Bonnie Strange for 7trends at Fashion Week Fever

Bonnie Strange for 7trends at Fashion Week Fever
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Bonnie strange, model, photographer, fashion victim, it girl and friend of Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, 2012 really takes off. hardly an event where Bonnie is not Frolics.

The new year started for them right with many model jobs; so run Couture at the Berlin fashion week, short MBFW, for lever, rotates several videos on the topic of “what should I wear for the fashion week”, and modeling for 7trends.

Also here is the topic of fashion week – Bonnie, who styles himself, here shows their MBFW 2012 looks (are we so live can admire). Miss like strange’s colorful and extravagant; She loves the 80’s and vintage looks.

Also her hair is colorful – the formerly blond mane gave way to various shades and is currently orange. When so many model jobs, you easily forget that Miss strange is also an extremely talented photographer. Also she is also blogging and share here their lifestyle with porcelain Jaguar-boyfriend “Peter”.

Peter’s fashion week tip is by the way: “the best all the time from morning drink, then you can not only get the hangover!”. Dear Peter’s what.

Their model band RIO girls with ex-GNTM-girl Marie Nasemann and model girlfriend Jackie’s story, but Bonnie would not Bonnie if she had not been a new solo project in the pipeline. It should be interesting.

Here Bonnie lane fashion week looks to MBFW 2012 for 7trends – certainly not for anyone portable, but to her it fits perfectly. See you at the fashion week, Miss strange!