutorials, it explains step by step what products and vintage  makeup tips it takes to put in scene. As if it were a doll, Johnson wears to layer a Foundation after the other. In about 15 minutes, can follow the viewers of their transformation and get valuable makeup tips from the professionals doing the same.Johnson has over one million followers on YouTube.