Challenge: a Year without Buying

Challenge: a Year without Buying
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People, this is a post-confession of a topic that should be addressed here: fashion conscious and intelligent.

The idea is to encourage you to “buy” more on wardrobe and experience the delightful styling exercise. But I don’t understand sets, Bia. What’s this about styling? Calm down! Just the name that’s complicated and involved. Nothing more than use the creativity to make your closet work, especially in time of crisis. You end up discovering different combinations for a single piece or even use it differently: shirts and scarves saw skirts, sweaters, beach … As well as create mix of prints and textures in productions that never would have imagined that would be good.

And you know where it’s coming from the imagination to everything? The Findings (lol!), magazines, pictures of street style we see in websites, instagram etc. I have a dip of references on your computer and another on my cell with looks that I like. So, when you hit the lazy fashion don’t have inspiration, or a day of hurry to run for the job, and also when a special event I take a peek, I run to my “collection”. Trust me, girls. You can play several ideas with his plays. Then, when I see that lack any item I try to fit in with something like that and then, only if it’s waaaay essential, go out and buy. And limit myself to that. Without distractions!

Another tip is to know your body well, because it helps to avoid those purchases of items that are high, but you don’t favor, you know? So don’t fall for that trap and always keep in mind what you already know what works and doesn’t work for you. Who doesn’t regret having bought something that looks good but he never used it with anything? I, for example, by having wide shoulders avoid pieces with volume in this region of the body (ruffles, shoulder pads and shirt sleeve), as well as the collar canoe and closest necklaces around his neck I put on by breasts. Fair pieces at the hip too fall well, so I always go in soltinhas and rounds, to balance with the width of the shoulders. You know what I mean? This will avoid a lot of buying.

It is also worth making a list of items that are kind of indispensable and wildcards as: white shirt, shoe, jacket, leather jacket, a pair of jeans that you view very well. These pieces that work in any production are worth the investment. You can even spend a little more with them because it will last and last. Add to them things that have to do with your style. For example: if it is romantic, have something with lace, Ruffles, floral print. Is boho? Think so frantic, velvet, embroidered … Modern love a nice skinny, leather pieces, little boots and silver accessories. And so on …

You may even think that by working in fashion I am a card-carrying consumerist, but no. Of course, I won a lot and I thank God every day for this, because a lot of beautiful thing comes through the recognition of my work. Amen! But when it comes to go out and buy it, on trips or special occasions I am selective for knowing my body and my style. Of course it’s difficult, and how! Be bombarded every day with emails, parades, give references that push to go out spending off the top of my head. And I allow myself yes some treats now and again never, after all, I’m not made of iron. But I think enough if that piece combines with what I have in the closet, if I see myself using it for over a year, if I dressed well, if the price is right etc.

From time to time, more or less every 6 months, do I clean in my wardrobe and shot everything that I didn’t use. Before that I leave the pieces in a special place as if all have the label “try this, Bia!”. So I force myself to test productions with them. But feel that didn’t happen, forget it. Outside! The same happens with items that I’ve used a lot, but that after a while don’t match my personality, my moment of life. I was a person of many prints, I passed by the total phase black, when I worked in magazines, today I am more boho/vintage and it may be that in some time is modern, whatever according to It is normal! And the clothes come with our jobs, travel, plans … Isn’t that right?

And it was at this last cleaning, day 10 of July, after taking the items about which I spoke up there that I realized I had things that I haven’t worn for a long time, but that still suit me and that could be combined with each other in looks I’ve ever tested. It’s like having a store neat for me to go out by combining the items, what a delight! And in the middle of that mountain of clothes I said:”mom, I’m going to be a year without buying clothes, shoes and accessories! But I can win this, okay? RS. ” And in this joke real I put a goal of trying to not repeat look, using what I got in the closet for a year. Yes! My challenge for me and I want to look at it as a certain self-knowledge. I’m excited!

Anyway, I hope this has opened the head for this research in the closet. And if you need help, you can call me. Excuse me for my “merch”, but I’m a personal shopper and fashion consultant, then I can help you find out what your body type, what you value and what suits you, what key parts are missing and where search amazing references. Write me at