Charlize Theron: Red Carpet Look for Millions

Charlize Theron: Red Carpet Look for Millions
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The VIPs have it good; on the red carpet she may wear the most beautiful and most glamorous dresses and the most expensive jewelry – buy they have nothing like this but, all the designers borrow their stylists. Sometimes they are not even paid; Stylist Phillip Bloch about says: “I think Salma Hayek has paid yet never a dollar, we were also good friends”.

the trouble, time to figure out what can cost an A-list-VIP on the red carpet to see Globes 2012, here the example of Charlize Theron at the Golden made nymag himself now. She wore a vintage hair band by Cartier from 1920 worth 2.5 million dollars (!), make up the value of the product of 251 dollars plus stylist: 1500 dollars, her hair was made by Enzo Angileri, with products for $79, he got 400 for it;

Earrings by Cartier white gold and diamonds worth $ 76.525 (albeit borrowed, like the other jewelry), a couture dress by Christian Dior for more than $30,000, a Cartier brooch from 1951 for 1.5 million and a Cartier platinum ring for 3,950,000 dollars with diamonds.

The couture handbag came also by Dior, she was worth $20,000, the shoes of Givenchy “only” $1150. Almost a bargain. NYMag calculated a total value of Charlize’ outfit 8.079.905 (!) Dollars, of which Charlize even 0 dollar… had to pay

For this run but also advertising for the label, and it would cost otherwise arguably quite a bit. Speaking of advertising; the beautiful Charlize is Dior’s perfume face (j ‘ adore). Another question is whether it is still relaxed with so many millions on the body, probably.