Ariadna Fabregas: Talent and Instinct For Fashion

Ariadna Fabregas: Talent and Instinct For Fashion
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Taking care of your style when you are a super active woman, wife and mother of three children can be difficult in these times, where the days pass by and it costs to find a space for our passions. But there are exceptions, people who know how to combine family life, work life and defend with elaborate looks the style that makes them unique. This is the case of Ariadna Fábregas , a client and friend of El Maniquí Vintage for years , the protagonist of a photo shoot by one of our talented collaborators: photographer Ramon Oliveras.

The result of the shooting has pleased us so much that we asked Ariadna herself where her inspiration came from.The answers, as you can imagine, are worth very much.

How did you choose the 4 looks in the photo shoot and why did you decide on these combinations?

I choose my looks following my instinct.The truth is that, for some reason, when I enter a store, my mind has the ability to discern what it is that I like and do not like in the blink of an eye.I like to mix marked garments, with stripes, with moles, with pictures and try to follow a common thread through the colors.

What have you inspired yourself? What referrals do you have?

My inspiration, and who knows me knows that is totally in line with my way of understanding fashion, is the incredible and fascinating Iris Apfel.In line with what has been said above, say that my designer fetish is the Catalan Josep Font because he conceives fashion as art, something complicated to find.

How do you integrate vintage in your daily look? What is vintage for you?

I am lover of the different and the exotic and this I find in old clothes, and when combining them with current garments you end up getting an absolutely winning look.Besides, I like to think that I have exclusive clothes, clothes that only I have.To think that those clothes have a history fascinates me!

How did you meet The Vintage Mannequin and what do you like about the store? What sets it apart from other vintage stores you know?

I’ve known The Vintage Mannequin for a few years, when the “alma mater” of the project, Silvia Moyano, opened its first store on Calle Muntaner.I went in, I met the shop and Silvia, and I knew I would follow her wherever I went.And so it has been!Who knows it is wrapped in that aura of good taste and “savoir faire” that few vintage and first-hand shops offer you.I declare myself an unconditional fan of The Vintage Mannequin.Thank you very much, Silvia!