10 Curiosities about Jeans for You Want to Resell Now!


Today we will bring to you some interesting curiosities about our beloved jeans, the most democratic piece of fashion. Today it is mandatory in 100% of everyone’sclosets all for comfort, style and authenticity. Continue reading 10 Curiosities about Jeans for You Want to Resell Now!

How to Be Well Looked Through Jegging Jeans?

To be looked at is to have a style that decoiffe, to assure every day without needing to break its piggy bank. It is knowing how to show off with the right fashion accessories and the right pieces of fabric, for example, the jean jeans. Continue reading How to Be Well Looked Through Jegging Jeans?

Essential Pieces to the Wardrobe of Pin-Ups This Winter

The Brazilian winter officially arrives on the day June 20, but the low temperatures gave the guys in some parts of the country, such as South and Southeast. With that in mind, we select 13 essential parts for the Pin-Ups who want to escape the cold in style this winter. Let’s check it out?

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The Back of the 1980s

While the International Exhibition Ready to Wear Paris is ready to welcome the public from 3 to 6 next September, Muriel Piaser, director of all PAPP Salons, deciphers for us the trends that punctuate the season Printemps Summer. the next ready-to-wear collections should sign the back of the 1980s the program: overalls, pants “bellbottoms” Hawaiian shirts and flashy colors.

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The G Star Jeans 2012 There Are Trends for Men

The new men’s Jeans don’t stay star for the year 2012 models of G expectations back, which go hand in hand with the company name. Male, naughty and unconventional, top notch in the choice of materials and fabrics. Without fail, with courageous and innovative processing, G star is a company that does not follow the trends, but puts it.

3301 program of g of Star jeans for men we go fit fits in the coming year with slim and straight. Especially the raw Essentials 3301 straight, 100% treated cotton, through an intense blue-black tone out stands. The “raw Essentials” – line brings the best denim of brand G-star on the market. Each of which a special cut of the best Japanese and Italian denim. The jeans are best hand work in the authentic cuts on contemporary influences meet and are processed into new products. Continue reading The G Star Jeans 2012 There Are Trends for Men

Skinny Pants: The Extraschmal Look for Men

Tight-fitting men’s trousers are characterized mainly through its straight-cut and hugging leg. These pants are nestled almost to the foot of the wearer and provide a fashionable and easy androgynous-looking look. These jeans and trousers in tubular form in almost every activity and every occasion be used for fashion-conscious men.

Skinny pants are also in men’s

For several years, the look with tight-fitting pants, oversize cardigans and matching tailored shirts or shirts is totally said. Men show more courage to the fashionable styling and access exciting and sometimes gaudy colors therefore also like to stir. That’s why the man pants world by pants in Orange, red or even neon yellow. Finally, gone are the days of boring and monotonous men’s trousers. With partially even to long pants legs, an automatic compression of the material created in the ankle area. Together with boots that are put together but only to the half, this look is only really good. Continue reading Skinny Pants: The Extraschmal Look for Men

The New J brand F / S Collection 2013

It has finally come. The new J brand collection is here! The classically elegant collection “A Study in White” is the kick-off.
As the name suggests, convince the pieces with white paint and discreet applications. The predominantly-wide cuts adapt ideally to the female figure and appear nevertheless elegant and sexy. The Elizabeth-top falls into soft lines that harmonise perfectly with a white stretch jeans. Also the Fontaine pants is widely noticeable, available in many sizes and very sporty and yet classy.

Of course, “A study in white” line and several other jeans in fashionable styles and colors available are apart from the. For the ladies, narrow tube, 7/8 cut and designs with impact are provided. These vary the materials between cotton and real leather. Continue reading The New J brand F / S Collection 2013

Street Style Jeans with Vintage Inspiration

Hevik presents the collection spring summer 2015 which stands out for its style and vintage inspiration. The images are out of Style & Fashion


The Hevik collection for spring summer coming, was presented at the study of the milanese photographer Siti Rahmah, who took some of the photos are in the gallery.

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Vintage 70s and 80s Look

70 years Look by annaturcato featuring brown tops

If the woman is 60 years was due to restore a structure in the years 70 wants his force be just don’t have structure, and ones who can afford it.

Get back to nature and find the wildest part and honestly Maverick himself.

The hair is moving, the sinuous and enveloping.

After the use and abuse of the miniskirt your legs become covered but this time by wide flared trousers on the bottom: flared jeans.

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