Rolex: Datejust Reference 16018 With Malachite Dial

A Rolex watch with stone leaf

Many people associate Rolex with “Bling bling”, i.e. watches made of gold or platinum and often with diamonds, with rubies and other stones. Especially here in Germany, a Rolex was considered a long time as a so-called “Pimp Watch”. But times have changed, Rolex has become more than just a salon capable: it is currently the absolute strongest watch brand, and the collectors are tearing around old and vintage Rolex watches, even modern and new Rolex delight many lovers. Continue reading Rolex: Datejust Reference 16018 With Malachite Dial

15 National Bands Retro Clips That You Must Watch

Despite the inspired musical styles in the past be more segmented and have a smaller audience in relation to mass music in Brazil, there are national bands that have grown in this scenario. Bands of rock’n ‘ roll, rockabilly, psychobilly, hillbilly, surf music, bluegrass, swing, jazz, and its other aspects, have invested in audio-visual projects such as clips, that help to release them and to strengthen the image and positioning at the scene. Continue reading 15 National Bands Retro Clips That You Must Watch

The 5 Most Extreme Diving Watches in the World

Mechanical divers watches that are waterproof up to 12,000 meters

The deep sea starts at about 800 meters–a depth in which no daylight penetrates. The creatures that romp around here amaze us at least as much as the following extreme diver watches. Sink to the bottom of the ocean with the 5 most extreme diving watches in the world. This overview shows only mechanical clocks. Continue reading The 5 Most Extreme Diving Watches in the World

45 Ideas for the Coolest Giant Wall Clock!

There are so many ideas to decorate your walls. The giant wall clock is one of the best options you can achieve and that goes well with every interior style.Vintage, modern, luxurious, rustic, all styles go with the type of wall clock that corresponds to them. Continue reading 45 Ideas for the Coolest Giant Wall Clock!

Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic

It is stained in Glashütte. Vintage is generally with many manufacturers the next popular as never chases a heritage collection. Also the Glashutte factory provides a tribute and pays homage to the colorful 1960s with a special collection.

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Are the Watches & Jewelry Trends from the Inhorgenta Fair

In Munich over 1,100 exhibitors from 37 countries presented the latest trends in jewelry and watches. The inhorgenta fair was held for the 39th time and attracted about 30,000 trade visitors from all over the world in Bavaria’s state capital. Each year, exhibitors present their latest collections and buyers order the trends for the coming season.

This time clear lines and oversized design, a sporty interpretation of retro and vintage looks were the clear favorite. For watches, this means that the dials are larger and thus again be watches to offbeat accessories that you may like to show. Ceramic remains announced as trend material. Technically, there are interesting new features: neo luxury Kraftworxs presented a new substance. The crystals store light, so that the display in the dark without phosphorus and Radium can be illuminated constantly. Continue reading Are the Watches & Jewelry Trends from the Inhorgenta Fair

Slow Watches Celebrate the Slow Lifestyle

Slow-a new life concept
Four founders of Hamburg not more to make every minute in the daily race and celebrate the slowness with the slow watches. The slow watches designed to fundamentally change the perception of the present time. The word slow to not go to a speed but to a way of life and an attitude to life, because many people have nowadays often forgotten in the hectic everyday life to live how they want it. The slow watches do not alter a life setting from one moment to the other, but they can remember when you once again don’t know what should be done first, that you can decide what you want to do. To be or not, whether or not stress or to enjoy every moment and have no time pressure. Continue reading Slow Watches Celebrate the Slow Lifestyle

A Rolex Under 1000 Euro-Does It Work?

A Rolex under 1000 euro. Many think that is not possible. True,-it’s not either if you think this Watch the Geneva luxury brand to a new. New Rolex watches cost just a few thousand euros. Because nothing will change so soon. All supposed bargain in the triple-digit euro range are simply counterfeits of which you better let the finger. No matter what Google one of illustrious offers proposes:

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Buy Vintage Watches On Ebay

Unfortunately I had no time for the last week finds Friday. So without further ADO I one from today’s Monday finds holiday. As always I present some beautiful vintage watches that go away just on ebay.

If you don’t know BB´s-here along to the first output and some explanations.

And who wants to-I won’t read please very: Finds Friday (ebay affiliate link).

For everyone else-something more detailed:

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Investment Vintage Watches

Groovy, baby! Or: Mojo in Glashütte.-The 60’s were quite colorful. And this is also the new collection, the Glashütte original under the name of Sixties Iconic has announced a few days ago. When I saw the first pictures of the new models with their colorful dials, I thought: “Right now, that you know.”.

This is a of course because that is when these watches a reissue of the glassworks Spezimatic from reunification, to another but also keep in mind that I myself, bought a vintage glass works several years ago that bears a considerable resemblance to one of these new watches. At least, as regards the extravagant and changing from red to yellow dial.

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