Buy Quality Pieces with Affordable Price and Lot Looks Amazing

Buy Quality Pieces with Affordable Price and Lot Looks Amazing
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More than panning real findings with a vintage footprint, shop at thrift stores can be an attitude considered sustainable. You renew the wardrobe without major impacts on the environment and even recycles a piece that possibly would no longer use.

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“The fashion nowadays is very fickle. The stylists launch collections every six months and renew the wardrobe with this frequency is really hard. Before buying anything new, drop by at the flea market. With patience you can find quality parts with a more affordable price, and of course, with the benefit to be recycling, “says Marcia Siegmann, fashion and style consultant and a member of the flea market Dêideia, Rio Grande do Sul.

Theweigh the benefits, it’s not always easy to find the look of your dreams by visiting the shops, so learn from the tips of the consultant.

Tips for buying in thrift stores: patience, time and observation

“At the flea market there is a plethora of parts, however, hardly, in several sizes. So, look easy, Pan enough among macaws, touch the exhibits and experience everything with a lot of patience. Don’t let your visitors to calendar days and, if possible, return the following week because come new parts very often. ”

Set your style

“It is difficult to establish what you like in a single visit. Not to take pieces that don’t have much to do with you and then not to use, keep in mind exactly what you’re buying. ”

Thrift store is economy, but not both

“Not too long ago, the thrift stores had a footprint more vintage. We would find pieces of the twenties, thirties. So were much cheaper. But the life of these clothes have already expired. Today we find shops stuffed with current items and designer clothing. Because they are exclusive pieces, were used only once or twice. You’ll buy them for a lower value, but it is valid to note that they have an added value, both for the quality and the brand. ”

A defect is inevitable

“Remember that you are not buying a new play. Then, she will hardly be perfect. A poído tissue, a sheath undone, a button or a small patch are acceptable. Inclusive, are part of the vintage style. If it’s something hopeless or the piece is fully detonated, not advise buying. ”


“If your intention is to save beyond the sticker price, add the values to fix, if there is a defect in the play, and, since as much as the play’s stylized, it is important to wash before use. This calculation is important because often the end result would buy a brand new clothing, a sign that the camp is not worth it. “