The Love Machine, or How Surprise (Of Truth) on Valentine’s Day

If you want to surprise your partners in Valentine, Today we bring you an original solution and very, very low cost. In addition, toca do a little bit of DIY It is always more fun. The Love machine, much that the name may suggest otherwise, is a small invention of the French blog Madame Citron, that allows you to give the best of you next Valentine’s day: your own words. Continue reading The Love Machine, or How Surprise (Of Truth) on Valentine’s Day

An Idea Fun for Your Holidays: a Who’s Who with Your Friends.

What the vintage is in fashion It is something that we know all. And that, in recent years, has emerged a wave of melancholy in the 80s, also. It is what has been called generation EGB. And I wonder… is there anything we most remember those evenings of our childhood that a good Board game? You raise your hand who not is has spent hours of children playing at the! Who’s who! Continue reading An Idea Fun for Your Holidays: a Who’s Who with Your Friends.

7 Accounts Instagram to Enter Fully in Christmas Mode

Christmas is there. You can like it or not, but… it is there, just around the corner. If you are of those who hates Christmas, awaits a hard drink of weeks of holiday spirit everywhere. But, if you’re a fan, you’re in luck. Because Christmas is not only already in the Christmas decorations in our cities or the thousands of plans of gargantuan dinners that bring us closer. Now, Christmas has also reached… Instagram! And these are the best accounts to get in Christmas mode in 3, 2, 1… Here we go! Continue reading 7 Accounts Instagram to Enter Fully in Christmas Mode

How to Decorate a Sideboard

The sideboards are wildcard objects in home decor. In addition to being mobile support, they can embellish an environment and provide a new space of functionality and organization.

They are more common in living rooms, but you can use them in almost every room in the house, even the little ones. Just invest in a strategic environment site and choose a model that has adequate size.

We’ve put different sideboards together in this guide and bring some tips to help you put them in your decor.

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Clock Design: Ideas and Tricks for a Contemporary Decoration

It is quite possible that the design clock seems a boring element for some, but carefully chosen, the clock can make the decoration of your interior more original by giving it character. Continue reading Clock Design: Ideas and Tricks for a Contemporary Decoration

How to Decorate a Salon

Discover all our ideas to decorate a design show, he is inspired by the Nordic countries, a retro period or a multicolor universe…

The design lounge is defined by the presence of highlights of the design, which puts color in the spotlight, whether neutral or very strong. The use of the materials also has great significance in the decoration of the living room design as a design show prefer sublimated simplicity, harmony and a minimalist style to a decoration too loaded with rustic or ancient

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Decorating With Rustic Tables

Want a decorative design unique and full of style to your home or apartment? Learn with our Tips how to make decorating with rustic tables and get inspired!

The decoration of environments is one of the richest and most interesting areas of human knowledge and, therefore, allows for a great combination of colors, styles, finishes and furniture decorations, ensuring that you can find the decoration project that suits you, regardless of your budget, your preferences or even if you like decorating with rustic tables or if you prefer modern brushed metal tables. Continue reading Decorating With Rustic Tables

Reading Corner in Living Room

Because Hélène has always wanted to set up the indentation of her patio door, Marie Claire Maison team has created for her a reading area where she can finally relax.

Prior to the development of the platform

The area in front of the window of his living room Haussmann is not situated, Helen wants this backwater to become a small cosy lounge and intimate.

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My Vintage Dream in Partnership with Dear Ms

Today I tell a super news for you! Me and the store Dear Miss made a super partnership! For those who do not know the store Dear Miss is the pin-up brazilian Miss Tata and sells romantic-themed accessories/vintage, if you love all this, you’ll love knowing that comes surprise out there. Continue reading My Vintage Dream in Partnership with Dear Ms

Graphic Lighting Effects

Such glittering jewelry, mirrors and reflections sparkling effects dress effect glossy silver lamps. A silver metal finish ideal for make vibrate the lighting and create new light games. The festive atmosphere and fairy are at the make you with our 6 lamps chrome silver and fantastic shopping!

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Music and Decor

If the architecture is “petrified music”, as Goethe, writer and philosopher, a lot of people take the phrase literally. So in love with sound, turn his own home Studio. The piano enters, leaves the Chair. Comes the drums, eliminates the couch. And, many times, the decor is hostage of the hobby. If you fit the profile and want to ride the your private lounge, without losing the warmth, inspired by these proposals. Continue reading Music and Decor