Carhartt – from Workwear to the Streetwear Label

Carhartt – from Workwear to the Streetwear Label
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Carhartt – Workwear Since 1889

The history of the American Apparel producer Carhartt began in 1889, when Hamilton Carhartt began to produce sturdy work clothes. In the course of time, Carhartt was one of the most popular brands for hard-wearing work clothes.Initially, the brand produced still largely in North America, until Europe also in the taste of the high-quality work wear came, and the company became known worldwide. Since 1994, Carhartt also created a streetwear collection, which since then is one of the most popular Streetwearlabels.

Today we want to imagine a closer the iconic company.

The First Years – Hamilton Carhartt Founds His Company

In 1889, Hamilton Carhartt founded his company “Carhartt” in Detroit. This company’s first products were robust worker overalls made of denim fabrics and hemp linen, the so-called canvas. Of solid material would later become the distinctive mark of the Carhartt brand. Since inception has devoted themselves to this company of the creation of a “best in class”. It the highest standards of quality and durability and comfort were considered already earlier in the production of Workwear.

Carhartt – Streetwear For Individuals Or Work In Progress

In Europe, the Carhartt brand is divided into two areas: “Carhartt Workwear”, which produces the classic rugged work clothes modeled on American and “Carhartt Work in Progress”. This European licensee is shaped less by the typical work clothes, but speaks with his iconic clothing to the skaters, Bmxers, the hip hop scene and other youth cultures in more.

The company was founded by Edwin Faes and Oliver Drewes mid-90’s. The European distribution of the casual Carhartt streetwear is located in Weil am Rhein on the border of Switzerland and France collection. There are also including further branches of the company in Berlin, Hamburg, Offenbach, Düsseldorf and Vienna. The company is a subsidiary of the “work in progress holding”, which has its headquarters in Basel.

The streetwear can best describe sporty, casual and comfortable as collection by Carhartt. Little prints and straight lines provide a simple design which is unique by its sporty and casual style. Here young people, which put not on the established fashion, but on a line, however, are to be addressed.

Work in progress, there is in contrast to the company of Carhartt, which is designed in the United States only on the male buyers, also beautiful collections for women and children.The main products in Europe are cool jackets, casual T shirts, Paninaro, sweaters, shoes and accessories on EZINERELIGION. The iconic belts, bags, wallets, wool hats or Socks are manufactured by approximately 150 employees in offices in Ommen, which is located in the Netherlands and the textile factory in Poland. There are available for purchase even iconic skateboards of this successful brand.

Carhartt’s Commitment As A Sponsor

Through a targeted sponsorship, Carhartt earned also an excellent reputation in the audience of electronic music. The brand was by the readers of the de: bug magazineawarded in 2005 and the years before to the most popular fashion label.

The brand was especially known for her great commitment as sponsor of many good organizations or sports of BMX and skate scene. Since 1994, Carhartt is the sponsor of the FFA. The organization encourages students in their development and career. Also absolute newcomer sponsored by Carhartt, like for example, Aloe Blacc, the Carhartt designed a special T-Shirt for his tour.

Also is worn by many stars and starlets Carhartt often: the XX performed already once for Carhartt, Johnny Depp wears held rugged jackets of brand especially in the Grungestil, you can see the tough guys from “West Coast Customs” this iconic brand is already long widely used very often in a worker outfit by Carhartt and in the hip hop scene , so that you can get Dr. Dre or Eazy E in the Carhartt outfit to face. The streetwear label from Carhartt has can establish themselves in all kinds of youth cultures because of its casual looks and comfortable wearing comfort.

Until end of 2009 Carhartt work brought out several times the magazine “Rugged”, which was an English image magazine, in progress in the year. This magazine covered topics such as fashion, music, BMX, skateboarding and computer games. The magazine was available free of charge at Carhartt stores in Europe, Asia and Australia.

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