Natural Lighting In Decoration

Apartment of 110 m² with lighting as element of reform recovered the personality of the property and conquered the new residents in Bela Vista

The kitchen wall was lined with Vianarte’s hydraulic tile. On the concrete bench, executed by the MGO Works, bowls and dishes of the House Regatta. Stools of A Lot Of. Dining table, from MCAD, chairs, by Fernando Jaeger, and pendant, from Yamamura. White table center of the Firma Casa Concept. Porcelain flooring Bauhaus Cemente, from Portobello (Photo: Edu Castello) Continue reading Natural Lighting In Decoration

Pictures of Couples in the Retro Style Is a Tendency

For more than the technological facility allow take a million pictures by cell phone, is a selfie or beside the person who loves you, the search for professional photos between couples have increased, after all, who doesn’t want to perpetuate the love your pictures of great quality and with a perfect production? Continue reading Pictures of Couples in the Retro Style Is a Tendency

Radio Stories – Cult Tv Station Kwem Back on Air

More than half a century KWEM not – and that sent after the TV station inMemphis the first time had introduced artists such as Howling Wolf, b.b.King, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash a radio audience. Little more than a year ago, he was brought back to life. Since there are 24 hours every day online to listen to the music that made Memphis in the 40’s and 50’s to one of the most exciting spots in the world. Continue reading Radio Stories – Cult Tv Station Kwem Back on Air

Lomography la Sardina Camera & Flash Grand Cru – on the Way to Wide-Angle Photography

With the La Sardina camera & Flash Grand Cru presents an excellent ticket to wide-angle photography. The Special Edition of the Sparklingr camera is not only optically a feast for the eyes, but is also a guarantee, to be the center of attention. The extraordinary camera combines a good technical base with a unique look. The robe of the camera seems to use airs this unparalleled vintage.

It consists of Cork and metallic shine, and by no means dispenses with a classic look. The combination of different properties ensures that the La Sardina camera & Flash Grand Cru is an ideal companion in the spotlight. Ordinary party images can turn with this wide-angle sweetie in a Trice into glamorous shots. Due to the camera, the kit includes also the matching Flash. It is the most powerful Flash, has to offer the lomography. Fritz the Flash offers three distance settings. In addition, there are different color filters available. It offers full control over the images. Continue reading Lomography la Sardina Camera & Flash Grand Cru – on the Way to Wide-Angle Photography

Choose the Right Printer for You

Difficult to escape! Multifunction (also known as “all-in-one”) dominate the print market. Originally intended for businesses, they bring together in one unit a printer, scanner and sometimes fax. By combining these elements, manufacturers create new functions. For example, the printer used with the scanner, copier becomes. Add a modem and you get a fax. For digital photography enthusiasts, the memory card reader or USB port allow direct sending photos to the printer without using a computer. The multifunction laboratory becomes digital development. The 3-in-1, consisting of a scanner and a printer, offering three functions (print, scan and photocopy), 4 in 1 additionally feature a modem and double as fax.

Continue reading Choose the Right Printer for You

Giphoscope Analog GIF Player

There is a world where you can live in total absence of electricity, cables, touch-screen and 4K.
Is there a way to clean up from the technological overload and return to the crank of an analog beautiful, with Giphoscope, the project of Alessandro Scali in collaboration with Marco Calabrese.
Giphoscope is an object from the ancestral and intriguing mechanism, defined as the first gif analog player in the world, is a winning toy that marries a centuries-old technique with the geek world, capturing the interest of major international observatories.

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Vintage Flashlights

When using a flashlight has been weakened, he needs to recharge the battery. Do not wait until the battery is exhausted, recharge; do not overload and discharge to avoid damaging the battery life!

Overload load, we need relatively positive and negative, not the positive and negative battery reversed.Indicator charger “red” to charge the flashlight when “green”, it is full, unplug the charger to stop charging the battery charge time is not too long, in general 18650 batteries need 3-6 recharged bell.

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My First Windows Phone

Here we are, after four weeks (plus one) to take stock of the migration process from Android to Windows Phone ecosystem. As we have said from the beginning, the goal was never answer the question whether it was worth or less changing ecosystem: it is a personal decision that it is better to perform autonomously, but most are the information in its possession more aware is the choice. The theoretical data up to a certain point. Better integrate them with field experience, on the real, everyday use cases. The best way to understand everything that has emerged in this month’s read all articles (and some comments):

A month of use is sufficient to learn a new ecosystem? It is sufficient to “unlearn” the old one and appreciate the new one? Probably the answer and arguments provided are different for everyone. In a curious parallel with far more important aspects of life, can be “love at first sight”, or a relationship that matures over time, or many other things.  Continue reading My First Windows Phone

Android Developer Icon Pack

The icon pack Material are the current fashion, but in the long run may prove a bit too similar to each other. Today we offer three alternatives that use very specific color palette, to offer something different from the usual.

Desaturate is the only icon pack free of the three, and it’s the one with the most personality. The extensive use of various shades of grey contrast of flashes of warm colors, vivid and dosed with the right sparingly. Not all icons are masterpieces, but with the right background and the right combination can be substantial setups. Continue reading Android Developer Icon Pack

Android Digital Clocks

In the field of watches, you know, there are those who prefer the timeless appeal of analog clocks, and who the practicality and versatility of digital processes. The beauty of the smartwatch, particularly Android Wear, is that you can make the switch between one world and the other (and many more completely new) at any time, thanks to the watch face. Today we offer a selection of six proposals made by the prolific Smartwatch Bureaux that are inspired by the philosophy of the best Casio G Shock and Pro Trek, Suunto more evolved and so on. Continue reading Android Digital Clocks