At Marta (or One of Satisfied Customers) • at Marta’s (Acerca Happy Customers)

At Marta (or One of Satisfied Customers) • at Marta’s (Acerca Happy Customers)
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If you visit my store occasionally, perhaps you’ve already recognized this little pink wooden table (his twin has fallen in Gijon, painted in linen color). When Martha noticed she wanted to use as a bedside table (or table light, as you say for many places in America right?) And accompanied by another similar, but not identical… [] If you happen to visit my online store from time to time, maybe you’ve Already Recognized esta vintage pink bedside table. When Marta ordered it and asked me to paint it pink, she wanted another one to present go with it, but she definitely wanted something different; same style but different color, and design…

And that’s how the idea of painting this other style but with two drawers, off – white color and paint him inside drawers uploaded a pink hue. [] So we decided to give a chance to this sidetable. The inside of the drawers is painted in a dark pink too.

So they look together, but no riots. The more I see this kind of mixtures, the more I like it. Pure rhythm. [] And here you can see how they look together at Both Sides of the bed. The more I see this kind of mix, the more I love it.

And for your bathroom, a space of straight lines, wall fittings (I love love love!!) and flooded white, Marta wanted to put the curvaceous counterpoint through this console ancient painted white. As she tells me in his mail “I’ve put in a sink where everything is very minimalist and straight lines, as it is white microcemento broken completely, walls, floor, sink and bathtub, with the console and tidbits of decoration I want IRLE giving contrast with warmer and classic! details “[] and she chose this antique wood console restored in white to give a pop of classic and, I’d say girly and romantic, to this minimalist bathroom. I adore the way it looks where she’s just placed it. 

Thank you, Martha, for your confidence, patience with me and for sharing these photos in your home. It makes a tremendous illusion see them. Thank you!! I invite you to see more photos sent by my clients here. [] Thanks to Marta for sharing some photos of her home. I invite you to see more pics send to me by my clients here.