Sunglasses Line of Giovanna Antonelli

The actress Giovanna Antonelli, who currently plays Deputy tough fashion Heloise, in the novel of 9:00 pm “Salve Jorge”, doesn’t like just fictional life in fashion. In real life, the artist has signed collections in various sectors. Recently, for example, she launched an incredibly sophisticated Polish collection-the Gio Antonelli–in partnership with Speciallità Hits, which was a tremendous success. Now, you’ve just come to the public the sunglasses line of Giovanna Antonelli, in partnership with the already consolidated brand in this sector Triton Eyewear. Continue reading Sunglasses Line of Giovanna Antonelli

Find Out What Trend in Sunglasses

Choose a model that protects you from the sun’s rays and leaves you beautiful

They adorn the face of most and exist in various colors and designs. But the sunglasses are not only useful for completing the look, they are very useful for eye protection. The glasses should block at least 70% of UVB light and 60% of UVA light. A 98% protection against both types of radiation is ideal.
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Ray Ban 70th Anniversary

With model Aviator beat Ray-Banthrough with a bang in 1937. Thus 70 years ago. The company had launched the sunglasses already a year earlier under the name Anti-Glare, but after the immediate success decided to come up with a better name. Ray-Ban are aimed at the then-revolutionary technology which protected the eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun. Aviator was the first model and it still manufactured and sold with great success. A true classic that is.

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Vintage Clothing Vichy

It ‘comeback the last year and, although not enjoying great success among us ordinary girls, in this time of year is always the center of attention and is particularly appreciated by the stars of street style!
The fantasy Vichy, the printing checked that depopulated on the catwalks of top designers, will also be part of this seasons o, whether you like it or not, it is perhaps appropriate to try to figure out how to match it in the right way.
Wear this fantasy is anything but simple and you have to follow some care to avoid showing off outfits that border on the ridiculous.

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How to Dress Vintage

You define an object produced in the past two decades as vintage, sometimes even before, that became a cult object for new generations as was for earlier.

Although pronounced the word Vintage English improperly derives from the French “l’Age du vin” (vintage wine) from “vendange” (vintage). The term coined initially for wines harvested and produced in the best vintages, became synonymous with the term “vintage”. Subsequently applied to other objects (such as guitars)

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Top Accessories for Autumn & Winter

Still, one may not think in the fall or winter, but both nigh unstoppable. Again autumn fashion types in the game come from a fashion perspective. Because, we can welcome as well as on those that you must install in a multilayer principle or slowly einmotten. In addition, gentle transitions remain us. A Michael Kors sunglasses remains a valued accessory in the following months. The sun sinks in the fall increasingly deeper. You also still quite beautiful shine when there is snow. We have looked around us in some shops, what there is else new, great accessories for Impressions and co. for the autumn and winter. Continue reading Top Accessories for Autumn & Winter

Persol Vintage Celebration Sunglasses

The name of the brand Persol comes from the Italian expression “per it ground” meaning “Sun”.Established in 1917 in Turin, the Persol brand now belongs to the Italian Luxottica group. It boasts a substantial legacy: artisan Italian design and a know-how recognized for many years, combining technology and aesthetics.

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Sunglasses Spring Summer 2016

The arrival of the beautiful days, as soon as the first rays of Sun, we draw our sunglasses and we do our small craneuses. The solar, it is the essential mode of your summer accessory. Glasses effect mirror mounts flier through the round glasses, here’s 58 models that may please you!

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Wearing 50s Sunglasses


Only after 1945, the sunglasses of pure utility was removed and developed finally to a fashionable accessory. With the end of World War II, especially the Americans were responsible for the Salon ability of sunglasses and its status as a small harbinger of the economic miracle. In particular, the “Aviator”-now probably the world’s most successful model of sunglasses -was the prototype of the “American way of life” and stand as a symbol of freedom, independence and the coolness of the Americans. With its famous ergonomic teardrop shape it was initially designed for the pilots units of the US Army and should allow them a slight glance at the dashboard. The timeless design of the Aviator has survived to this day as the original model of all sunglasses on the highest echelons of popularity. As a fully mirrored “Cop Shades” the famous piece of casual, American Police Officer is no longer indispensable.

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