These Beauty Tricks Make Your Life So Much Easier

Do not want to hurry in the morning because you spend hours in the bathroom? Then read these 8 beauty tricks, because they will make your life so much easier. Promised!

Why complicated when it is easy? With the right beauty tricks, you can make life easier because they save time and nerves. Try these clever beauty hacks right away. Continue reading These Beauty Tricks Make Your Life So Much Easier

Maritime Accessory Classic: Anchor, Seagull and Co

Summer-accessories – a nice idea: stroll along the beach promenade, wear a Rolo chain around his neck, and also otherwise in terms of styling completely rely on maritime. Every summer on the new seashells, seagulls and co. include the accessory must-haves. Continue reading Maritime Accessory Classic: Anchor, Seagull and Co

Cool Accessories for Use in Autumn and Winter

It has the saying that “the winter makes the most fashionable people”, right? And in part it is due to the accessories that we can use this season because the cold allows us “to mount” more! I separated some that are up this winter for you to get inspired! Continue reading Cool Accessories for Use in Autumn and Winter

How to Create 80s Look

Remember those years 80? Well, their cargo of exuberance and color is also very popular in the New Millennium, therefore, in this guide I will give you some tips to dress in the style of the 80s but without falling into the trash or revive some stereotypes really cheap fashion. The look that I propose is basically “by night”, but can be customized in the afternoon, being careful to remove some flashy accessories too. In any case, we see all the steps to recreate the style 80s into the new millennium.

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How, a Vintage Hairstyles Book Captured My Heart

Ich stay not far from vintage hairstyles books. This is one reason that my patience and my hair is too short for elaborate hairstyles. On the other hand, I believe that a YouTube tutorial explains the most hairstyles easier as a photo gallery. But then I got a vintage hairstyles book in hands that completely convinced me.

First the motivation, then the work

Normally I skip introductions by how to books because they are self-beweihraeuchernd and too long. But here I make an exception, because the love Sarah Wing writes so personally, so honest and so positive, that I actually get pleasure, to test the hairstyles. Continue reading How, a Vintage Hairstyles Book Captured My Heart

Dark Lipstick for Fall 2015

Make up for autumn 2015, dark lipsticks are back but the effect mat won’t be the only one that you can show off! The typical colors of autumn become glossy and satin, to give light to the face and fullness to the lips, not to mention lipstick must have par excellence: the red.

Fall and winter bring the colors of the dark tones and dark trick of nature itself and the most prestigious brands seek to innovate this tradition of make up always adding a detail that makes their unique collections. The new makeup of the autumn 2015 covers a staple, perhaps, make up related to the cold season, which is the matte effect; lipsticks that leave the lips without light, filled with colors without facets are those that we have always seen and also used, but this year the trend is changing and, alongside the nuances come the mat satin flares and lips glossy or shiny effect. Continue reading Dark Lipstick for Fall 2015

Vintage 1960s Hairstyles

And ‘rock and irresistible style of winter cuts 2014 2015 Jean Louis David, one of the trademarks of hairstyle most loved in the world, which for this season with cuts short Unisex hair and moves and rebels blaring.

Season after season we learned about the style of the French company Jean Louis David, who has bewitched us during the summer with its proposals Girly Style, flash hairstyles trendy salon to do in just 15 minutes, and with the proposals of fashion haircuts Jean Louis David’s most elegant.

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Summer Makeup Trends

Do not miss that much the arrival of summer and if even this year, as always happens at this time, you already been hit by a great desire for renewal, you need to start thinking about how to brush your look! Get ready to make new purchases and to receive new clothes and accessories that will keep you company from here until the end of the summer and do not forget to renew your beauty case! 

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Latest Trends in Makeup and Fashion

Thursday night I attended a wonderful private party organized by Curler and Benefit San Francisco, a brand that manufactures cosmetics and very special products for make up. I got there pretty race after a working day spent in front of the PC. Just arrived, along with Ylenia my friend and colleague, we granted a glass of prosecco and we started to look around with eyes wide with beautiful make-up exposure and make-up sessions for the tests that had been organized on the first floor by Sephora to Milan Cathedral. Pink balloons were everywhere and a vaguely retro surrounded us. In fact I could appreciate the wonderful packaging of all products of Benefit: all very nice and never dull. Chat with some readers of curler and then off to my seat custom trick!

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Lancôme Nouvelle Vague

The cosmetics company is celebrating his beloved Paris and bet on creativity of three young designers: Yiqing Yin, Alexandre Vauthier and Jacquemus for a special cosmetic bag makeup collection.

Supporting young talents and love of beauty, Lancôme challenge three young French fashion for creating a cosmetic bag make-up in couture version. Chosen for their diversity and excellence symbol of new fashion talents of France, Yiqing Yin, Alexandre Vauthier and Jacquemus have devised special evening bags. Objects, therefore, created the union of fashion and beauty for a full femininity, strictly limited edition. Apart from the rose, distinctive symbol of the fashion house since 1935, creative people had carte blanche to an object that was the casket of beauty secrets of Lancôme. Each clutch, in fact, contains within it three products, beauty brand icons: lipstick Rouge Absolu, the perfect moisturizer and extremely tight, mascara hipnose Star, for an intense look, mysterious and “ultra black” and hipnose Palette, with four colors and an eyeliner. All that is needed for a make-up for the evening and beyond.

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