Classic Packaging Seen Decorating Products

Classic Packaging Seen Decorating Products
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Retro design ensures fun charm on time to Decorate the House.
The Pack of gum and the cassette tape no longer dusty childhood memories to decorate the walls of the House according to A2zwallstickers.

The rectangular shapes of the two products embellish now switches and leave the rooms look retro, but no less fun.

The simple design concept is one of the stakes of the new collection of Laris;
The virtual store classic packaging and products over time of Grandma in the series. The meter, today a collector’s piece, turns into door-key, with the advantage of not charging two flag (the price of mimo is $59).

The re-reading of the line makes Sweet Maria wafer and disk-napkins to brighten any meal. Each product, made from vinyl, costs $26.

To create an intimate atmosphere, the yellow boxes of cornstarch and starch that book won’t come out of the nightstand light the corners of the room. The two acrylic lamps give vintage touch into space combined with the modernity: the duo works with led for up to 100000 hours – around 4000 days without interruption — for 159, R$ each.
Until the bar code is in the collection, since it was created in the United States in 1950 — IBM did the modern version later in the mid-‘ 70. But, instead of registering prices, the Laris hangs coats and handbags with style, R$ 89. All products are for sale on the website of the brand.