10 Vintage Christmas Movies That Get You in the Mood

To predict m, there will be this year no White Christmas, I must be really not a psychic. 10 degrees make it difficult me in December to get into the Christmas spirit. The mulled wine tastes, well, if it’s really cold. Not even, I must wear my winter coat on the way to work. As I still get into the Christmas spirit? With one of these 10 vintage Christmas films!

1938 A Christmas Carol

In the United States, this was the most popular film adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel a long time. The film came a year earlier in the cinemas as scheduled. He tells the story of a tough businessman who gets a visit from spirits and then reconsiders his life. Continue reading 10 Vintage Christmas Movies That Get You in the Mood

Sun Records in Memphis

In topic that is ever long overdue, but today – to celebrate of the day – really had a post. Here a small excursion into the history of music; for the record label Sun records in Memphis!

706 Union Avenue, Memphis

Country Nashville, jazz is to New Orleans, but the rock ´n´ roll, who hails from Memphis! Here, the 706 Union Avenue, was opened in the recording Studio 66 years ago, should emerge from the later once the Sun Records label. Samuel Cornelius Phillips was founder of the Studio called Sma Phillips. Continue reading Sun Records in Memphis

Previously, Everything Was Better – a Ruthless Review

A, I am fond of in the good old days. Also, if I know that not everything was better. Or yet? The book earlier, everything was better is a ruthless and really entertaining retrospective.

Previously, everything was better – a ruthless review

The book is intended not only for vintage lovers. I think that every history-interested person takes his pleasure. It is ideal for in between, because it is sorted alphabetically. Explanations can be found for each letter. From Adenauer on F as Miss to z like cigarette holder you can read interesting facts and amusing in small bodies. Continue reading Previously, Everything Was Better – a Ruthless Review

A Book on Your Knees – the Bible about the Godfather of Soul

Many sizes of the time died much too early. Too early, so we about they can learn. They were thus the mystery. Speculation about their person dominate the discussion. Is different with James Brown. Because his biography has been written already in 1988 and for 16 years before his death. Thus could Brown to express itself on the paper, shape it yourself and it lives this book! Continue reading A Book on Your Knees – the Bible about the Godfather of Soul

My Favorite Sleep Songs

A colleague put it appropriately: somehow the whole February was a single Monday! True words. The weather was cold and wet. The Sun was hardly to be seen and I’d prefer not only come out of bed. But: WAT mutt, dat mutt! So get out out of bed, off to work and then quickly back into hibernation. So the time in cozy bed is even more beautiful, I have compiled my favorite sleep songs to you. Enjoy the Snooze!

My favorite sleep songs

Ella Fitzgerald – dream a little dream of me

A song from the year 1931, that certainly gives you sweet dreams. Continue reading My Favorite Sleep Songs

Sell Used Clothing on the Internet

It does a lot on the subject of trade in second-hand goods on the Internet themselves. Who second hand clothing would like to sell online, surely know platforms such as our site, but also the specialized platforms like second hand kleidung.org, where you can even free offered his garments.

But also a new marketplace on the Internet offers the possibility to buy trendy, barely registered, luxury apparel and accessories of trendy brands and sell lovers of well-maintained designer fashion: girl flea market is an online portal, every day presents the latest designer pieces and fashion must-haves. The pre-loved clothing is up to 70% cheaper than the Virgin. Girl flea market is a wonderful chance to be kept only favorite pieces in the wardrobe. Continue reading Sell Used Clothing on the Internet

The Scent of California – Get Collector “SoCal”

For years, the surfer line “Hollister” from the trendy fashion label is Abercrombie & Fitch in the United States a box-office hit. Now has the fashion here with a vengeance in Germany – and hence the perfume, that all visitors of the Hollister stores it will receive, as soon as entering one of the shops.

