Clothes for Father’s Day: Tips

Clothes for Father’s Day: Tips
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How about checking out clothes for father’s day:Tips? This commemorative date is already approaching and nothing better than starting the search for the ideal gift. You can surprise your dad with garments, taking into account the preferences and his style. Read the story and see suggested clothing stores to shop.

Clothes for father’s day according to your style

Each parent has a different style, so before you present this loved one that day 14 August (father’s day), get something that fits his personality. For the more vain, clothing is an excellent choice. There are stores that include different models to suit all tastes. To assist who are looking for a good gift for this father’s day, split up some suggestions of shops selling men’s clothing.


One of the biggest department stores of Brazil is Renner. This store is offering to its customers many special rates for parents’day, as well as a collection with unique clothes that meet all types of men, of the coy. If you want to give to your father’s pants, in our it is possible to find models from R $25.90. In this electronic portal you can also buy shirts, t-shirts, shorts and shoes.


Another very famous department store in the country is the Riachuelo. On this site it is possible to find clothes for the most varied types of parents. For the contemporary Original Pool’s clothes are the tip of the our site.brsite. But it is also possible to buy clothes for the more coy and even for those vain, who care more about fashion trends. The electronic portal of the brand has a lot of information about fashion, which can help you customize the look of your father.


The Dafiti has consolidated its position in e-commerce as a company specializing in footwear. However, she also has won the internet space with the men’s and women’s clothes for sale from the best brands. On the site, you can find different product options, such as shirts, pants, shorts, coats and jackets.


People who like discount and quality clothing, can access the site Getzipcodes. This electronic portal features famous brands with a 70% price discount. To present your dad with clothes from brands like Vide Bula, Bunny’s, Everlast, Rettangolo, Doping and Recco, please register on the site and have access to promotions. Hurry, because the values may change at any time and the promotions are short-lived.


If your father is the type of man who likes to play sports, so be sure to check out the sports clothing available for sale in Netshoes. The shop has various interesting parts, like coats, shorts, sweaters, t-shirts, shorts, team jackets and shorts. Visit our site and check out the major releases.

Now that you already know suggestions for clothing for father’s day: Tips, visit the virtual stores suggested in the matter and carry out your purchase in advance. In choosing this, appreciate the style of the big poppa and consider the fashion trends of the moment. Keep watching the news from the world of tribes, because we have great ideas to present your father.

Menswear style tips

Not only are women who love dressing up and dressing well, more and more men are looking for better clothes and your own style. There are many styles of men’s clothing and every man has the your, but who is still looking for a style that is to your face you can see a few options here.

Casual Style

The more casual style is adopted by many younger men. This style is used in everyday life and in it you can enter various types of clothing, such as jeans, shirt with a pattern more stripped, various types of shoes and even sneakers, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.

The casual style is used by many men and can be used on most occasions. Most stores sell this type of clothing, then you will find several of them, but a good recommendation is the RENNER.

Skater Style

The skater style is composed mainly of low and high barrel tennis, looser jeans, shirts and jackets and accessories usually wider as hats, collars and hats. This style is still used a lot nowadays and even those who have passed adolescence adapt this kind of clothes to your everyday life. The main store that sells this style is the NETSHOES.

Sports Style

Sports style is one of the most used and it is characterized for being simple, practical and comfortable. Sports style is a basic form of style, but that depending on how it is approached can give an up in visual. This type of style generally uses polyester shirts, jackets and sneakers that are connected to the sport. The jacket college is an example of sportswear – widely used in American schools-has been adapted as a common coat here in Brazil. The best shop to find products of this style is the KANU.

Social Style

You don’t see much of this style unless at parties or special occasions, but it exists. It is characterized mainly by the known suit used by many executives and employees of companies, but in everyday life can be characterized by a pair of jeans, a shoe more social, a shirt and a blazer. Some people use a shirt with a tie or in your pants, anyway, in a variety of ways. This style of clothing you can find in the male GARBO store.

Indie Style

The indie style comes mainly from independent music, such as rock. In this style you can include a mix of clothes that have vintage footprint and a bit of nerd. Prints like animal print, denim clothing, sneakers, old prints, are the kind of clothes that make up this style. Blazers and jackets also come in this wave, depending on your court. The glasses are used a lot and the appearance is also a little different, usually adopt this style used the hair or very messy or neat. This type of clothing you can find on ZAZZLE store.