Bazaar Things Vintage & Chic • Stories From the Vintage & Chic Bazaar

Bazaar Things Vintage & Chic • Stories From the Vintage & Chic Bazaar
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Today we boast in Vintage & Chic. Customers boast, boast of the photos you sent me. Boast to have such great people around this space. Finally, showing off. I start with the photos you sent me the Galician interior Beatriz Prieto Gayoso(soon will show an amazing reform that bears his signature). Upstairs German flexo extensible 50s that looks great lighting in the stairwell right. [] Today I’d like to show off a bit. I have the most incredible clients WHO Also send me photos of their vintage pieces used at home or in their interior design projects. So here you have a few images, starting by the three sent to me by Spanish interior designer Beatriz Prieto Gayoso. (very soon I’ll be sharing with you one of her amazing projects)

Here, Beatriz teaches vintage ceiling lamp, also the Bazaar and in my opinion could not be better surrounded … [] I think the ceiling fixture looks simply amazing here.

And three small gilded chandeliers to give a sophisticated dining table to touch. [] The golden vintage candelabra to give a sophisticated touch to the dining table.

Thank you, Alazne, by displaying photos of your new metal mirror with flowers in her brand new blog. What if you go over to tell you hello? Incidentally, in the photo on the right foot lamp also from the Bazaar is sensed. [] I’d like to thank Alazne, brand new blogger (why do not you visit her and say hello?) who sent me photos of her vintage oval mirror (on the top right you can see her floor lamp Past, Present from the Bazaar)

Also I have to thank Anna for sending this photo of her room, whose wall looks flawless and her birthday-surprise, that precious metal mirror sun. [] This sunburst mirror was the surprise birthday gift That Ana received from her husband. Does not it look just great there?

And thanks to Isabel, whom many already know for his great blog (well, blogs!). I love the photo on the right! [] And These photos are from Isabel’s home. I’m loving the right photo With the vintage candelabra. By the way, Isabel runs a few blogs too!

And thanks also to the interior design studio Space for tag me on Facebook with this pair of sconces with leaves. We must continue this project until the end… [] Let me thank interior designer Present Space for including this photo, featuring a vintage pair of sconces, in their Facebook page.

And I close by thanking my friend Carolina. Although hardly be seen under his im-pressive collection of hats from around the world, there’s a wall hanger;). Oh, and the Meccano set me candelabra is also familiar face. [] And last but not least, thanks to my dear friend Carolina. Even if it’s hard to see it, covered by her impressive hat collection from all around the world, there’s a vintage clothes rack under them. And I’m loving the candelabra in September too;).


What? Is it to show off or not? [] Well, what do you think? Is not it worth showing off a bit?