An Idea Fun for Your Holidays: a Who’s Who with Your Friends.

What the vintage is in fashion It is something that we know all. And that, in recent years, has emerged a wave of melancholy in the 80s, also. It is what has been called generation EGB. And I wonder… is there anything we most remember those evenings of our childhood that a good Board game? You raise your hand who not is has spent hours of children playing at the! Who’s who!

The blog Almost Makes Perfect guys have created a Who is who DIY, you will recover all the fun that has provided us with that game. And, best of all, let’s play with the faces of! our friends! Do we start? You will only need some pieces of wood, screws, photographic paper and lots of imagination.

Before you start the DIY on Yes, plays the funniest part. We must choose you want those who are 25 players in the game. Friends, colleagues of faculty… Take the imagination fly. Remember who you are going to share more hours of play and choose common acquaintances, cotillead your social networks in search of a suitable photo (that traits are them well is essential) and print them. There is a bit of everything: variety is the spice.

The DIY part already depends on of the skill of each one. And the customization options, as you already imaginareis, are endless. My advice is that you continue at the foot of the letter his instructions to build the who’s who.

What do you think? Are do not you willing to one reunion of friends to play the who’s who home? I visualize me throwing me a good laugh at the expense of my Facebook contacts, converted, without knowing it, in parts of this home game.

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