DIY Vintage Quilts

A so-called quilt-top, i.e. the upper side of a quilt, which has never been completed – missing before, edging and quilting. If you have the courage to embark on the project itself, here it is at least a very good beginning.

For the less ambitious can also be a great tablecloth if you just sewed a enkellt seam all the way around.

You can have some spots here and there (some shown in the pictures), but otherwise is in really excellent condition. By its very nature, let alone worn.
Super cute and very nice fabrics sewn together (it’s hard, I can promise you, who personally have not tried to sew patterns of diamonds and triangles together).

Probably from the 50s.
The back is shown on the last picture.
Dimensions: Approximately 140 x 190 cm.

DIY Vintage

Tips for Buying Vintage Patchwork Quilts

Vintage Quilts

On these these you will find a selection of vintage quilts and patchwork quilts.
Most of them are American and from the period between ca. 1920-1960 – it is because I myself have a taste for quilts/patchwork from this period, and some of them also comes from my own samllng.

It is colorful and beautiful quilts, usually sewn from a multitude of different cotton fabrics.

Each quilt is described as accurately as possible, and if you are interested in learning more about vintage quilts generally and on how to take care of them.

Vintage quilt with 50er substances

Vintage Quilt

Size: approx. 210 x 160 cm

Front: 4-patch blocks are sewn in different patterned fabrics.

Among other things, a great one with a Hawaiian girl on water skis! Between the blocks and at the edges, there are stripes of solid-colored yellow cotton fabric.
The back is of grey cotton canvas, just like kantningen. The back is rather faded and uneven colored, which could well indicate that it is made of home colored flour sacks.

& Sewing material 100% cotton. Hand quilted with strong, white cotton thread with fairly large stitches.

Condition: Very slightly worn and all substances are intact and does not tender. There is an area of approximately 20 x 20 cm with some brown spots (see picture) and a small hole at a rust stain on the back.

Age and origin: Quilten comes from Texas, Usa. Presumably, the ‘ 50s.