Best Vintage Leather Backpacks

Best Vintage Leather Backpacks
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Backpacks are back in force for several years, and not only among men. Originally created for hikers and soldiers, they returned to life for their practical side: they allow you to carry a lot of business while keeping your hands free, and avoid getting sore back.

Vintage Leather Backpacks

Yes but is it really a fashion accessory, with which you can walk with style? Indeed, are, in the imaginary common types of wallets that are not at all stylish or fashion, and instead oriented sport and hiking. And not at all!

What is vintage? These are usually products with a form to the former, as we would’ve found in years 50 or 60, and very often the belts with loops as closures. Sometimes inspired from leather motorcycle backpacks of USA, or bags of school children, they are also originals that timeless, and so are timeless. The colors are natural, Brown, Khaki, camel, beige or blue jeans. They immediately give a style to your outfits!

What budget do you need?

It depends on the material that will dial your vintage backpack. Thus, the prices will be highly variable: in the vicinity of 30 euros to buy patterns in canvas, and more than 100 euros if you opt for a vintage leather backpack !

Where to find a backpack of vintage style?

If you think the offer is a little too expensive in-store, your online purchase is the best solution for finding the best bag for cheap, and more with a variety of choices!

Keral bag for man and woman

Let’s start with the bag of the brand Keral, a vintage of hiking backpack trend , for men and women. Although he has this name, it is in fact an ideal bag for the city or for a weekend! Made in canvas, it has three pockets (one on the front) and two on the sides, as well as a large compartment that you close using the DrawString.

The yokes of closures, belts loops and the zip cord, are leather, as well as the handle in hand, and a square brand. We particularly appreciate the version blue denim (jean), although it is also available in original but still close to nature colours: Red, Khaki, yellow, coffee ground…

It measures 42 cm height 28 cm wide and 16 cm thick, which gives this vintage one backpack size neither too big nor too small. Reviews of customers who already have the test are very positive, since they find it beautiful and practical as well for school use (high school, college, University,…) for use as a good backpack for women for the city. He is also very strong! Allow about 36 euros and free shipping for purchase on Amazon in 2015.