Paglia Milano Fashion

Clothes from the Sixties silhouette, wool coats and dresses from soft volumes with lighted prints: a collection autumn-winter 2014-15 but fresh retro allure for Paglia Milano.

Margherita, Francesca and Giulia Straw present for the 2014-2015 autumn-winter collection in a fresh and youthful traits retro. A retro modernized which is the basis of their design, minimal design that is to focus on fabrics, however, about the cuts and details.

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Autumn Winter Fashion Trends

What will be the trends of the winter season 2013/2014? It will play all about contrasts and one of the muses of designers is the celluloid.

From the collections of Paris and New York, with a mandatory stop in London and Milan, it is clear that the next autumn-winter season is played throughout the contrasts: the ambiguity between male and female, between strength and fragility, opulence and grunge, past and this. Contrasts that reflect the many facets of the twenty-first century woman, and above all celebrate her unique personal style. What are some recurring trends of the winter season 2013-2014? A tip to the girls: take a look at the wardrobe of your fathers or boyfriends: you could find some really interesting item of clothing! Oversized dimensions, tomboy-style pinstripe fabric… these are some of the trends for next season.

Once again, the film was a major source of inspiration for designers. Many collections evoke the charm of the past (culture, fashion, lifestyle) that movies like the Great Gatsby, based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, have brought to the big screen. And again, movies like Noir, known for a highly dramatic film iconography and stylized, but also for the protagonists characters costumes, inspired a particularly refined style, reflected in proposals from real femme fatale. From celluloid directly on the catwalk!

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Short Portrait #17 – Khujo

In today’s short portrait, I dedicate myself to a German label, which has been playing for a long time in the fashion sector: Khujo. If this is still not a concept, this is not bad, I was up to this portrait also not yet known. But one thing I promise you, after which we have a look at Khujo and their lookbook, you will not forget it so quickly. Continue reading Short Portrait #17 – Khujo

The Best Boutiques for Vintage Lovers in Munich

Passionate vintage shoppers, who are accustomed to the selection from London or Berlin, have made it a bit difficult in Munich to search for and find second-hand stores and vintage stores. But there are some fine addresses to remember for the next treasure hunt. Continue reading The Best Boutiques for Vintage Lovers in Munich

Carhartt – from Workwear to the Streetwear Label

Carhartt – Workwear Since 1889

The history of the American Apparel producer Carhartt began in 1889, when Hamilton Carhartt began to produce sturdy work clothes. In the course of time, Carhartt was one of the most popular brands for hard-wearing work clothes.Initially, the brand produced still largely in North America, until Europe also in the taste of the high-quality work wear came, and the company became known worldwide. Since 1994, Carhartt also created a streetwear collection, which since then is one of the most popular Streetwearlabels. Continue reading Carhartt – from Workwear to the Streetwear Label

Essential Pieces to the Wardrobe of Pin-Ups This Winter

The Brazilian winter officially arrives on the day June 20, but the low temperatures gave the guys in some parts of the country, such as South and Southeast. With that in mind, we select 13 essential parts for the Pin-Ups who want to escape the cold in style this winter. Let’s check it out?

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Complete Your Vintage Look by Tucano Urbano

The Italian rider equipment firm has launched a new collection for all lovers of aesthetics Cafe Racer. Tucano Urbano has designed some jackets and leather gloves you get a total vintage look without sacrificing safety and comfort. Continue reading Complete Your Vintage Look by Tucano Urbano

How to Create 80s Look

Remember those years 80? Well, their cargo of exuberance and color is also very popular in the New Millennium, therefore, in this guide I will give you some tips to dress in the style of the 80s but without falling into the trash or revive some stereotypes really cheap fashion. The look that I propose is basically “by night”, but can be customized in the afternoon, being careful to remove some flashy accessories too. In any case, we see all the steps to recreate the style 80s into the new millennium.

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Camel Active Spring / Summer 2012 Collection

The current collection of camel active contains fashionable elements of the vintage look of that stands for ancient accents in the livery. The colors are slightly bleached and give the wearer an authentic naturalness. However, the designer of the collection have inspired also by the advantages of far-eastern weather clothing and maritime flair.

Leather jackets in Velvet celebrate a revival and the popular material is processed extensively detailed jackets. New fashionable trends resulting from material combinations and an appealing appearance is connected with high wearing comfort. The parts of the collection are generally rather puristic and are occasionally upgraded visually by patch pockets and lush button plackets. The design classics have prevailed here too and the diamonds look is one of the distinctive signs of the collection. Continue reading Camel Active Spring / Summer 2012 Collection

Attack of the Fluffy Parkas – the Autumn Winter Collection by Marlino

Already very early, the fashion trends for the late season (fall, winter) are set in the year. It is given the opportunity so the fashion-conscious people, in time his public appearance during the colder season to tune in to, although the summer is not yet properly started.

Have long held the pre fall collections in New York and the current direction of this year’s autumn / winter fashion given a rough framework that may not quite go to the southern German fashion company Marlino or overlooked and would like to. It’s the orientation of the world’s largest labels and to Postmodernism. Assuming that the inspirational basis of this trend in the exhibition of “Postmodernism” in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum is found, in which among other things the fashion trends were presented from the beginning of the 1970s combined years up to the early 90s.
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