Chess Dress by FÁTima Bernardes – Fashion Dresses

Chess Dress by FÁTima Bernardes – Fashion Dresses
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Check Out Options For Women’s Plaid Dress From FÁTima Bernardes And Get Inspired For Your Next Party!

Fátima Bernardes is a very famous Brazilian journalist.Currently, he stopped presenting journalistic programs to dedicate to an entertainment program called “Meeting with Fátima Bernardes”. In one of the editions of her program, Fátima Bernardes wore a blue dress with plaid pattern, elegant and stripped. This plaid dress is the inspiration for today’s post titled plaid lady dress by Fátima Bernardes. Check it out and get inspired for your next party!

The plaid dress by Fátima Bernardes has a beautiful shade of blue, very high in the current fashion, which looks beautiful in women of different ethnicities. In order for the plaid pattern not to be exaggerated, the stripes are very light and not very marked. In addition, the choice of black chess is ideal for those who do not want to draw too much attention. It is worth mentioning that the modeling of this dress is comfortable and values ​​the bust, lap and waist.

Tips For Dress For Lady Chess By FÁTima Bernardes!

Online stores are always eyeing the major trends in dresses. This is the case for checked dresses, which are fashionable, both for winter and summer, varying only the colors of the pattern. So, prefer a plaid dress with colors and light fabrics for the hot summer days. At night, the classic red plaid with black always fits well. Check out some options for women’s plaid dress and get inspired for your next party!

Choosing Dress For Women By FÁTima Bernardes


This plaid lady dress is a discreet dress due to its modeling and its colors. Blue and white plaid dress is quite traditional, matching with women of various ages. The interesting thing about this dress is that its modeling slightly outlines the body, but does not mark thus can be used for work and other similar occasions. Breaking the straight modeling a bit, there is a beautiful drop cutout.


This plaid lady dress is an evasion dress , that is, its skirt is loose and lightly armored, ideal to hide the greasiness of the belly and hip. This type of skirt is linked to a vintage trend of the 50s and 60s. It is worth mentioning that the combination of chess with the evasé skirt leaves the look stylish, ideal for those who want to draw attention to elegance. In addition, when one part of the dress is loose, the other should be more fair to the body, as is the case of the top of this dress.


This chess lady dress has a chemisier dress style , that is, like a shirt. This type of modeling is quite elegant and values ​​the body. Firstly, the V neckline, one of the necklines that most value the lap, and the super-waistline outlined, is the most outstanding of the modeling. These elements make the chemisier dress one of the most elegant for the day to day.


This beautiful chess lady dress is ideal for formal occasions, because the combination of loose top, like a sweater, with the just skirt leaves the sophisticated look. However, the most interesting in this gorgeous dress is the chess form, super rustic and different, making your look unique. The classic accessories are ideal for wearing with this plaid dress, but it is good to add a little color to the look.