Essential Pieces to the Wardrobe of Pin-Ups This Winter

The Brazilian winter officially arrives on the day June 20, but the low temperatures gave the guys in some parts of the country, such as South and Southeast. With that in mind, we select 13 essential parts for the Pin-Ups who want to escape the cold in style this winter. Let’s check it out?

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Germany’s First ShirtMob at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin

ReShirt and beyond Berlin present the very first ShirtMob in Berlin on Friday, April 27, 2012 at 17: 00 at Alexanderplatz. ShirtMob stands for the combination of T-Shirts and Flash mob and initiates as possible to gather so many people sharing their shirts in public.

Involves while more than a pure ‘swap’ or Exchange action. Not only the T-Shirt, but also the accompanying story is passed on the spot. So pieces erzahlende old T-Shirts in stories are transformed and newly upgraded. Continue reading Germany’s First ShirtMob at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin

The New SuperDry T-Shirt Collection

Superdry T-Shirts are unique, no other T-Shirt combines Japanese graphics with the intentionally washed-out look of American shirts of the 60’s and 70’s manufacturer. Superdry puts emphasis on soft, almost silky-looking fabrics, cotton, manufactured to the standards of English tailoring. This gives rise to casual streetwear of high quality and with a very comfortable to wear. No wonder that even stars such as Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio belong to the fan community of Superdry. Continue reading The New SuperDry T-Shirt Collection

Hotsunday Combines Classic T-Shirts with Photo Art Prints

The classic T-Shirt in the 1950s and current photo design brings together the new label Hotsunday. With actors such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, the White T-Shirt in the movie – and culture scene surfaced at that time and became a kind of revolutionary statement for an unconventional life style in the 1960s with T-Shirts in the fashion spread and established at the same time. The T-Shirt no longer is named after the T-shape of his cut from the fashion industry and various variations in all fashion collections with present.

The German label Hotsunday has now made the original version of the 1950s back to the Center and with contemporary photography to a piece of fashion design. The photographer Chris Tille of label owner and also for international magazine has worked with the photographer Marija Strajnic, John Kilar, Tania Shcheglova, Roman Noven and Lukasz Wierzbowski, and fashion labels work, catered for the footage, which is applied as a handmade silkscreen prints on the white cotton fabric of T shirt classic. Continue reading Hotsunday Combines Classic T-Shirts with Photo Art Prints

Plus Size Flapper Dress

If you hope to channel your inner woman in 1920, consider a dress plus size flapper for your next purchase. Fun for a masquerade or just to have in your closet for the unexpected moments when you want to dress up or make a style statement memorable, a flapper dress to add charm to your look serious.

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Vintage Blouse With Blinds And Crepet

Very nice and elegant chiffon blouse.

The blouse is manufactured totally in a good heavy satin quality. The front piece is in double layer so it is not all too transparent.

The blouse is longer at the back, where it’s nicely rounded so it goes down over the buttocks.

Vintage Chiffon Blouse

Yellow crepet blouse

Nice blouse in a really delicious easy and crepet viscose.

The blouse is in a warm yellow color and has many fine details.

It has the smock at chest, that makes the blouse fall really nice.
The sleeves are 3/4 long and also smock hem.
The neckline is round with a wide edge with fine stitching.

Vintage Yellow Blouse

An easy and delicious blouse just to take in the holiday suitcase.
It is an easy-to-use for both pants, shorts and skirts.
And then it is easy to deal with-just wash and hang up, and then it is ready for use.