How to Choose a Tablecloth Color

With modern tablecloths we can turn the situation in our living room in a festive and insanely beautiful. It is important to comply with other elements to not get the opposite effect, ie imbalance in our home. Moreover, modern tablecloths can easily become the main focus in the interior of this room, bathing it with a shower of sophistication and style. The most important in our choice of this detail is the color, he must exist harmoniously with each item in this room. But how do we know which shade to choose?

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How to Choose a Tablecloth

Cover – based on the settings of the table, but not limited to its decoration, as many cover – based on the settings of the table, but not limited to its decoration, as many tablecloth dining or banquet table you need to know what material might be, what size and shape required.
Generally, each element of tableware has a feature. Its three covers:

Aesthetic – no cover looks goals and not so elegant;
cover mutes the sound of cymbals and instruments counter (no noise during meals is considered bad manners);
Cover reduces sliding plates on the table.
Today, the stores offer ready-made kits of blankets. Classic material for them – linen and cotton plat. No this rugged and dense fabric is easy enough. It is desirable for the table to acquire tablecloths, fabric containing mixed synthetic fibers – is more practical.

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A Question of The Fabric

Normally the man wrapped in fabric and like covered with fashionable fabric. One would like to show themselves, know themselves dressed nice and stylish. In short: one wants to feel in his clothes well. If you go for bathing and swimming, one might also feel good-but with less fabric on the body or the same completely unclothed. But even at the beach, swimming pool or in the sauna It’s not without a few basic textile accessories…

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Vintage Embroidery Textiles

Here you will find a selection of vintage textile, a wise older and antique textiles for the home, and possibly, sewed by – from before 1900 and up to about 1950.

For textiles from ca. 1950-1990 – see this category: Retro fabrics.

Vintage Embroidery Textiles

Here is especially bedding (duvet covers, pillow cases) and table linen (tablecloths and linen napkins) seasoned with a little quilts, decorative pillows and whatever else can decorate, heat and be both useful and beautiful.

The whole is described as accurately as possible, including any errors or omissions, but be aware that it is inherently cases there usually has been used, and therefore is not as new, even if they are in Nice condition. And keep an eye out for the dimensions of the duvet cover; our ancestors were so not quite as long as we are today, and it was their comforters and duvet covers do not. On the other hand, the quality is top notch.