An Apartment in Paris Closed for 70 Years • Madame De Florian Apartment in Paris Untouched

An Apartment in Paris Closed for 70 Years • Madame De Florian Apartment in Paris Untouched
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When not one but three habitual readers of the blog that put me on the track of the same story is because it has to be special and interesting muy and yes, ‘has thus been!

I put in a situation and you summarize the info I have. Paris 40. Marthe de Florian, also known as Madame de Florian, an actress and socialite of the time, usually at parties of Parisian high society, will live – all seems to indicate that so precipitously to the Riviera and leaves behind an apartment remains closed and bolted for more than 70 years. How is it possible that no one had discovered before such a jewel? Well, apparently because she paid rent religiously until his death, ninety-odd years. But knowing the human condition, I suspect not trust the existence of this beautiful place to anyone else, because I doubt that any family so so scrupulous respect the wishes of an “eccentric old lady”. So, for reasons unknown, this apartment remained intact until the death of Madame de Florian a few years ago and it was like all those terosos, his furniture, his paintings (apparently, is herself the woman pink dress end painted by Giovanni Boldini), some clothes, an ostrich! … came to light. · You’ve probably seen Already photos of this amazing apartment in Paris for 7 That Remains untouched decades. Socialite Madame de Florian used to live in it Until she left for the Riviera (seemingly on a hurry) in the 40s and never came back. Everything is exactly the way she saw it for the last time. Anyway, you can read all the story here, here and here or just dig a bit more for yourself. It’s worth a research :). An unbelievable story, is not it?

If like me the story has left you wanting to know more, here are three links provided by Isabel, Rocio and Kiku. But if you look a bit like your air, I’m sure you will find clues and details that I still have not read … and I have already searched a bit 🙂

Ale, to do a little bit of Indiana Jones. A kiss, dear @ s. And happy week.

* Look what we have this picture on wikipedia:

“A portrait of Boldini his former muse Marthe de Florian, a French actress, was discovered in an apartment in Paris in late 2010, hidden from view, since it was not visited for 70 years.

The portrait had never been included in his list of works, exhibited or published, and the floor belonged to the granddaughter of Florian … / … .A love note and a biographical reference to work painted in 1898 when the actress was 24 years , consolidated its authenticity. At the auction of the painting sold for 2.1 million euros, a record for the artist. “