Because all Hollister stores after “SoCal” smell the typical scent of the brand. He stands for the lifestyle of Southern California and is suitable for the image of loading, which backed the scent with matching surfer music. Customers feel transported to California beaches. The flowery scent smells initially struggled and sweet cherries. Then comes a wooden touch to wearing, smelling more easily and exudes a breath of fresh air. This tart note is the special fragrance.
As the brand Hollister itself also “SoCal” for young people is suitable, because the scent is inspired by the identity of this generation. It’s a scent for surfers, which is well suited for the summer. The sweet note doesn’t bother it. Many people find the scent as very pleasant. Now many stores put on special will be offered in trade as well as in different online stores, such as in the room fragrance shop. Many premises are parfumisiert in LifeStyle and luxury brands. Continue reading The Scent of California – Get Collector “SoCal”

Shopping Tip in Vienna: Magazine on the Market in Cereals

As you have probably noticed, we were so recently for a few days in Vienna and have hilarious us there classic in white tie and evening dress at the Opera ball. Of course, we were also shopping and have discovered the really charming store “Magazine on the cereals market”.

The magazine on the cereals market offers shopping, arts, and Farniente in one. Who wants to convince himself that fashion, gastronomy and art fit perfectly together, should embark on the fastest way on the Viennese grain market. Between the gumpendorferstrabe, the Mariahilfstrabe and Eschenbachgasse, right in the heart of Vienna’s District of galleries and all shopping streets, is the magazine on the cereals market. Continue reading Shopping Tip in Vienna: Magazine on the Market in Cereals

Vintage Design Deco

Outside, where one relaxes or gets in a homely, is the ideal place for a casual decor quaint

The charm of ancient objects is indisputable. Moreover, the renewed love for flea markets, garage sales and treasures vintage they contain are proof! In summer, it is natural to want to customize (also) terrace with such discoveries rather than opting for conventional elements which some find tiresome … More fragile than plastic, but so much more charming some furniture pieces can find their place in your summer cocoon clever way!

Continue reading Vintage Design Deco

Gewinnspiel: Brad Look Her in the Eye! -Allied Familiar Strangers

Winter time is film-date. So if anyone plans just a special evening – on Thursday (December 22) a moving romance starts with strangers familiar Allied – packaged in a nail-biting thriller released in our cinemas.

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt caught in an opaque network of love, lies and betrayal. The pictures alone are promising – two protagonists of sensual elegance that bring the canvas to the Crackle. The new Hollywood dream couple? At least on the big screen. The intimate familiarity between the main actors during the filming brought the rumor mill to the simmer and ensures sustained speculation to this day. But not only the aura of this couples also the intense imagery in the style of the old Hollywood takes us on a nostalgic journey. Continue reading Gewinnspiel: Brad Look Her in the Eye! -Allied Familiar Strangers

The Designer Vintage Store Moves to the Mulackstrabe “The New Black”

The legendary Designer vintage store now opened its new store in the Berlin Conrad Mulackstrabe 38. The new black is a diamond in the rough under the vintage clothes shops. Hand-picked pieces from New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London and Paris are offered. By Margiela, Raf Simons, Helmut Lang or YSL is something up to collectibles of Westwood and Comme des Garçons for any fashionista. Designer products at affordable prices and a well-kept ambience and smart staff are the things that have made the new black so popular. Continue reading The Designer Vintage Store Moves to the Mulackstrabe “The New Black”

Difference between Retro and Vintage

A very thin line marks the difference between retro and vintage, but both terms are often intermingled. My intention is to draw that line of short, clear and concise manner, so that it will easy to distinguish.

Ateniéndome my own definition of what is retro, it is objects that evoke the past, but that do not necessarily belong to him, not even to have been designed in the past, simply use the aesthetic of another time trying to appeal to our nostalgia.

Continue reading Difference between Retro and Vintage

Retro Style Rock

There is a real music genre called retro-style retro rock. In the years ottannta and 90s there were groups of musicians that kept alive the spirit of the first wave of rock & roll, playing music that celebrated all the pre-british invasion. This genus is not to be confused with roots rock, which mixes rock “the origins” (roots) with elements of country rock and folk rock, since he had a resolutely modern spirit. Retro-rock artists reinterpret the classic songs of rock ‘n’ roll and write new ones with the same spirit, though sometimes with a touch of irony. But, in any case, all the retro-rock is based on the celebration of rock, from Chuck Berry to the Beach Boys ‘ Pet Sounds.