Outfit: Winter Favorites

They are the secret star of my today’s outfit even knitted socks. Colorful stripes, which flatter my feet, are welcome. The socks do not end up in the drawer, but are under same strapped by the Clothesline from. Another small star is the red bag of AB, which is of course not new, but currently non-stop is used. Continue reading Outfit: Winter Favorites

100% Cashmere in Color

Anchor business concept is simple. Cashmere jerseys of high quality, a large selection of colors and selling directly to the customer to keep prices down. We took a snack with company founder Niklas Anchor to discuss mythical Loro Piana, washing instructions and why kashmir is equally suited for summer as winter. Continue reading 100% Cashmere in Color

Essential Pieces to the Wardrobe of Pin-Ups This Winter

The Brazilian winter officially arrives on the day June 20, but the low temperatures gave the guys in some parts of the country, such as South and Southeast. With that in mind, we select 13 essential parts for the Pin-Ups who want to escape the cold in style this winter. Let’s check it out?

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From Cardigan is a Sweater

After you have a few weeks ago my cardigan in the West look showed, I show you today the sweater, which are actually incurred nähmäßig and head excessively. Because this Cardigan was the beginning and the proof that I can tinker a dress cut with a good template cope me even.

The template was again the  from creative laboratory Berlin*. But actually I have changed so much at the intersection, which is actually no longer recognizes him. But I promise, armholes and sleeves are definitely from the cut.  Although, the sleeves I have also vigorously extended … haha.

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We Knit a Cardigan

Today I want to by a common plan of my mom and tell me and how we get it, actually carry out the plan. And that alone the idea my mom was …

I have given you so recently a knitted cap and a scarf shown ( here ).Meanwhile, a fluffy scarf are again emerged with matching cap, I would also like to show you the end of February yet. I really knit very much. It employs my hands and even if I think it very much, I think knitting only nice things to. But only hats and scarves is to knit in the long run a bit boring and I wanted to try me serve up something bigger. This is best done something always with the support of my mom. When it comes to knitting, it is always my first contact and I let us show a lot from her.

Only what could knit nice, that’s just not quite as much wool needed (the plan was indeed times of backfires) and what I then really don? Well quite logsich -> a sweater or as they are called today: a cardigan. My mom was very excited and went immediately with. Well, that is not difficult to see that the plan is so “Mama and I knit a cardigan”.

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Cardigan Lightweight

Cardigan Light A woman can polish off any look and be worn in all seasons.

How to wear Cardigan Light Women

You can wear lightweight cardigan women in every season. It is a great layering piece and is easy to carry with you if you are in an extremely cool in the summer months.

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Vintage Sweaters and Cardigans

Whether classic or elegant variation, sweaters and cardigans are in the fall, and are thus a basic in every woman’s wardrobe. Here, the age does not matter, because from an early age, these fashion items can be found in the closet. Especially knitting designs have a long shelf life, as they are combined in many ways and they therefore remained long time in fashion. Very popular are, among other designs in vintage look, with embellishments, stitched details, beads or other embroidery.

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