Metallic Accessories: How to Get Inside of this Trend

Today We Will Talk About A Super Trend That’s Making A Success In Frances Jewelry:Metal Accessories. They Are Beautiful, Practical And Super Trendy. I Separated Some Models For You And Together We Will See How They Look Amazing In Any Visual. And If You Want To See More Trends For This Summer, See Here. Gold […] Continue reading Metallic Accessories: How to Get Inside of this Trend

Celebrity Weddings, on Which We May Forward

We can hardly wait! After we could see several weddings over the past year some of our favorite celebrities give say also by 2015. To which marriages – and especially wedding rings and wedding dresses – we especially love here. Continue reading Celebrity Weddings, on Which We May Forward

Lilly Chats from the Jewelry Box

Have you ever asked yourselves where the phrase “Get cold feet” from? Supposedly comes the proverb from the world of gaming. Because the card money was previously prohibited, used secrecy gloomy basement – which were admittedly pretty cold – for illegal meetings. Now a player had bad cards and wanted to get out of the game, it used the cold in the basement as an excuse – true to the motto: “I’m so cold feet, I’m going home now”. Over time this expression has become a saying, if you want to run away from a situation. Continue reading Lilly Chats from the Jewelry Box

Hairstyle of a La Fontanges – Baroque Hairstyle Instructions

The Fontanges is an artfully constructed hairstyle of the late Baroque (1680-1720), which could be up to 60 cm high.

Supposedly wanted this hairstyle the 19 Duchesse de Fontanges, mistress of King XIV, during a hunting trip around 1680. Through a wild ride their hair had loosened, which just took them up and fastened with a garter belt. Continue reading Hairstyle of a La Fontanges – Baroque Hairstyle Instructions

How to Create 80s Look

Remember those years 80? Well, their cargo of exuberance and color is also very popular in the New Millennium, therefore, in this guide I will give you some tips to dress in the style of the 80s but without falling into the trash or revive some stereotypes really cheap fashion. The look that I propose is basically “by night”, but can be customized in the afternoon, being careful to remove some flashy accessories too. In any case, we see all the steps to recreate the style 80s into the new millennium.

Continue reading How to Create 80s Look

The Popcorn Story

Interzeit’s cinema time. And what cannot be missed there? The popcorn! Popcorn and movies belong together like Dick and stupid, Gin and tonic, Bettie and her bangs. Here an excerpt from the popcorn story

Popcorn home

The corn for popcorn comes from the good old america. How long, people use corn as a food, you don’t know. But even the native of Americans have enjoyed the treat. It was also worn as jewelry. Supposedly, you can read the future from the grains of Brown on. Continue reading The Popcorn Story

Jewel of the Week – My Ring from King Louie

Ange time I was on a treasure hunt. The Word makes it quite well: treasure hunt! My desire was a ring. Something special it, no jewelry, but also not too valuable, so I don’t trust me in to wear every day. I’ve been looking for three years before I found my ring by King Louie.

The treasure hunt is over

I went in the emsland, to school. And Emsland… thats practically Holland! Therefore, I found always very sympathetic to the label King Louie from Amsterdam. The fashion is so portable and convenient, but also fashionable. And then – when browsing on the website – the shock: there is also a jewellery collection? Continue reading Jewel of the Week – My Ring from King Louie

For Big Girls – Strawbetty Berlin

I’ve already tell you a Ten favorite vintage shops in Berlin. There was also the delightful shop Strawbetty. Just have a look and then back out? Not here! I will tell you why you should bring more time with something it.

Strawbetty Berlin

Berlin has many good addresses for retro clothing. An address that is interesting for many ladies of you, is called Strawbetty! Strawbetty serves the taste of each girl have become large. The clothes are affordable and portable – not quite unimportant for many of you! The shop also has an always well-stocked sale corner. (Just as a small tip on the edge) Continue reading For Big Girls – Strawbetty Berlin

Natalie Portman Gets Politically Correct Ring

She is just perfect; beautiful, talented and also engaged when it comes to the environment and animals: Natalie Portman. Beauty is vegan, she eats so absolutely no animal products, no honey or milk products also (and still healthy and glaring looks, or?), and also leather not wearing them.

