Bikinis Fashion Trend

Bikinis Fashion Trend
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It’s new year’s Eve and the heat has been intensifying. The combination holidays and summer bring refreshing afternoon coastal us or even in clubs in the city. The sea, the Sun and relaxing waters of the swimming pools begin to be part of our calendar regularly over the next few months, and the concern to find the perfect bikini walks together!

For the summer and high summer 2011, the bikinis are not content with little. A lot of sophistication, elegance, femininity, relaxation and a vintage perfume leave their forms in the main collections of renowned national brands of swimwear.

Metals, weave, metallic textures, prints, fabrics, rings, draping elaborate molds and add value to the piece of beachwear and full of charm and glamour their summer tours.

On color chart are present since pastel shades, nudes to the explosion of vibrant tones with the face of Brazilian summer. Patterns, animal prints and dyeing technique tie dye are ensuring relaxed and even sophisticated parts for your days of Sun in the hottest season of the year. The stripes are well listed and appear in various thicknesses and models, making up references to navy style when combined with the colors red, blue and white.

Traditional models, such as the triangle and bow tied on the sides continue imposing in the collections of swimwear Summer.

The tops in modeling strapless are versatile and stylish. Handles can be placed and removed as personal preference and the inner bulge offer greater support to the breasts, not deforming them.
Another top model seen in the trends of summer and high summer 2011, are skimpy bikinis with retro style, like bras already used in day-to-day feminine are back and are great for women with enough bust that prioritize comfort in choosing your bathing suit.

Already at the bottom, in addition to the traditional models, the high waist is done again present in collections of Summer bikinis and high summer 2011! With a vintage air, they go up to the waist and promises to highlight in summer 2011. Another model that will make the head of many women are the strings with the elastic or greater with a range of fabric draped blouse, forming sort of a waistband. This model is ideal for women who care about have the deformed body or marked by the the Bikini elastic.

The thong also back the bikinis of the season and appreciate even more exclusively female curves, ideal for women who are in good shape.

So, learn to choose the perfect bikini for your body type and get ready to rock in the sunny afternoons of Summer 2011 with a lot of style and elegance.