Very laudable, if you think about time, like many animals for our lifestyle and consumption of meat suffer need. Even when her job as a Dior model, NAT had make extra shoes without leather. Continue reading Natalie Portman Gets Politically Correct Ring

Fashion Trends in Gold Jewelry for Spring Summer 2013

After in terms of jewelry in recent years that ‘less is more’ toes was, it will be 2013 glamorous – what is perhaps also the fashion guru of Harald Gloockler represented in the media.

The current trends and their origins
Is clearly visible, that used the cheapest fashion jewelry manufacturer newly interpreted the highest quality models in sheet metal and glass beads; Today, however, even the best goldsmiths from the low-cost trends inspiration. As the flashy, shiny, glistening look in the cheap range has independent ex-such that real gold jewelry will also demand in these eye-catching designs. Continue reading Fashion Trends in Gold Jewelry for Spring Summer 2013

Bonnie Strange Opened the Shit Shop in Berlin

It girl, model and designer Bonnie strange is now founded her own fashion label THE SHIT and opened the 9 July 2012 the concept store THE SHIT with Tattoo Artist Laura Cherrygrove Monday, SHOP in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. In the Greifenhagener Strabe 64, he then officially opens its doors.

Like the style of Bonnie strange as is the shop colorful, flashy and glamorous, with much 80 – years vintage chic, rhinestones and Accessories. Each piece of the dresses, shorts, jackets and sweaters is selected before personally by Bonnie on shopping tours through Paris and London. Continue reading Bonnie Strange Opened the Shit Shop in Berlin

Trends in the Bridal Jewelry

When it comes to the day of the wedding, then most couples worry also to preparations. Everything should be perfect and especially women take most the time after a beautiful dress and the matching accessories to look for. Only jewelry and attention to detail in outfit complete and leave a shine. In recent years a lot has happened in the market and this is not least because that more and more companies and designers want to reach customers and offer a range of garments and jewelry for sale. Continue reading Trends in the Bridal Jewelry

Beautiful Accessories from Fossil

If you think fossil Word only fossilized bones from the past, who missed some beautiful things. Because fossil known not only relics of the prehistoric, but fare Jewelry manufacturer, which stands for a long time for excellent jewelry works.

The fashion on the wrist
The history of the company started fossil in Richardson, Texas, United States. Here, the company was founded in 1984 by Tom and Kosta Kartsotis. Originally manufactured only watches in retro-styled, but soon expanded the range of the Texan. Nowadays, a large part of modern Schmuck accessories long ago among the production field of the Texas company. But already at the inception of fossil, it was clear that the focus of the company’s vintage will be. And even today fossil produces watches, necklaces, and rings that can not hide its classical origins, without thereby but frumpy. This concept explains also the slogan of the Texan: long live vintage. This slogan is guarantor for the while consistent style of the Texan, which however still steadily is modernised in order to satisfy current demands for 25 years. Continue reading Beautiful Accessories from Fossil


Khbeis is a new boutique in Barranquilla, Colombia, which offers a classic and essential style for women, the pleasure in the fashion, but didn’t on the changes in the trends.

There is a new option of complements, the accessories combined with a touch of Oriental and vintage style, offers.

To found lines are pieces of jewelry in silver and bronze by Rose Khbeis and leather goods by Fadia Khbeis.

Behind this are two designers have been inspired by her father, who in 1981 the family business started, which specializes in the design and manufacture of fine jewelry. Every single creation of Khbeis was inspired by the Oriental spirit, to balance the balance of evolution between the classic and the modern, and characterized by a careful attention in terms of the quality of the pieces and excellent customer service. Continue reading Khbeis